This Is Not Real Love – Out Today

The new single from George Michael and Mutya – This Is Not Real Love – is out today. Don’t forget to get your copy! I don’t know how well this will do in the charts – the logs here on Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog suggest that interest in this record was massive a few weeks ago… but right now, it looks like hardly anyone has this song at the top of their minds. Unfortunately, I think it might have peaked too soon…

7 thoughts on “This Is Not Real Love – Out Today

  1. I dont understand what you mean with his chances wasted?

    George wants to make music for his fans, we are very satisfied with this song!
    Some facts:

    Tour in England novemeber-december
    Mutya joins George on this tour

    You dont think this will do something for the single?

  2. No it will do nothing for this release.

    You do understand on how the charts work?
    The single is out this week..No video+No promotion=failure.

    Great song could of been number 1, now it will be lucky to chart.

    Some facts:

    novemeber is spelt November

  3. We will see… I’ve seen the tour this year. Its great, it will for sure get GM’s career back on track and launch the single.

    Some facts:
    The single can get to no. 1 anytime as long as its availbe in stores, so it seems i understand how the charts work. Maybe it can’t get to no. 1 this week.
    But there are a couple of weeks left😉

    No video+No promotion=failure.????
    George has recorded a great duet, I dont think its a failure if it dont sell… He’s making music for the fans and we will all buy the single and be very happy about it.

    I know that Sonys promotional handling hasent been great, they have done some stupid stuff. And ofcourse the single could have been launced to number one the first week.

    The biggest is releasing the single so late, I saw the same with “An easier affair” its just so plain stupid these days to relase something that has been airplayed for a month! The intrest will be gone and only the fans will buy it. This would have done miracles for the sale. But maybe we can hope for a live-video from the tour to promote the single?

    Im so sorry Proper “Bo” that spelt the word november wrong. You see, im not from England or the US.

  4. maybe they are plannning a live-video, from the uk-concerts? like”don*t let the sun..” hm…

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