Twenty Five Set For #1 In UK Album Chart

Congratulation are due to singer George Michael. His new album – Twenty Five – is set to enter the UK album charts at No. 1 on Sunday, easily outselling all the competition.

So – I have a question for BBC Radio 1. How come they don’t play George Michael records anymore? He’s clearly popular. And Radio 1 is all about popular music. Perhaps George’s particular genre of music isn’t a good match for Radio 1? That can’t be true – see this from the Radio 1 web-site:

We don’t represent any single genre of popular music – we represent them all. If it’s good then we broadcast it.

It’s a bit arrogant for Radio 1 employees to say that popular music that reaches No. 1 in the album chart isn’t “good”, don’t you think? It would seem the public disagrees…

Perhaps the Radio 1 DJs should go back to presenting young children’s TV shows and failed breakfast TV shows? I know it’s difficult for some of them to find work on television… but honestly, I don’t see why we should have to put with failed TV presenters as Radio 1 DJs. Why can’t we have a couple of people with a deep understanding of music? You know… people who might be qualified to judge what “good music” actually is…

After a while, it gets a bit dull listening to the inarticulate ramblings and poor music choices of many of the DJs on Radio 1. Now, Radio 1 isn’t quite as dull as listening to Radio 2, but it’s pretty close. Maybe the BBC should just dump these stations all together, and leave music radio to the commercial stations? Save a bit of cash that could be better spent on quality programming elsewhere.

9 thoughts on “Twenty Five Set For #1 In UK Album Chart

  1. Radio 1 can go but Radio 2 isn’t that bad and it’s the only way to hear music released in the UK if you live outside the country so it needs to stay (selfish rant over)
    Congratulations go to George on the album entering at #1

  2. It’s brilliant that GM is set for No.1 and its like sticking 2 fingers at Radio 1 because they won’t play his stuff just because he’s 2 old. He is 43 years old 4 crying out loud. 2 every1 who works on Radio 1, get out more.

  3. LOL Moog. You have to admit, Radio 2 can’t be called an “exciting” radio station.

    I was listening to Radio 1 a bit today… they really are clueless. Honestly, I would fire the lot of ’em.

  4. I Think its amazing ! Hope to see it soon in India.
    Ladies & Gentlemen was in the top 25 for over a year in India.

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