Not To Stir Up Old Wounds… But Some Andros Stuff…

So… I know George doesn’t like this… so, sorry George. But… I thought you all might be interested/amused by an e-mail that George Michael’s cousin, Andros Georgiou, allegedly sent out after George fired him from his company, Aegean. It stems from the time that Andros was selling a bunch of George’s private stuff on eBay: everything from personal clothing – Faith boots, I Want Your Sex jacket etc.; photos and unreleased videos for his singles and albums; right up to a tape of unreleased tracks from the much anticipated, but never to be released, albums – Listen Without Prejudice Volume 2 and Trojan Souls (not as exciting as you might think, well OK, a bit exciting, but seriously, you would be disappointed, I promise).

Anyway, Andros’s alleged e-mail is too fucking funny funny for words. I reproduce it here, complete with his trademarked, unique punctuation and grammar. Enjoy…

Here, is my new Business Web Site it is a Global
Distribution Music / Company. As you, know I worked for
George Michael for 20 years until he kicked me out on
my ass for no good reason I was running his company /
brilliantly dealing with companies like Sony Polydor
Universal AEGEAN CBS Hardback CBS Epic Sony AEGEAN to
mention all of them (twice).Me and my team have combined
20 years experience to make a New Global Business /
Music / New Type Of Company That Is Totally New for
the Music Industry using, The Internet.

I would like animal -nightlife to become the worlds
greatest meeting place for songwriters and artists JUST
LIKE YOU as well as working in TV/VIDEO/FILM and other
Internet stuff.



Well… I thought it was funny…  A question for Andros: define “brilliantly”! LOL!

13 thoughts on “Not To Stir Up Old Wounds… But Some Andros Stuff…

  1. OK, I can’t help myself. Did you ever stop to think that Andros was just a hurt little boy crying out for love, respect and a decent grammar teacher?

  2. I don’t understand why people believe their bust-up was all Andros’ fault. I ‘m sure George played his part.

    Speaking of Andros, I ‘ve always wondered about this letter I sent to Aegean Records back in 97…To be honest, it was rather silly…and those lyrics *cringe cringe*…I was just trying to touch base…bad timing tho…George had just lost his mum…

  3. @Julie

    No, I actually got a reply from Andros telling me they(Aegean) had no use for lyrics on their own, they were looking for artists/performers. I don’t know if that were tryly the case but I didn’t care either way, I had just sent the lyrics & letter as an excuse to contact George. He probably never got to read it…but then maybe he did…It doesn’t really matter now.

  4. …and to think, George chose this guy over us fans when he shut down the old Official Forum and stuck up for this yenta?!?

  5. Hi there – Just curious what was the reason George shut down the forums? I have not read the entire book – the 3rd grade reading level is a bit annoying to be honest. The book is quite funny – horrible grammar, spelling errors, factual errors. Not only was the book not properly edited or fact-checked but it wasn’t even proof-read! The things Andros said about George’s father were so out of line – family should have been off limits. Andros seemed to dislike everyone that was close to George – except Anselmo. I feel bad for Andros in a way – he is very lost and very desperate. He did not fly to Austria when George was sick because he could not afford it? I call BS.

  6. Many times artists do not know the daily ins and outs. I think Andros did some shady things that George didn’t know about. Don’t speculate on what George did or didn’t do or say.

  7. I would never give one dollar for the book he wrote. He’s obviously desperate and will bring up anything that will get a rise out of GM. To think that someone you trusted with your soul would write it for the public to read for a few dollars is above and beyond disgusting. So much for blood ties.

  8. Even now, it seems like Andros is STILL using George — and when he can’t use George, he taps into George’s fan base — as his meal ticket. I just found a few scam reports linked to Andros, specifically from exploiting potential new artists trying to break into the biz….. WAY over-exaggerating his experience, connections, and success & luring new artists with memberships to a (now defunct??) website. According to his profile, Andros was claiming credit for Wham’s success, “the force behind George’s album Older,” etc. Bravo, George, for cutting ties with this guy!!!

  9. Well we’ll seems the Georgiou couple is at it again. Giving interviews about GM while he is trying to get some well deserved off time. These two will stoop so low just to get a payday. His fans have read the stories of the split long ago so anything either Andros or Jackie says will not be believed anyway. Don’t understand how they can mouth off knowing that it will cause some pain to GM. These two need to crawl back to their lowly lives.

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