Ronan Picks Favourite 25 George Songs

Today, in The Sun, Ronan Keating has picked out his favourite twenty five George Michael songs, to “celebrate” George’s quarter of a century in the music industry. Wow – what a way to celebrate – Ronan sure knows how to party😉 But, it’s sweet of Ronan to do George’s promotion for him, I have to say. Anyway, here’s what Ronan picked, and why:

Everything She Wants

This is a perfect feel-good pop song. I grew up listening to Wham! and remember going to the shop to buy this. It’s a cool, sexy tune and when you’re a kid these songs mean everything to you.

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

A great pop record. You just can’t help tapping your feet. The video was great too, with bad haircuts. Today we all try to write timeless pop records like this.


The great thing about Wham! songs is there is not too much depth — they’re just straight-down-the-line pop. When I was younger, I used to sit in my room after school and listen to the music and this is another feel-good song. Growing up, we all wanted to be in Wham! You just thought it must be great to be a pop star.


If I could write one song in my life this would be it. I went to the Linda McCartney tribute concert at the Royal Albert Hall and George performed Faith. It was just unbelievable. Faith was not only a major song but also a cool video — a real turning point. We all even started dressing like George in the leather biker jackets and ripped jeans. Very influential.

Freedom 90

This was an incredible video and it just shows the power of George Michael. He was probably the only star at that point who could pull in five world famous supermodels to appear in his video. Robbie Williams would kill to make such an incredible, sexy video. This is a great pop record and it’s probably still played at every fashion show.


George loves to make great videos and this was one that everyone talked about. I don’t think people are aware that George writes the scripts for his videos. This one also has a great comedy aspect. It’s exactly the kind of thing Robbie Williams tries to do. George has a great sense of humour and knows how to take the mick out of himself. Outside was a real in-your-face to any people who doubted him at this time. It was also the start of a new sound and new vocal approach.

Shoot The Dog

This was a great example of George standing up and saying what many people were thinking at the time. The video was an animation and got a lot of Press attention. I’ve heard that George’s tour 25Live features a surprise moment at the end of this song.


Pop at its best — with George playing around with his vocal ability. When you hear a George Michael track you know it’s him. His voice is so distinctive it’s hard to believe he smokes — his vocals are so pure.

Easier Affair

George has always been very in touch with what’s going on with the urban music scene. He’s able to easily blend what’s hip and cool with a pop sensibility and he always manages to nail a great flow to his songs.


I would love to do a duet with Mary J Blige. This song is a meeting of two legends. He manages to blend cool, credible and street to make a pop record and still remain George Michael. He has the ability to cross over to a variety of different musical styles and seems to reinvent himself with every track he releases.


This isn’t my favourite song but there’s no denying the outstanding production or the amazing video set in a techno world.

Spinning The Wheel

A great video with a 1920s theme. This song really shows off George’s amazing ability as a singer. There’s a great tone in his voice and the song has an amazing energy — a great melody, tempo and vibe.

Careless Whisper

One of the all-time great songs. At the Boyzone auditions we all had to sing Careless Whisper, which is an incredibly tough song to do. I asked if I could sing Father And Son by Cat Stevens and they let me. Careless Whisper was actually released while he was still in Wham! in case his solo career didn’t work.

Last Christmas

The first record I ever bought. I remember buying it in town with my mum. I must have listened to it 1,000 times and learnt all the words. I used to sing it to relatives when they came round.

A Different Corner

Great lyrics. It’s about how your life can be dramatically changed according to decisions you make. For example, you could turn a right corner instead of a left and meet the woman of your dreams.

Jesus To A Child

I’ll never forget this song. I was on tour with Boyzone at the time and George Michael had not released any material for a long while. I heard that he was writing again and asked my record company to get a copy of Jesus To A Child sent to me. I played it non-stop on the tour bus.

Praying For Time

I just bought this again two days ago. What a lyric, what a melody. The video was just words and I remember thinking, ‘What a beautiful, simple idea.’

Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me

George and Elton John, two heavyweights, two amazing artists on stage together. Me and Stephen Gately from the band used to sing this together on the tour bus.

This Is Not Real Love

This is George’s new record and it’s beautiful. He duets with former Sugababe Mutya Buena — a lovely collaboration. There’s great adversity in the two tones of their voices — it works so well.


I didn’t know George at this time but I can imagine he was going through a difficult time as it’s a dark record. It’s about waking up and realising you’re not the kid you used to be and feeling differently about what you’re doing.

Father Figure

I used to listen to this over and over again. The video, featuring a girl in the back of a New York cab with George driving, was very sexy.


This is a song by Sting which George covered for Songs From The Last Century. I always loved Sting’s version of this but I love George’s, too.

My Baby Just Cares For Me

A beautiful classic which was sung by Nina Simone. George’s voice really shines.

My Mother Had A Brother

George explained the scenario behind this song to me. When you speak to him you get so much — what he was thinking about, what he was aiming to get across.

Please Send Me Someone (Anselmo’s Song)

A beautiful, heartfelt song of someone whose heart is broken. We all saw George’s documentary A Different Story where he talks about his love for Anselmo. This song highlights his ability as a storyteller.

Well, he missed out – You Have Been Loved – but Ronan sure knows his George songs… I wonder if George knows so many of Ronan’s? Hmmmmm… George? Care to pick your favourite twenty five Ronan tracks? The comments section is there for you to contribute to, not just read, ya know😉

4 thoughts on “Ronan Picks Favourite 25 George Songs

  1. Wow, Ronan definitely sounds like a genuine long-time GM fan. What a good guy he is.

    And yes, George, it would be nice if you occasionally joined in with the posting of comments. I mean, reading and emailing people about these blog entries is perfectly fine, but sometimes don’t you wanna join the *real action* too?😉

  2. Perhaps George just needs a topic that’s of real interest to him, in order to post. I will have a think… I know that George likes furniture design. So I’ll see what I can come up with.

  3. Is Ronan the same guy that was on Who Wants to be a Millionare with George? If so, what is his occupation?

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