George Michael Tour Crew To Bed Nurses

Singer George Michael is to put on a free show for NHS nurses in London, as the final date of his European tour. George said:

The crew are really looking forward to fucking these nurses senseless – and they would really appreciate it if the nurses wear their uniforms

Helping his employees get laid is a typically generous gesture by George, but his efforts have never really paid off for his European co-manager, Andy Stephens. George sighed,

I’ve really tried to help him, but some things are just a lost cause.

Also, George revealed exclusively to Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog that NHS nurses weren’t the only group that would be welcome at the free show.  He said,

If there are any nuns out there, who don’t mind getting their tits out, I’d also be pleased to see them there.  I think they would really add to the atmosphere.  Nuns with their tits out were my earliest fantasy, and I promised myself, if I ever did a tour again, I would do a free show for nuns.

The free show for the nurses (and nuns) will be on 20 December in London at The Roundhouse. Applications for the tickets can be made only at George’s official web-site – so please don’t contact the venue.

15 thoughts on “George Michael Tour Crew To Bed Nurses

  1. i wonder how many travesty-man will be there……? ….. lol …. the crew could have a quite interesting night…

    too bad if George could blend a truly and soulful ( and i imagine – a quite jesting one ) tribute like this for a painful memory with his infantile nun fantasies….

  2. I think he wants to thank them for the support they led to his mother when she was ill.

    he has mentioned them in some interview before maybe for promotion of Patience in Germany.I am not too sure about the exact interview.

    But does this rule out concerts in USA & Australia ?

  3. Well, he showed us *a* idea of sexy nurse. Not sure if it’s his own… Let’s think in practical terms, for a moment: many more chances for George to enjoy (as you so politely put it) “fucking senseless” with the male nurse, than the busty girl nurse…

  4. Hmmmm Nancy boy. It doesn’t say much for Kenny, does it? (assuming that George *does* like Kenny😉 )

  5. OMG kenny he is a bit of a dwarf! i met him a few months ago.This guy has had some cosmetic surgery…how old is he? 50? ish?.lol

  6. i would not be surprised…. yeah, true, GM in bed with a little piece of Michael Jackson….

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