George Michael South Bank Show

So… what did you think of tonight’s South Bank Show George Michael Special? I thought it was fabulous… and it was really great to hear a couple of new songs… well old songs… but new for George… by Elton John – Idol, and Stevie Wonder – Knock Me Off My Feet. Wicked! I don’t see why they wouldn’t make it to the 25 Live show at some point…

If you weren’t able to catch the show, you should head on over to Knobby’s Blog for all the details.

38 thoughts on “George Michael South Bank Show

  1. When I listen to George’s songs(his own and/or covers) these days, I don’t get much out of them anymore.
    Sometimes I wish I could take him by the hand and make him understand…there’s no point in making a living(or a hobby) out of writing and singing all those romantic songs when he refuses to use his everyday life to justify them.

    That line from The Strangest Thing comes to mind…”give me something to believe in”…Until he does(to me), I refuse to own any of his records. Earlier this year I disposed of all my George CDs and for the first time since 93, I didn’t go out to buy them a few weeks later. It goes without saying I didn’t buy An Easier Affair and I won’t be buying This Is Not Real Love either(ah, it just came on the radio-lol-guess the synchronicity is still holding strong-whatever).

    Of course I still feel connected to him. I imagine I always will. Yet if I could turn back time…

  2. “That line from The Strangest Thing comes to mind…’give me something to believe in’…Until he does(to me), I refuse to own any of his records.”

    It’s like a tug of war…I know…

  3. @Remarkable

    Could you please delete my previous two posts if possible? You can leave this one to mark their brief existence, if you wish. [I miss all those “Edited” posts on forums ;)]

    If it’s not possible, no worries.

  4. Knobby said “George must have covered ‘Songs from the key of life’ back to back soon.”

    While I’m not quite sure what that sentence means, I think it would be great to hear George sing “Looking back on when I was a little nappy-headed boy…”.

  5. The Stevie Wonder album “Songs from the key of life”. He’s done “Love’s in need of love today”, “Village Ghettoland”, “Knocks me off my feet”, “Pastime Paradise” and “As” from it.

    The rest of the Stevie covers he’s done is pretty much off “Talking Book”; “Superstition”, “Blame it on the sun”, “I believe (when I fall…)”

    (apart from “Too shy to say” and “They won’t go when I go” – did I forget any then? lol. He could do a whole bloody album! ;))

  6. I just watched it online. I hope Melvyn realizes what this inteview will be doing to his reputation.

    By the way, is he gay? Cause that would explain *a lot*. lol

  7. I meant to ask you, Remarkable, with your New Blog Order and everything, am I allowed to address George?

  8. Truth is I don’t really want to address him here…But I still feel weird talking about him in the third person when he’s around…

    It’s amazing how much freedom you experience in a relationship when you give up the sexual element…The process may not always be pleasant but the end result is worth it…You can express yourself more authentically without needing to play all those games…

    So, yeah, the interview…I didn’t like it. There was no interview actually, it was just George talking. lol
    It’s sad if you think about it, cause it was a great opportunity for George to express so much if he wanted…and to allow himself to be challenged a bit…But nope, as controlled as ever…always looking at things fom his regimented perspective…blaming Murdoch for this that and the other…I think he should seriously consider the possibility that his unsuccesful attempts to capture the number 1 spot in the charts in recent years could have something- *tiny little something*- to do with the songs themselves, the different “visual packaging” and okay, his lack of promotion. I ‘m not saying the headlines helped in any way but that was not the reason for any perceived failure on his part…The funny thing is he seems to be upset about that(why did I ever think he ‘d left “chart culture” behind him?…)yet he often snubs the industry big time…

    And what was all that about Freeek being his first attempt at expressing anger?!?!?!

    As for the “lying press”, okay, so what are the lies exactly? I ‘d love to know. The fact that they reported on his cruising, the car incidents and the cannabis use in a negative light? But what did he expect them to do??? They are all indicative of a certain dysfunctional lifestyle, I ‘m sorry but they are! I do agree with him that they pick on him more than others but I can understand it:he can be so arrogant in interviews, so f&*&*&* arrogant.

    It’s so difficult to get thru to someone like George…he’s got so many defense mechanisms…all those rationalizations, I have to roll my eyes everytime…

    Oh, and that black shirt he was wearing…will somebody please tell him to put it in the bin asap? Unless it’s a gift, in which case, just put it back in the closet and leave it there!

  9. P.S: I actually enjoyed the bits from the Madrid show. He looked/sounded so cute. He wasn’t as relaxed as I would have expected him to but it was only the second show.

  10. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

    …no change I see, except the name.

  11. @Moog

    Yes, I know, it used to be the Faith Tour. Now it’s called 25LIVE.

    Oh, but hang on, you were actually talking about yourself. How true, you ‘re still the same old *****!!!

  12. @ China Blue

    Melvyn Bragg was on This Morning the next day and explained that George gave him permission to ask any questions he fancied and that George would have no editorial control over the interview footage (He was however able to veto any concert/rehearsal footage that he didn’t think was up to standard). Apparently the ITV lawyers had to screen all interview footage to ensure before it was transmitted and that there was a lot of stuff that couldn’t be shown.

    Oh and he said they both eat at the same Italian restaurant, Villa Bianca in Hampstead.

  13. “So, yeah, the interview…I didn’t like it. There was no interview actually, it was just George talking.”

    That’s generally what an interview is. Talking. One person asks the questions/gives helpful guiding to topics – and the other person talks a lot.

  14. @Knobby

    Ah, that’s funny coming from you! I know you hate it when you read answers to “prefab questions”! No, a good journalist doesn’t just give “helpful guidance” to topics. He/she probes and challenges. If there is no need for that, then to my mind, there is no need for an interview, just let your art do the talking.

  15. @Geoff

    Well, that’s interesting. They probably have lunch dates at that restaurant, yet they NEVER EVER discuss a possible interview and what the questions are allowed…

    No, seriously, I ‘m disappointed by Melvyn’s questions and general “relaxed” syle. And judging from his body language when he greeted George, I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually fancies him. Actually, there was more…almost as if they share a secret or something.

    Gotta run now, maybe later in the day I could give you some examples of what I consider intelligent questions. questioning

  16. Bloody typos. I think I ‘ll email wordpress and put it to them. People who comment on blogs should have the right to edit their comments.

  17. Some would argue that an interviewer that can make their interview object relax is more effective than being aggressive and forcing topics on them they don’t want to talk about. What I find is that if you don’t ask, thou shall receive. People open up more if they’re relaxed than if they’re being interrogated.

    If George wanted to be grilled, he’d go on Hard Talk. Here, at least he doesn’t go into defensive rants, which is what you know happens when he’s being pushed into a corner. Haven’t we had enough of those?

  18. Who said it was due to be an “interview”? as far as I know it’s kind of footage episode tv program, granted you are that it included pieces of formal interview in it and granted you are of everything! no?

    A good journalist knows when letting someone be is relevant and when it’s not. I found it good. Enough said.

  19. China Blue Says:
    November 3rd, 2006 at 1:15 am

    Yes, I know, it used to be the Faith Tour. Now it’s called 25LIVE.

    Oh, but hang on, you were actually talking about yourself. How true, you ‘re still the same old *****!!!


    Yep, still the same old Moogy.

  20. @Moog

    You are already on my thank you list. Cause when I get those nasty comments from you or other people on the forums, I always take a minute to think what that means for me & my life experience, in other words how much of a nasty comment was my own fault or another person’s issues dumping them on me. In the end, it all makes me stronger and wiser.

    So I might as well tell you now: Thank You

  21. @Knobby

    I partly agree with you. With some people it works that way(make them relax first etc). I just find it doesn’t with George because he’s extremely good at manipulating the situation. And anyway, probing and challenging is not the same as being aggressive. I don’t watch hard Talk anymore, not sure if Tim Sebastian is still on but in the past, I found his style almost combative. That is not what I meant. You can ask intelligent, thought provoking questions without intimidating your interviewee. And you know, just because George is asked a certain question it doesn’t mean he has to answer. He can always decline politely. Of course by doing that he would reveal more maybe than by answering but at least you get a honest reaction.

    Here’s an example of what I would ask:

    1)So that insanity and unhappiness you experience when you are not using grass…what is that about, could you you elaborate?

    And here’s a tentative attempt at answering it myself:

    As far as I ‘m concerned, both those words are “umbrella terms”. In George’s case, I feel there’s still a lot of anger-though not as much as there used to be. I believe some of it is personal, i.e the result of unhappy relationships(both family and romantic ones)and some of it seems to be directed at the world & life in general.

    As for the fear(which some might say is underneath the anger), I think there’s a fear of old age, disease and death which of course is something we all have to confront at some point. But if you are the sensitive kind maybe it affects you more than most.

    Also, I feel his mind maybe “spinning” a bit faster than most people’s when he’s clean. I can relate to the spinning, I experience it too, it’s very frustrating.

  22. The Strangest Thing is a good reference point for George’ state of mind. It doean’t seem as relevant as it used to but…well, that idea of “wasting”…I think he still experiences that…wasting time, energy, his own self at the end of the day…I wonder if he ever feels he ‘s wasted another person’s time & energy too, the last line in that song almost implies that.

  23. “I think there’s a fear of old age, disease and death which of course is something we all have to confront at some point. But if you are the sensitive kind maybe it affects you more than most.”

    I know it affects me big time. I get very angry when I realize I have no control of when & how I will leave this earthly existence. And that results in me feeling unsafe very often…and wishing to withdraw from everyday life…I wish I could talk to George about all that…I have a feeling we are very similar in that respect. But also he has experienced the loss of two very dear people to him…I ‘m sure he would have something helpful to say, something that would resonate with me more than what other people say…

  24. Hey China Blue…. You really ought to consider starting your own blog so that those that are amused by your insigificant comments know where to find you.

  25. I thought the show was great. Melvin allowed GM the chance 2 say anything uninterrupted. Great performances of Idol and Knock Me Off My Feet. I am not bothered about the amount of cannabis he smokes as long it doesn’t affect his music and it has not affected his music such as An Easier Affair and This Is Not Real Love. I thought it was a great documentary.

  26. Maybe we could prepare a list of our questions and persuade George to have a live chat?

  27. @sevenofnines: count me in there…but will this ever happen? i heard he did msn-chats so….hm…well i didn’t see the interview myself by now, but read bout it and read knobbies-blog (ehem dunno if you are friends?) i was delighted to see how george lives, it looks very beautiful and cosy!

  28. @Claudia – Indeed, he did live chats before,so we can always try to set another one, why not? It’d be a good opportunity for him to connect with his fans and get a post-tour feedback.
    I’m a little bit confused – have you seen the interview/South Bank Show or not (unless by “interview” you mean live chat).

  29. I loved the show and especially the rehearsal footage. Absolutely incredible vocals there.
    What I would like to know is who first started the story that the balcony was from “Kenny’s bedroom”? There’s no way to know where that balcony was.

  30. @Evelyn

    I won’t argue with you about the significance of my comments, you are entitled to your perspective. But I won’t go away just because you don’t like reading them.

    Irrespective of that, what a coincidence, I actually got a new blog two days ago.

    Not sure how long it ‘ll last.

  31. @sevenofnine:

    oh sorry to confuse you…no i haven’t seen the southbank-show but will get in next week on video (i live in austria and a friend of mine in the uk taped it for me…), i meant the show when i said “interview”🙂

    ok so how can we manage to get a live chat with george? any ideas??


    well i read in some interview that they went to kennys bedroom…but who can trust the press anyway? so i dunno the thruth …

  32. Another question I ‘d ask is “In a 1000 years from now, which of your songs do you think will have stood the test of time?”

  33. Also, ‘Your partner was quoted as saying earlier this year “There was no big proposal. I found out we were getting married after George had mentioned it in an interview in Japan.” Isn’t that a strange way to propose to someone you love?’

    And one more, “Who do you consider the greatest artist of the last 100 years?”

  34. so i got to watch it…and was a bit disapointed! the rehearsal and concert-stuff was great to watch altough george was, at the concert, very uncosy well it looked like but as he said on the first show “it’s coming back!” i am happy that it came back in munich when i saw him😉
    the interview – hm – nothing really new there. and all this talking bout the joint-scene…oh my god – George Michael is the one and only person who is smoking grass in the entire music-business, so blame him for that! oh how i hate the press grrr…..we all know that he smoked when doing “older” and so what? sorry i am a bit angry now. and this melvin…not my type really, seemed quite cold….
    but lovely to see george talking and what a lovely room and garden! and the piano…think it was the one from John Lennon?

    alright george, if you read this, come on, chat with us so we can ask you the real questions, and give us answers to feed our minds!

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