King George Still Rules

There has been a near-universally positive response to George Michael’s first UK concert on the 25-Live Tour.

The Mirror says,

STRUTTING on to stage in front of UK fans for the first time in 15 years, George Michael yelled “I’m back” – and on this evidence he’s better than ever.

Ireland On-line has some quotes. George said,

To be perfectly honest, I’ve enjoyed it so much I wish I started again years ago

Interestingly, before the show, George also shed some light behind the choice of smaller venue for the free NHS nurses concert,

We wanted to do it at Wembley Arena until they kindly pointed out to Mr Showbiz here that 12,000 nurses might be a lot to take out of the system – we had to do it somewhere else. But it’s still a in 3,000-seater venue and it will probably be the best night of the tour

George also re-iterated that “for now” – releasing CDs and trying to get on the radio is over, in part because there’s no money in it. So, it really does look like Twenty-Five, which will be Number 1 in the UK charts on Sunday, will be George’s last album for a while. However, he said there’s no restriction to how long he will go on touring – while there’s a substantial paying audience, it looks likes he’ll continue to tour.

Strangely, the Murdoch press has so far been silent on the show. Perhaps something to do with the fact that during the show, George joked with the audience about the “van man” incident,

Actually, I don’t shag old people, but I wouldn’t mind screwing Rupert Murdoch!

In contrast to the previous shows, George was pretty chatty during his gig last night. For more details on that, check out Knobby’s George quotes.

2 thoughts on “King George Still Rules

  1. George does know how to work the press, doesn’t he? Like some kid trying to prove he’s not a total fuck-up, saying “I’ll show you how well I am!”


    I know, how about this; stop drinking paintstripper to get a cheap sexual thrill that lasts 20 seconds, causing you to fall asleep at the wheel whenever you stop the car. That’ll show’em.

  2. Painstripper? The name sounds like a joke. I think it was on the South Bank Show when he was talking about being sexually frustrated in the past…Well, he’s mentioned that a few times. I ‘d say he needs to drop it cause he looks VERY frustrated now. lol

    Speaking of Kings, I wonder if there’s an Emperor waiting in the wings.

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