Congratulations George!

Congratulations are due to singer George Michael who, as predicted, went straight into the UK album charts at #1 with his new collection Twenty Five, selling an estimated 100,000 copies during the week.

Meanwhile, in tabloid land, The Mirror is reporting that George Michael has been offered a part in UK soap Coronation Street, after the cast show up at his live show in Manchester on Friday. The paper says, “George absolutely adores Corrie (the nickname for Coronation Street).”

I think it would be very disappointing if George watches Coronation Street. He is supposed to be faithful to EastEnders – the two soaps are bitter rivals. Besides, there aren’t really enough hours in the day to watch more than one soap, and there are also mental health risks associated with following more than one low-quality “continuing drama”. As it is, George watches two: EastEnders and Hollyoaks -to add a third would put him in danger losing his mind completely!

Speaking of the tour, George is really attracting a quality celebrity crowd to his UK shows.

Not only were the soap “stars” given the VIP treatment at Friday’s Manchester show, but failed Happy Mondays “singer”, Shaun Ryder (see pic above), was also invited backstage afterwards. What an honour it must have been for George to have such legendary performers at his show. We can only guess who will attend his London concerts – perhaps even Jordan and Jodie Marsh might honour him with their presences.

4 thoughts on “Congratulations George!

  1. This is wrong and i am right, or i am wrong ?

    listen carefully,… mixed up part I with part II, or am i wrong?

    … the results of keeping “sane and happy” ….. of course the (behind)scene is not the “right position” place to taking the pill that you know will “kill” you…. oh,….. the same…… the same….. Why can’t you do it ?….. always givin’ into it, you still love that monkey….

    promise not to bother this topic.

    thanQ for patience.

  2. so Corrie was Coronation St! ahhhhhh! oh well I was very thoroughtly wondering what on f earth new could that be, hmmm! I know just a little bit of the brit scene, if you speak like that then I can’t follow you😦 So don’t speak like that!!!! LOL…🙂

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