Exclusive: Preview Of George Michael South Bank Show

With only two days to go, Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog brings George Michael fans an exclusive, albeit small, preview of next Tuesday’s South Bank Show special which follow the singer as he prepares for his 25 Live tour.

In the show, viewers will see, for the first time ever, inside George’s home in Highgate, London (OK second time, if you’ve seen A Different Story). They will see

  • George Michael welcome South Bank Show host Melvyn Bragg to his home with a massive bear hug in the hall
  • George and Melvyn laughing at George’s jokes by the baby grand piano in one of his two, identical, living rooms
  • George showing Melvyn the fabulous view of his back garden, Hampstead Heath, and London, from the balcony off Kenny’s bedroom. I really hope George asked Kenny for permission to do this, before barging into his bedroom to get to the balcony.

In the show, viewers will also find George Michael sounding more camp than they have ever seen him before… not sure what that’s all about…

But anyway – it’s going to be a great show, so whatever you do, don’t miss it! The George Michael South Bank Show special in on in the UK on ITV1, Tuesday 31 October, 10pm.

19 thoughts on “Exclusive: Preview Of George Michael South Bank Show

  1. I was thinking of you just now, Remarkable. I bought this purple pen a few weeks ago…I was about to use it a minute ago and just realized it’s called Remarkable. LOL

    Seriously, that’s what it’s called. It even has a URL printed on it.


    Is that your factory by any chance?

  2. I hope someone can figure out a way for US fans to get to see this. While I plan to download the Podcast which I have heard may have some additional material, it won’t be quite the same. Any ideas, Remarkable?

  3. Ann,

    I’m pretty sure the South Bank Show will be “available” on DVD within the GM fan community for all those fans that aren’t able to get ITV. Your best bet would be to hang out on, say, PlanetGeorge, after the show, and ask if anyone can help…

  4. @Remarkable

    I see. You never know tho…Maybe one day there ‘ll be a buyout, Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog taking over The Remarkable factory.

    Mine’s a pencil actually, I was just in a hurry and wrote pen instead.

  5. Ah – a pencil. A wise choice. Much easier to correct mistakes.

    And you’re right. Never say never. One day, I may indeed be proud to say – All your pens and pencils are belong to us…

  6. Best of luck with that.

    I always think of you when I see the R word. I ‘d say that in itself is an achievement. A Remarkable one.

  7. I have never seen his beautiful house in Highgate !! Not even in some magazines, it will be nice to see how beautiful it must be, I heard Bananarama saying that they visited George in his new house in Highgate and it is fabiulous.My wish is to be come true.

  8. I once walked through Highgate and other beautiful areas and I always surprised me thinking that what contrast of different kind of houses, just ones besides others so different, well this happens in all big cities really. Also what you see outside does not necesarily reflect what there is inside and vice versa, though the ideal thing to me would be just so🙂

    so it will we nice seeing I guess…. LOL

  9. @Remarkable

    Reading your posts thruout the years, I often get the feeling you have a love/hate relationship with George. I too get lovey/hatey with him for various reasons-some of which I have expressed publicly- but your thing is very different. Something about the way you joke about him reveals(to me at least) some latent…I don’t know, is there something that George has that you wish you had instead/too?

    I cannot fully understand why you have chosen to devote so much webspace to him. You are not a screaming fan, you are not in love with him(I think!), you are not a singer/songwriter as far as I know-correct me if I ‘m wrong. So what is it?

    And given George has even admitted himself that he doesn’t exactly feel the sanest, happiest individual around, in what way do you connect to all that?

    I appreciate you do not particularly like talking about yourself but if I may suggest to you, I think it would be quite interesting if, just for once, you did talk about this connection you feel with George and his music. I believe your readership would find it very interesting and refreshing. I know I would.

    P.S: I realize you may wish to delete this comment after you ‘ve read it without responding. I just hope you won’t.

  10. I also want to tell you that I didn’t like the way Amazone was treated on this blog a month or so ago. Maybe her posts are a bit extreme sometimes, more extreme than say, mine, but you could have dealt with it differently.

    Also, I happened to read a certain thread on George’s official forums sometime ago. She suggested that George doesn’t seem gay to her when listening to certain songs of his. As a result of that post, she was made fun of in a very pathetic fashion by some people who frequent this blog. Are these the same people who praise George for his sensitivity?

    I ‘m only telling you all this because I genuinely like you, Remarkable. And given you have this blog here that attracts so many George fans, I just wish you would be more authentic and objective sometimes. I ‘m also upset that Amazone was ousted in that way. I felt she enjoyed posting here once in a while.

  11. @China Blue

    You asked – “Is there something that George has, that I want too?”

    Well, yes there is. Thank you for asking. George – are you listening? Great! So… I want the house of his dreams. I want to live with the Kenny of his dreams. And I want to show Melvyn Bragg “our” garden.

    Is that too much to ask for? I don’t think it is.

    As for Amazone. I thought I made it clear that everyone is welcome here – I don’t allow anyone to be victimised. But, you may recall the readership voted that comment threads should be kept on-topic. So, while everyone is welcome, they do need to try to post comments that are relevant. I think that’s a reasonable stance to take. I’m very sorry if anyone felt I handled this matter insensitively. I accept I can’t please all of the people all of the time – so, I just try to strike a balance.

    Now… let’s get back to the topic please🙂 In case anyone’s forgotten, we’re talking about tomorrow’s South Bank Show…

  12. @Remarkable

    So you wish to remain as sphinxlike as ever…Fine…

    As for the off-topic issue, any worthwhile discussion between humans will veer off to different directions once in a while. When one tries to stifle that, it can get rather dull & uninspiring.

    But of course it’s your blog, the one you will be remembered by 500 years from now…

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