Why There’s No Video For This Is Not Real Love

Wondering why there’s been no video or any promotion at all from George Michael and Mutya for their new single, This Is Not Real Love? Here’s the conversation that took place:

George: I’m only paying for a video, and promoting this single, if you get it played on Radio 1. It’s only Radio 1 listeners that buy singles.

Sony BMG: We’ll try.

But they failed miserably to get the record on the Radio 1 play list. So no video. And no promotion.  And only a top 20 chart placing for the record.

OK – that conversation didn’t actually happen. I made it up. But it might be the reason…

9 thoughts on “Why There’s No Video For This Is Not Real Love

  1. My huge admiration for this man runs alongside a deep disappointment at his inexplicable self-destructive and career sabotaging behaviour.


  2. don’t you know what depression or mind distortion is like? don’t blame it on him, blame it on the sickness

  3. If you see a Different Story and the recent inteviews the way you have to see it, you understand, the whole drama that everything looks for him out of normal view of things…

  4. And he is inconciously trying to explain this always maybe through his music… its kind of I’m having this thoughts right now… what am I supposed to do with them? ok I’ll write a song!. Then there is lots of profit of many kinds made above it… and he maybe resents of such effect… though someone has to make the money… actually….

  5. UnRayodeSol

    George Michael’s recent ‘depression’ is not true.
    It is something the media ran away with, and continue to punt after Elton’s comment. George has said many, many times recently that it is completely untrue, he has never been happier, which is why he is touring!

    Your opinion is a victim of false media hype.
    And believe me George is unashemedly coining it after this 25 Live tour.

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