25 Dead – A New Tour

Yes, it’s true. As a follow-up to 25 Live, a new tour is already in the planning stages. Called, 25 Dead, the tour will begin at Goss Gallery in Dallas; and then travel throughout Europe and the United States.

But this tour is not a simple George Michael tour. No. 25 Dead is the brainchild of both George Michael and also his fiancé Carrie Goss. And in fact, the centrepiece of the tour will not be George – rather the star will be George’s piano. The piano has been photographed by six people. And those photographs will feature on the tour too. George’s piano is particularly famous, because it’s the one that Gary Barlow used to write Take That’s comeback single, Patience. When asked its thoughts on the tour, the piano said,

I’ve never been outside the UK before, not even on holiday. I don’t even have a passport. So this is all really exciting for me. George said that Goss Gallery is a great venue to kick off the tour in – probably – he said he’s only been once, and he’s forgotten what it’s like. Anyway, I’m really looking forward to it. I hope I get to fly in first class with George & Kimmie – after all, they said I’m the star of this show…

But why call the tour 25 Dead?  The answer is simple, says George:

It’s been 25 years since the piano’s original owner died, so we thought it was a good name.  The name works on many levels though. For example, there won’t be anything living on this tour – it will all be dead stuff, like photographs and pianos.  The theme of the tour will be world peace.  Initially, we will tour Europe and the United States.  However, if it goes well, we are considering taking the tour to Iraq, to see if the photographs of my piano calm people down over there.

The theme of 25 Dead will be World Peace. That’s a great theme – and it’s certainly what I always like to drink to…

So… everyone… if your glasses are charged, if I may, I’d like to ask you to raise them. Come on! I want to see every single person, every single champagne flute!

Ladies & Gentlemen… To World Peace!

(For more information, please see the official press release)

5 thoughts on “25 Dead – A New Tour

  1. Good lord… well, at least the piano is touring America – do you reckon George is using the piano as a stand-in for him on the American leg of his tour? If you can’t see George, see his piano? Hmmm.

  2. I think that *was* the plan… but there was a fight with Heather Mills over the right to use the piano. She said that the piano is hers, because it was originally Paul McCartney’s.

    George is absolutely furious at these lies. He has told his lawyers that he believes she doesn’t have a leg to stand on…

  3. Wow – harsh.😉 Not that I’m a big fan of hers – but then again, I’m not a fan of Paul either. So they can fight amongst themselves as much as they like – though perhaps it’s time to take it out of the public view. Yawn.

  4. Yes – maybe it was a bit harsh. No wait. Whatever Heather Mills and Paul McCartney are, they are definitely PR Horny Media whores. They deserve to be ridiculed until they get their faces the fuck out of the papers…

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