George & Pat @ ???

George Michael & Pat Fernandez

Cast your minds back to when George Michael first started sporting designer stubble.  Here’s a photo taken from that time – of George out for the evening with his then girlfriend, Miss Pat Fernandez. The question is: where were they that night?

13 thoughts on “George & Pat @ ???

  1. Umm, is someone playing around with their blog’s templates or is my browser going all weird?

  2. Finally

    we have here the most painful affair of George’s whole emotional (straight) life. And we know it, as i said it once before, and as he spoken about it very short in the past, but so strengthful in A Different Corner and One more Try (… that’ s way…. “i wrote a song, just let me go…” ,…..and who knows? , could be again Waiting for that day, or at least Waiting (Reprise) – little speculation! )

    Pat Fernandez, right !

    And yes, i don’t know why but i really feel this is the major reason of George’s womenyfobia or heterofobia and also the very beginning of his sooooo long depressions (of course, in time related to other persons) and in the same time his real reason to quit with women and trying to find other adulations – oh yes, P. F. !

    Btw, i guess it’s 1986, between the years pass ceremony 85-86. Oh, f…, if that so, when it was then the affair with miss Brooke Shields ??? 85 ? as i remember….. my head it’s a mess….

  3. From the look on her face, George just said something stupid and/or unforgiveable – and from the look on his face, the comedian just opened his show with, “Does George Michael sit or stand when he’s taking a piss?”😉

  4. Surely he could have found a better beard than Pat! Did anyone really ever buy that they were in a real relationship?

  5. Do you think anyone in this world could accept to be George Michael’s puppet for years ???

    p.s.: it’s very cold up there….. and she is so overpowered by George…… ( “fear of being used” … ) so George used to go back …. to be lonely and…. confused…..

  6. They both look a bit miserable in that photo, don’t they? It’s funny, because they were actually attending a *comedy* show – by Billy Connolly!

  7. Would that be the ‘An Audience With Billy Connolly’?

    I do recall seeing his sister in the audience but no GM.

  8. Poor Pat. She was in love with him but the feeling was not returned. Then she sold her story to The Sun or some other tabloid. Then felt so ashamed by that that she fled the country. GM talked about it in his 2004 interview with ATTITUDE magazine. He said she was a really sweet girl.

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