Twenty Five Album To Reach 250,000 UK Sales This Week

The new George Michael Greatest hits album – Twenty Five – is on track this week to reach a total of 250,00 UK sales since its release; and a total of 500,000 world-wide sales  in the next couple of weeks.

Those are not bad sales figures, considering that so many people already have George’s previous Greatest Hits album – Ladies and Gentleman, and so won’t be buying this one.

7 thoughts on “Twenty Five Album To Reach 250,000 UK Sales This Week

  1. Dont kid yourself, must of his fans are “mugs” and MANY have bought this AGAIN.
    Watch out for the new Double Live CD..yes according the “ego” he wants to give EVERYONE the benefit of his great live show.

    And charge £15.99..congrats George your company wont be making any losses this year!

  2. Define, “MANY”. Actually, as I understand it, many of George’s hard-core fans *haven’t* gone out to buy this record, precisely because there’s not enough that’s new.

    As for a Live CD… well, whether it’s a live DVD, or a live CD, or both… this should be something that fans will really enjoy. George has never released a live CD/DVD before; it should be something that a lot of people would find interesting.

  3. I heard that it’s possible to record a Live DVD in Wembley Arena.If this happens,the fans will enjoy a lot.I saw a VHS record of The Rock in Rio.And there is nothing more.There is no Wham! live records and no GM live records but the Unplugged.I think GM must release a 25Live DVD for the hard-core fans;)
    Thank you…

  4. George if you are reading this…we will certanly enjoy a live DVD of your stunning 25LIVE tour ;o)

    thank you

  5. Just wanted to comment on the sales figure.. I read at billboards website that george in europe alone had sold 450.000 copies and 100.000 in the uk. That would mean that the sales must be a lot more than 500.000 worldwide by now.. but then again. billboard have made some stupid mistakes in the past.

    Anyway a dvd or /and a cd would deff not be a rip off as Pete says.. That would make a lot of people very very happy, and would love to see the concert again and again and again and.. well guess i would be fired if that happens.. perhaps its not a good idear after all :O)

  6. I think what they mean is that he sold 450,000 copies in Europe, and 100,000 of them were in the UK. I know Brits like to think they’re their own entity – like the US – but they actually *are* a part of Europe.

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