On Understand & Heal The Pain

Well, George’s new compilation album – TwentyFive – hits the shops on Monday.  There are two tracks the most people won’t have heard yet: Understand, a new song; and a remake of Heal The Pain, this time as a duet with Paul McCartney.

I must say – I’m loving these new tracks.   On Heal The Pain, George’s vocal is more sophisticated than it was on the original version.  On balance, I think it’s a more interesting recording than the original – but it’s a close call, because the original version is pretty good.  And Understand is a fabulous song.  Got a great wintery vibe – I can definitely imagine it playing on the car hi-fi on a cold, dark afternoon, stuck in a traffic jam of Christmas shoppers, rain falling on the windscreen.

Anyway, if you’re interest in what other people think of these new songs, there’s a discussion going on, over at Knobby’s Blog.  Enjoy…

19 thoughts on “On Understand & Heal The Pain

  1. “Understand” is sophisticated, soulful and brilliant — classic George. It’s haunting and I can’t get it out of my head. I love that.

    “Heal The Pain” was a bit anticlimactic. Sir Paul sounds like the 900-year-old he is, and George sounds great as he did before. What’s spooky is that at times, it’s hard to differentiate between the two without a close listen, except for Paul’s random scream at the end.

  2. I had a listen…I really like Understand…the only problem for me is the toxicity I pick up in his voice.

    As for Heal The Pain…I just think he ruined a beautiful song.

  3. Hmmm….Heal the Pain- I thought it was a bad idea when Natalie Cole sang with her dead father, and I think this is sort of the same thing. I do like George’s part, though. Maybe for his next Greatest Hits CD he could do a duet with himself. He could combine past songs with his present voice. Then we could really dissect whether the cigarettes have had an effect. Or maybe he could even contact “Future George” for a song or two. I don’t think anyone’s done that yet.

  4. “Understand”- It’s not grabbing me, but maybe it will grow on me like “This is Not Real Love” did. It reminds me of a combination of some of his older songs like “Jesus to a Child” and “Safe”. I do like the twangy part, though. Obviously Kenny had some influence there.😉

  5. I really, really like UNDERSTAND, although the lyrics are totally puzzling to me… Why does he start off with “Woman …” Is he really addressing a woman in this song, or is he playing a straight male character in a floundering relationship? I don’t get it. If someone could explain the meaning of this beautiful song, I’d really appreciate it.

  6. I have the feeling, that “Understand” and “This Is Not Real Love”, are connected in a way. Like 2 different / opposite relationships, and that George is describing / imagining both relationships.

  7. Just got a listen. I am loving this song. It is my favorite now. 😉

    Oh, yes…I went to Knobby’s comment area on this & I laughed so hard at Brats (is that the correct name) the one trying to associate a song that is straight forward about a women & trying to turn it around to a coming out gay thing…I laughed so hard I wet myself…😀

    Love & kisses & all that good stuff,

    Denise Michele

  8. When he says “I hope you understand”…I ‘m wondering what note the “stand” is…I only have it on mp3 so maybe it’s not the best quality but it sounds weird…

    That line about living in a time when love is not enough…I don’t think there was ever a specific time period when love was enough…it’s always been the same, two people in love need more stuff to keep them together…In the song he’s talking about material things…but that’s the easy bit. If you truly love another, you can forego all sorts of material comforts just to be with them. For me, the tough part would be if a person said they loved me but then asked me to incorporate in my life elements that were foreign to my psyche…or ask me to exclude people/things that were important to me…And vice-versa, i.e me wanting them to do similar things and they feeling under strain…

    I guess in those cases, you/they just have to set them/you free…

  9. What are you talking about…Love should be enough. He just cannot let go of the past you see. When he knows the future could be soo great.

  10. I think he is afraid the women will use him for material things. But what he doesn’t understand is she has a lot of other connections she is not telling him about. She is testing him also. He is not winning in this either. If he really likes her…he would try harder. It is funny how her friends have no problems..but he struggles… Pff

  11. What are you saying…that if you love George & want to be with him you have to be with Kenny too. Hell no. I will say this. If I was with George, I would consider myself with 3 people. George, me & anselmo…just because…I wouldn’t want to be with a person much if he forgot about someone just because he past away. He will always be apart of his life. That is all I am going to say about that.

  12. Denise says: “If I was with George, I would consider myself with 3 people. George, me & anselmo…”

    You ‘re shortchanging yourself. I understand you ‘re in love with him(or think you are) but don’t you know three’s a crowd? And anyway, why do you think Anselmo was so important to George? Just because he wrote a couple songs about him? What about all the other songs that he’s obviously written about other people? Or is it because of what he has said in interviews? I would take all that with a pinch of salt. Unfortunately, Anselmo is not here to corroborate his stories or deny them. That said, I do believe they share a soul bond of some kind.

    Denise says: “I think he is afraid women will use him for material things.”

    I can understand that being one of his fears but it’s not what stops him from being with a woman he really wants. There are all sorts of other insecurities he still has about heterosexual relationships, notably his fear of abandoment & betrayal(sexual/emotional). And if I may add, his preoccupation with his looks and his sexual performance. The former is well documented, he’s even talked about it in interviews, the latter…well, all I can say is I really feel he’s got some issues around that. Which is why he is trying to overcompensate in his music/videos & interviews.

    Also, it’s rather obvious he wants family & kids deep down. But interestingly enough, he somehow projects it on the *ladies*. He needs to understand that certain ladies never saw themselves as wife material or baby-making machines. They must have wanted something else that clearly went over his head.

    Anyway, Greedy said a great truth, he called George ruthless. I don’t know anyone who’s called him that before but I have to agree. He’s extremely ruthless and vindictive. And if a woman he’s interested in dares hurt him, he’ ll do everything in his power to hurt her back. Shame about the love songs…

  13. By the way, next time, George says something in public, it’d be interesting if someone could challenge him by asking him to swear on his mother’s grave he’s telling the truth. I wonder if he could go that far and lie then…Mind you, I wouldn’t put it past him.

  14. P.S: I wonder to what lengths George would go to in order to check out a woman he wanted…Being the control freak he is, he ‘d probably hire a detective, huh…lol

  15. It is true with the new sond “Understand”. I saw it today playing on george official. Can someone put the lyrics here please?

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