George Victorious

Well done George!

24 thoughts on “George Victorious

  1. What a night!!! The arena was packed, full. They loved George and he loved us!!! He thanked us for 25 years and said: thank God the album is number 1!!!After singing This is not real love he said that he had been reading some Forums and people wanted to know if it is autobio… he said it isn’t he could see the irony. Jesus to a child was AMAZING with the background in Violet, beautiful feeling, Praying for time very touching, I liked the Sunset and the sea behind his shoulders,I really sang loud with all my energy, I will be going tonight as well, after following him for 23 years that is the right place for me. I wish he also sang One more time. He ended the show with Careless whisper. Well done George.

  2. Glad to hear him admit to reading the forums!! Oops…better say hello is case he’s here…HELLO GEORGE!


  3. Yopa, I’m at every George show, at least in spirit…

    There’s no such thing as a Barcelona crowd, or a London crowd, or a George Michael crowd. There’s only a Remarkable crowd…

  4. ” Yopa, I’m at every George show, at least in spirit… ”

    SURE you are😉

    Have you actually been to one of his concerts yet? Or are you going to Wembley?

  5. I travel incognito to all George’s concerts. It’s interesting standing in line, listening to people talking about Remarkable’s Blog…

  6. quote”I travel incognito to all George’s concerts. It’s interesting standing in line, listening to people talking about Remarkable’s Blog…”quote.

    Time to “up” the medication i think…

  7. Then please summon up your concert spirit to have him come stateside… I suggest Dallas, an easy flight for me. We’re bloody starving over here, y’know?😉

  8. Well, in case George happens to be reading this– he should know that there are thousands of hungry people in Miami as well!

  9. So Remarkable, have you been to a concert or not?

    So far you’ve just alluded that you stalk outside the arena’s…but have you actually been inside and paid money to see him yet?? You seem to be like the people who say they are fans of an artist…yet they don’t have single album…they only download tracks…

  10. George was fantastic, as were the crowd. He was amazing and well worth the wait. I was in the top tier but was pleased with my seat in as much as I could see everything, thanx for the screens though! George, if you read this, you were AWESOME. Love you George. XXXXXX

  11. @2FUNKY

    LOL! @ stalking outside arenas! No, I don’t do that!

    You make an interesting point about people that “say” they’re fans of artists. You’re equating how much of a fan someone is with how much money they hand over to the artist.

    I think it’s wrong of you to encourage people on low (or no) incomes to max out their credit cards, because they will be though of as less of a fan if they don’t buy as many top-price George tickets as their credit card will allow. Such people have no means of paying off these cards, and the debt they incur paying for George tickets will stay with them for years. AND IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!

  12. A report from the US: I am back on US SOIL waiting in the Philadelphia airport for my final flight home after seeing Sun and Tues, both fantastic but Tues in particular was awesome! George talked a great deal on Tues and the audience loved it. I had very good seats Tues and there other Americans who had made the trip in fear that George might not comE to US.
    As you read, George, please co.e to the US. There are many many fans here. And thanks for supurb performance and volume of work!

  13. Lucy – come on. You’re still not trying, are you? If that’s really the best you can do, perhaps you should go back to masturbating in George’s back garden?

  14. @Remarkable:

    I’m not advocating people go to the poor house just to see George…but I didn’t know your money status…and I hate this backlash against “rich” fans”…I remember when the tickets first went on sale and “touts” were selling them on eBay for just under a thousand dollars…fans on all the forums/message boards/blogs were saying how disgusting it was that “true fans” miss out…I think that it just bogus…if someone is prepared to pay $1000 to see George in concert then I DO think they must be a fan…everyone was assuming the first front rows of his concerts would be filled with business suit men and people who aren’t fans but just have big bucks which is just not true…if you had plenty of money you wouldnt just be browsing eBay thinking “OK, I have so much money to burn- why dont I just see whoever is touring”?! That means you’d have all these executives at the front rows of Metallica concerts and stuff…so I’m coming from the opposite angle that “rich” fans get a lot of flak from “poor” fans who assume they somehow deserve to be at the concert more?

  15. funky..dont get pissed with remarkable he has PMT at the minute, he is not happy with exclusive “wine holder”.

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