Twenty Five Club Megamix – Embarrassing Video

So, Sony BMG have put together at least one Twenty Five Megamix to promote George Michael’s new greatest hits CDs and DVD. There’s a video megamix, which if it’s official, is really embarrassingly awful… Here, check it out for yourself…

Could it really be any worse? It’s a shame, because these things can be done so well, if there’s a bit of creativity behind the mixing and the video editing. As an example of a promo megamix that’s done well, check out this one that was done for Britney Spears…

I really hope the George video isn’t official. Anyway, for those that are interested, the tracks featured on the TwentyFive Club Megamix CD are:

1. Faith (sample)
2. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go (sample)
3. Too Funky
4. Freedom ’90
5. Fastlove (sample)
6. Everything She Wants
7. As
8. Outside
9. An Easier Affair
10. Spinning The Wheel (sample)
11. Flawless
12. Fastlove
13. Amazing (sample)
14. Freedom
15. Wake Me Up Before You Go Go

I haven’t heard it, but I sure hope it’s better than the video megamix.

10 thoughts on “Twenty Five Club Megamix – Embarrassing Video

  1. I don’t know, but have an impression that some kind of strange (&silent) war is going on between Sony and GM. Look at the “This is not real love” single and timing & promotion (none) and now this 25live video mix (terrible, indeed). Just as if Sony wanted to take a revenge on GM for all those years (still cannot take it in that GM dared to sue them – apparently satisfaction of him loosing wasn’t enough – and other stuff that has built upon over the years too) when they can still do it and want to make his finishing period with the label as sour as possible(while keeping up appearances of doing work they are obliged to, however with minimum effort possible). Sony is a big company and with so many other signed artists they can afford it; they have nothing to loose anyway. And now GM is busy touring and not able to keep his usual control over things, Sony is using the moment (many people complained in the past about GM being a “control freak”, but isn’t he right? This is what happens when he looses control).
    It all resembles a fight of little boys……

  2. The Megamix i heard was 11 min long so maybe this is not the complete video or maybe bootleg video.

    But the promotions suck BIG TIME !

  3. O H M Y G O D !!! I’ve never heard such a bad crap… it sounds like it was done by some kid learning to mix some tracks in a djing course or smthg… Out of 10 I would give it…. errr, hmmmm… -20?! IT ABSOLUTELY SUCKS! I really hope it’s a bootleg video…

  4. No, why do you think it’s so bad … ? It’s not that inspirational, but is not that bad! It’s strange if you are the same person who considered This is not real love the mega huge hit and best work of George’s last years. ( even is not his original work, what about The long and winding…, The Grave and the Edith nd the kingpin covers ? are such great performances ).

    I don’t know , but to me it’s strange how not many more people observe how much latino way of sing and Enrique Iglesias tributed and dependent is this song… For the very first time in my life i heard George imitating. And that was just such a powerful point in adoration of George’s work for decades : not to steal from “others” work ( i mean, not such rough (sorry!) and obvious like he does in This is not real…., and of course not about any kind of inspiration in musical movement i meant ). To me, for the firs time in his whole career he conceived such a copy-paste song with a willing flavour of a sweet and soft ballad, but at the end not inspired at all…. the song rambles as the time goes by, and to the end leads and arrives to a nowhere.

    … and the beginning with “Don’t kiss me darlin’… ” is such a common place! It’s like a naive crap verse of a teenager who thinking looks and expects for a speedy media succes…. Such a banal , i don’t heard smth like this since the beginning of Bad boys with “ooh ! ouh!”, such a directly onrush entrance and start of a song, just for a media breakthrough….. but in the end such a lamentable and common song….

    But both voices are good anyway, Mutya goes well with George, despite the lack of any original inspiration in conceiving this song…..

    sorry to annoy some people.

  5. Why do I think it’s so bad? It’s because there’s zero artistic creativity in either the video editing or the audio mix. It’s makes George look like a has-been.
    Contrast that with the fantastic TV ad that’s just started running for promoting the Twenty Five album. They’ve done some very cool things with George’s videos putting that together – and makes everything look both contemporary and also artistic.

  6. well, i thought his music speaks for itself. We see in there how good it is, and how it works and suits with other (old/new) stuff of him of his entirely career ( although they have to rush some songs to fit so good, didn’t they ? )/ So, thats why i thought is partialy good.

    But i’m confused with all that comparison with “contemporary” music today, or with Britney Spears ( hope to type well ) “artisticless” and agresive way of singing and promoting her music.

    Isn’t that toooo much and toooo abusive to make such interpretations and comparisons with the dead or such insipid pop music of today?

  7. I think to compare/contrast to Britney Spears is funny. Of course her megamix is easy. It’s the same crap from song-to-song, except when she sample Prince.

    I would like to see it be as good as Janet’s last MegaMix. Start with the slowest bpm, and continue to mash and mix until you get to Faith/Wake Me.

  8. Darin – perhaps I’m wrong, but I was under the impression that the same person – Chris Cox – was responsible for both the Britney video megamix I mentioned, and also the Janet video megamix you refer to. I think both are creative pieces of work.

  9. I guess GM is suffering the same as Bananarama years ago with the Very Best release, the label company in war with the artists not only trying to sucking promotion plus the incompetent creative group…Any fan could make a “more decent” video with a basic program od edition…Plus the transitions one video to other are pity.. (i.e. from “fastlove” to “too funky”..)

  10. Well, I received the “long” megamix, and it’s just horrible. I was going to mix a video, but it’s just crap. Makes the short one seem professional.

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