A New Competition!

Yes, it’s been too long since Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog last held a competition. Well, we’re about to put that right. Right here. Right now.

Regular readers need to know that this competition is a little different to the previous ones – so pay attention! Today’s competition is a bit like the US TV gameshow Jeopardy. That is – I will supply the “answer”, you must supply the question.

Yes, it’s confusing. An example will make it clear though. So, if I gave the “answer” as – Shuttlecock. Then, to win the competition, your entry should read something like – What did George Michael used to stuff down his pants?

Get it? Great! Then here goes. The answer is:

Every 12 seconds

All competition entries either in the comments section; or by postal mail to:

Remarkable’s Buzzin Jeopardy Competition
c/o George Michael’s Dream Home

Please mark your competition entries with the code – GEORGEISSTILLLOADED in order to ensure they are sorted into the right pile. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the great prize of a chance to play the role of “Shirlie” in the shortly to be announced Wham! concert at Wembley Arena in December.

UPDATE:  The competition is now closed.  Congratulations go to Knobby, who had the correct answer: “How often does George Michael fall asleep?”   Knobby, at your convenience (but at  a time when George is out) please pop round to George’s dream home in London to pick up your prize of two labradors, one of which is a fully-qualified “butter dog”.

19 thoughts on “A New Competition!

  1. Question — two of your previous competitions, which incidentally I have won, (LOL) have been WHAM related. Is this true here, too? I remain across the pond still awaiting previous prizes . . .
    A guess: How often does the word “baby” appear in a GM lyric?

  2. How often does George say “Yeah!” or “Baby!” in a song?

    Ann, darlin’ i have beaten you to this one! LOL!!

  3. How often is George Michael entitled to receive royalties acchieved from his music through airplay?

    I guess, it’s a matter of correct formulation?

  4. How often is Google asked to search for “George Michael” ?

    (Remarkable, I think we need a more specific “category”😉 )

  5. The competition has now closed (see the update in the blog). Thanks for everyone who took part – some really great entries. I had to refrain on commenting too much during the competition, because, as you see, Knobby, got the right answer in the first post.

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