This Is Not Real Love – #15 in the UK Singles Chart

Well, there we have it. A slightly worse placing in the UK singles chart for the George Michael – Mutya duet, This Is Not Real Love, that George’s previous single, An Easier Affair, achieved. That is, #15 as opposed to #13.

Ho hum…

6 thoughts on “This Is Not Real Love – #15 in the UK Singles Chart

  1. There is still no video…no promotion…This result is normal.I think the single could go to #1 with a good video and a promotion.Do we face a new LWP Syndrome?

  2. It seems to me that he cares more about sex and drugs than rock n roll…and it shows. Why should we care if he doesn’t?

  3. I’m not sure we can blame this “poor” placement on his alleged addictions to sex and drugs. I think that’s a simplistic and un-interesting approach.
    George is, after all, in the middle of a *slightly* time-consuming tour, for anyone who hasn’t noticed.
    He might be much more focussed on the positive outcome of this tour than making the UK Top 10. And to be honest, I can’t blame him. In fact, I’m more than happy that he’s putting such remarkable effort into the tour, and I thank him for that. As for the charts, I couldn’t be less bothered.

  4. I feel he has let down Mutya,she is prob not use to working with “Mr Lazy”.She must be thinking what was the point of that?

    And yes why wasnt this vid done before now?If he had time for the South Bank show……..mmmmm?

  5. I don’t think George views himself as working for Mutya. He’s touring full-time, hopefully preparing for a US tour, not what I would call lazy!

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