George Michael Pre-Show Press Conference

Check out the pre-show press conference that George Michael gave ahead of his first UK show last night.

14 thoughts on “George Michael Pre-Show Press Conference

  1. He’s telling people he’s enjoying it while he looks the exact opposite. lol

    I don’t know if it’s possible to enjoy something when you force yourself to do it night after night after night for three months. Must be maddening. I think it’s mostly the ego trip that keeps him going. Or maybe his doctor has given him some kind of drug.

  2. One more thing…I have read some people saying he avoids singing the high notes. Is it because he can’t or just cause he’s protecting his voice given the number concerts? Because, if it the latter, I think what is the point, he could have done fewer shows and let his voice rise & rise.

    [To be honest, I want to give China Blue a rest. I promise I won’t be changing again next month. It’s as good a promise as George’s.]

  3. So, as i remembered with that shoot on tube, what do you all think about the alleged seldom frequency of George at Warwick University ??? Indeed, looks like a man about 1,82-83 m like him going around some Institute with a few sheets of papers. Even the walk looks alike, bold and stylish like his. Has our man the ambition to graduate ???

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