George Michael: “Let’s Go Out And Fuck Some Girls!”

Click image for larger version

Yes it’s true… back in the day, George Michael used to like having sex with loads of girls. Above, you can see some rare hidden camera snaps of George “Tony” Michael and David “Des” “Michael” Mortimer, taken as they plan to go out together on the pull.

As the photographs show, even back then, George didn’t look like he’d be happy with a nappy…


3 thoughts on “George Michael: “Let’s Go Out And Fuck Some Girls!”

  1. So what happened next. Did Tony and Des get their legs over? Did Des actually say “…Tony…I’ve got something to tell you…I’m gay!!”? Does anyone have the original magazines from 1982 to answer these questions.
    Tune in next week for the answers!!

    Too funny!!

  2. Yes, Caff is right: what happens next? What’s the big secret? Come on Remarkable, get in that George Michael archive you keep in the spare room, and tell us more!

  3. If I can recall, Tony is the one with the partner who is expected to settle down – he gets busted discussing curtains or something equally mundane.

    Young Guns with a twist!

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