No Wham! Reunion This Time Around…

The Sun newspaper is reporting that Andrew Ridgeley will not be joining George Michael on stage on any of the remaining dates of the Twenty-Five Live European Tour.

Is this true? I don’t know. Never say, “never never” though… that’s my motto😉

Andrew agreed to appear in George’s documentary “A Different Story”… and came across really well. If they can do it in the right way – in a way that isn’t crap and is overall a net positive for Mr Ridgeley – my bet is that we’ll see Andrew on stage again with George at some point… if not on this tour, then perhaps on George’s European stadium tour next summer.

And speaking of Wham!… Last Christmas is being re-released in the UK (download only) on Dec 16…

12 thoughts on “No Wham! Reunion This Time Around…

  1. kill me

    You know, yes we all remember, the few last footages of the Wham Final Concert with George and Andrew in foreground video image, yes, in A Different… when they waved their hands as a goodbye for the magical crowd and all fans together and George sharing thanks to audience and particularly to Andrew. Come on, we all saw the real happiness in his eyes, the genuine form of that bliss wich someone could feel for perhaps once in his life. George is soooo natural there like his feelings too …

    But we know that after about only one hour George was puffing joints, marijuana after that genuine bliss of real happiness. What was that??? How come ? For what ??? This is happen when you throw your own gifts that God endowed your being…..

    How can you destroy such a marvellous experience like that ??? How can you replace such a “natural feeling” like that with a surrogate bull***t splif in your brain??? I guess this is happen when “the world” it’s not enough …. maybe? who knows ? We never know what led to that…… Yes, i know , we all often do mistakes in our lives, but we carefully treat this things not to became, with time, our own new nature.

    And we all also know that he tasted for the first time in his life ‘that pill that he knows he’ll “kill” him” …. just only “for fun” – yeah right! (come on! – don’t be silly) on a ‘foreign’ ground… in the Wammerica Tour ’85….

    I saw Andrew in the movie just for a one little moment thinking like some “God! Poor George!,… what a mess he just become after all those years …..” …. look deep in his eyes.

    … and to believe the story, read once again to the confessions of Andros around the bottom of the article….

    …. and u can also kill Andros .

    (to be read all. to know also what a farcical mistake brought George to find him slumped by a dose of cannabis….)

    p.s : where is his natural eyes of truly bliss and happiness on the Final Concert scene ??? Where is that face??? ….. guess just evacuated via his mouth… simply with the smoke.

    i bet some of you only have to avoid the truth afore their eyes.

    yes, kill me.

    and kill Andros too.

  2. I hope we can see them together again.If no reunion this time,We fans will be disappointed.Because the album has some Wham! songs.So the fans who has the album and the concert ticket want to see Wham!Maybe this is the last chance?We fans waited this tour for a long time.And finally George decided. Come on George!We want to see Wham! again!
    But I agree with Remarkable.Andrew will be on the 25Live stage @Wembley Arena.
    Thank you…

  3. i don’t know why i can not put some more links to that “off-topic” from a couple of weeks ago…. ? a have a real treasure for some of you ….

  4. sorry but cause of this article you all have a go at why george smokes this and took that pill and sniffel cocaine? you know how the press is, how much money did andros get for this article and tell “the truth”? i know george is no God and makes mistakes and he smokes marijuana – so what? is he likes to he should do it! he is respronsible for himself. sorry but i had to say this!!!!!
    i don’t believe everything that is written in the press whether it is Yellow Press or not. ….

  5. i’m so delighted that you just acknowledged that to smoke marijuana or other drugs is something wrong! Cos i think a lot of people here are doubted about this.

    and here we have a go, a real achievement for the mankind….. so, if this is true i may infer that if you want do go in the mud, you are free to do it, but if you drag someone else there, sorry but this is another wrong thing that you can do…. so, this what i ment….. you see, behind “the other side of the glass” taht George was so careful in Freeek for children to not became addicted to any of the danger of this world, so on the other side of the glass may have been someone who take you as a role model, and George is so much of that, whether he accepted or not, he is, don’t you think ? …..

    and it’s a pity that George just had spoiled his work for the song……. then it remains that it’s just a freudian way to liberate and get rid of your own addiction, sorry to say that…….

  6. ….. to the other side of the glass, i ment someone who someday can see i guy on a monitor that puffing joints with a real pleasure……

  7. but if you want to be enlightened, read once more this one–drugs-could-kill-george-michael–name_page.html

    maybe they could buy this guy too…..

    p.s.: i’m not enjoying being “so negative” here, really…… i wish i could or have to talk about anything else, but anyway my criticism is not in the proper meaning, but to help, – God help us! Can’t help but hope, you know…

  8. hm….i don’t want to fight here…i hate drugs and i mean every drug: alcohol, cigarettes, marijuhana (see i can’t even spell it…), cocaine etc. i am on no drug, i never was and hopefully never will be! i am against them(ok i may have some cocktail once in a while but i never smoked) . having said that…i may not understand everything you are writing or what you mean cause my mother-tongue is german and not english so sorry if i abuzed someone in my earlier post.
    all i wanted to say is that i don’t blame george cause he takes drugs, cause he is gay, cause he is cruising – it is personal life and i love him for his music and talent! not for his personal belongings! oh god, i think this is kinda messy already. i better stop .

  9. Right! I’m so agreed with you. What i ever wanted to say was for the “public” matter. If an issue like this os those you described above, become “public” , sorry, i do not pretend to be God, but i’m doing for the rest of the “people”, not for George. Just because the matter, with the help of the press, become a “public issue”. That’s what i feel, and i don’t want to patronize anyone, believe me, it would be a butcherly mistake for my humble soul. This

    As for George’s own soul, i may not have to do this or that. None of this things. Only thing that could work is a very heart rending prayer, and very, very important all of this to be made with a natural sense of a real humble soulful movement, with a “hat in hand” thing….. a quakerish one…. ( and please , do not smile to that, please !)

    this is from the inalterable orthodox christian way to be

    thanks for understanding and for patience.

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