George Michael – A Special Announcement

This Friday, the 24th November, singer George Michael will be making a special announcement on London’s Capital Radio. The interview, containing the announcement is set to air at 9am.

UPDATE: George has had to cancel his piece on Capital tomorrow morning because although it seemed like a good idea at the time, he’s now decided he can’t be arsed to get up early he has urgent commitments at Earls Court, where there are unforeseen challenges that are slowing the set-up down, and George needs to be on-hand to make key decisions.

Capital will still make the announcement. It’s just that George won’t be there. So don’t forget to stay tuned…

What will the announcement be? Almost certainly, George will be announcing an extra date on his tour – probably Dec 17 – a special Christmas present “for the loyal”. So… Wham! fans… get your credit cards ready!

Given George is doing the announcement on Capital, it may also be the the extra date will actually be a charity gig e.g. for Help A London Child.

25 thoughts on “George Michael – A Special Announcement

  1. It would help me a lot if I could know earlier what the announcement will be. I will be working from 8:30 till 5:00 on that Friday, surely I could always pop in the ladies and listen to the Radio Capital but, if the interview lasts more than 20 minutes I will be in trouble. I don’t know what to do!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. help help! i will be on my way into work! i will listen on my mobile! i really hope (it is wham!) to get tickets!!! eveybody ready!!

  3. the announcement might be that the live dvd will be out for x-mas? Just a guess… that would be damn good news as well, for those of us who cant go to the UK for the 17th of dec. :O)

  4. It won’t be a Wham! gig, as much as I’d love it to be. That was all a myth about wham reforming. cheers, mick

  5. Have to agree with Mick as George stated on his Radio 2 interview recently that he had not even asked Andrew if he would be interested.

    But as you say, let’s wait and see….

  6. “although it seemed like a good idea at the time, he’s now decided he can’t be arsed to get up early”

    Sometimes you are a bit of a bitch remarkable, aren’t you?😉
    Sorry, just coulden’t resist😉

  7. “LOL! Yopa! I’m shocked!”

    Dear Remarkable, you know it wasn’t meant that harsh, I do hope.😉

  8. WOW…outstanding news…..yawn…LOL.
    He wants to hold the airwaves up for that???

    What is he like…….(rolls eyes)

  9. So what was the announcement George?? A special free gig for me who cannot go to the UK in december :crying:

    this man really knows how to makes you laugh and cry in the same time ;o))

  10. I think he is one greedy man, Big announcement on the official site, ‘there is no concert on the 17th’ and a few days later tickets go on presale!

    In the last few weeks people have been searching the net (also Ebay…) to get hold of tickets for the 15th, wich was supposed to be the last and payed lots of money, I am sure they will feel very betrayed……..

    I feel more and more that George is sooo motivated by greed.

  11. George is not greedy. He does not use his talent or popularity to enrich himself. he could as well appear in some Tv advert or write another autobiography. We all “know” how humble and gentle hearted he is. A person with that talent and at the same time so simple is truly rare.

  12. Yes ….sure.
    Humble and gentle long you say you been a fan?
    Ruthless,egomaniac,control freek.

  13. Have you ever met him? I have been a suppoter,fan, lover of his voice for 23 years. You should really be careful before you offend somebody. How many celebrities appear here or there just for money. I am absolutely sure that George must have been offered many time the opportunity to gain more money through different channels than his music but, when he does something he does it because he wants it and enjoys it, not for money he himself said in an interview that he doesn’t need any more money than he has. How many people want more and more!!! how much is enough??

  14. Take of your rose tinted glasses.Some reading romantic novels, the George you imagine does not exist.

  15. @He’s all of the things you say. But he’s also some of the things Pippi believes. A bit of an oxymoron(as someone once described him on some forum, “a genuine fake”…)…But that friction in his personality creates the songs. So if you like them, you should be grateful he’s like that.

  16. By the way, George, do your karma a favor and stop singing that line “I ‘ve got nothing to hide”.

  17. with greedy, I also like the last minute annoucement when our credit cards are already taking a beating for Christmas…why not throw on another couple hundred pounds for tickets

  18. Well…did the reunion happen? I cant find any info on the net!
    Not that i would care too much as i always knew George was the talent behind Wham…hmm didnt we all?
    Saw him on Thursday night, fantastic night, less raunchy and less dancing that his Faith tour, but equally entertaining.
    George for me is the most talented singer, song writer, performer I have ever seen, recorded and live his voice is pitch perfect, fantastic range and an outstanding performer. Leave his personal life, (and his less personal, highly publicised life to one side) admit it…he is the best!!!

  19. Why does this happen? Frequently when I try to reach your site, I get the November 22 entry and nothing more recent. It acts as though the NOvember 22 entry was the most recent one when it obviously is not!

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