The Media’s Angle On George Michael

In recent days, weeks and months, if you’ve listened to commentators on the radio, or read what they’ve written in the papers, you can’t fail to have noticed the angle that the media is taking with singer George Michael. They say: his music is dull and boring; he’s self-obsessed; and is a has-been that’s permanently stoned; he’s a trouble man that’s spiraling out of control.

It’s clear then, they don’t seem to like him much! Methinks they doth protest too much, though. The general public holds great affection for George – as seen by the huge response to his 25 Live tour. People in the media are a cross-section of society – so it doesn’t make sense that they’d all dislike him. No – there’s something else going on here.

If you want a concrete example of things being not quite what they seem, take Jonathan Ross – the BBC’s flagship chat show host. Last year (I think!), George Michael was scheduled to appear on the Ross’s show. Jonathan announced to his viewers, “Next week, George Michael will be joining us.” Ross was clearly excited to have George on his show. However, during the following days, George decided he didn’t want to go on the show, and cancelled. Now, whatever the rights and wrongs of this, Jonathan Ross took George’s “no show” very badly. He was angry to a point that was beyond reasonable, and began a little campaign of dissing George at every opportunity that presented itself.  In the space of a few days then, Jonathan Ross went from being a George Michael fan to apparently disliking him.

Where does all this negativity come from? Is it homophobia? Is it that he took a stance on Iraq? Is it that he’s surrounded himself by low-quality advisers who don’t know how to handle people? Is that people are jealous of his money?

I’m not sure. Maybe it’s a combination of all the above. And I’m sure the situation would be helped if George sang more, and talked less. But it still doesn’t make sense to me…

10 thoughts on “The Media’s Angle On George Michael

  1. “Is it that he’s surrounded himself by low-quality advisers who don’t know how to handle people?”
    Yes. I can tell you – from personal experience – that it’s not the fact that interviews don’t happen, it’s how his people deal with it. If his people were a percentage as rude to Jonathan Ross as they were to me, no wonder Jonathan went off on one. If I had a talkshow back then, I wouldn’t be pretending to be psyched either. However, it would be in favour of the asshole that did it – not necessarily George himself. Unless, of course, George had been the rude one – in which case he wasn’t. Blame where blame is due etcetera.
    I guess the media in general call it how they see it. We, as fans, know there’s more under the surface than the constant chattering about fucking, drugs, fucking, being gay, fucking, his happiness in connection to drugs and fucking… The media, if they don’t hold a candle for him, they’ll point, laugh and say, “There’s George, fucking up. Again. What a joke.”
    If you turn the coin a little, take another example; Hugh Grant getting caught with his pants around his ankles with a prostitute. I’m sure we all had a bit of a laugh about that and called it a bit dysfunctional to see an unattractive hooker when you have Liz Hurley. We’ve all had a rolling-our-eyes moment at Geri Halliwell’s antics, stupid sentiments and non-existent voice. I’m sure their fans are thinking the same as we are about George: “S/he’s great – just leave him/her alone.”
    What I mean is, yes he’s great and maybe they should leave him alone, but if you look at all this from a non-fan’s point of view, it does look like he is all those things they say he is. Doesn’t it? So yeah, I think it would help if he just let his music do the talking and not feed the circus, giving these clowns confirmation of what they want to think he is; A has-been, a loser, a self-obsessed drug/sex addict.
    As they said in “Beyond The Sea” about Bobby Darin: “He may be an asshole, but he’s our asshole!”

  2. I dunno… You’re right that George isn’t unique in the treatment he receives from the media. However, whereas the media are often in step with public opinion, I think they’re out of step when it comes to George Michael.

    And I wonder why that is…

  3. You know how the British media works: Build them up, then knock’em down. George hasn’t allowed himself to get knocked down for a long time – maybe they’re getting desperate to floor him.

    Can you imagine the annoyance, though? A bunch of losers getting paid £30k a year to write lies about other people’s lives cause they don’t have one themselves – versus George, popstar that can seemingly do no wrong in the eyes of the public however dysfuctional he appears, scooping in tens of millions for three months’ work. It’s a hard life😉

  4. At last, Remarkable is seeing the light!There are no conspiracies,There plenty bigger stars than George with more money and fame.
    George Michael is totally 1980s` the tan, the teeth, the hair.He has never “moved on”(lol.Most of Georges fans were female,most dont like this cruising stuff.Most dont buy his stuff anymore.I work in huge Local council office 90% female and lots of the 30 – 40 years who were fans ..dont like him now.
    Now the media…for us living in the UK can see all this bad press crap.Thats why he still the massive fanbase in Europe.
    Most George fans are not the “casual” fans, but the “crazy” this week ive been talking to people about my concert dates and most people say i am crazy,they really cannot stand the guy anymore,i think its a numbers of things, but damage has been done.
    Facts are the tide has turned for George.I have said it for long enough, things will never be the same for him.This live 25 tour,yes he sold it out but only because of the shock value,IE he never bloody tours.
    Now if the guy toured every few years that would be a “different story”(lol) altogether.oh and J Ross takes the piss out of everyone.
    @Knobby i dont think the british media has ever really liked George.

    Sorry if this is rushed ..i need to go

  5. From a 1987 interview:

    George Michael, the man, is open, accessible, charming. George Michael, the industry, is nothing like that at all. No other career in the music business has such meticulous care and attention to detail lavished on its physical manifestation.

    Expensive photo sessions are scrapped, a tiny handful of approved images are given to editors for official release, and contracts promising an interview in return for the cover of a magazine are haggled over for months.

    In one memorable case, a contract had to be signed by the NME promising that George would not be put on the cover of that publication. Even the despised tabloids are quietly fed stories to keep them sweet and George’s profile high.

    George, I don’t know why you bother.

    “Because the paparazzi photos of me coming out of restaurants and nightclubs with a girl are revolting. And they are the photographs that most people see in this country. The rest of the world,” he says, “sees me as I want to be seen.”

  6. I have thought about this many times since “Shoot the Dog”. Once his tour was announced and sold out it has seemed like a full blown campaign to discredit him and his talent. They go out of their way to create and then repeat their lies. I could understand that happening in the US but in the UK it seems too out of step with public reactions.
    The media will find it difficult to ignore the talent once the tour gets to the UK though.

  7. The problem is that George Michael takes all this BS to heart – it seems to affect him badly.
    C’mon George, your tour has proved how incredibly popular you are. Chin up, ol’ chap, you know you are loved.

    Silence the critics by being prolific and hard working as you have been this year. Oh, and maybe cut down on the drugs and the interesting driving habits.😀

  8. Whippet says:”Chin up, ol’ chap”

    You ‘re trying to cheer him up by calling him ol’ chap? lol

    You ‘ve always been a funny doggie.

  9. Oh, but I ‘m not British, maybe I ‘m missing out on those *intricate nuances* of the term.

    By the way, I ‘d say you don’t need to worry about George cause apparently he doesn’t live his life for the people on his mind anymore…that is the press, of course…Boy, it must be quite crowded up there. lol

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