Is Heather Mills McCartney Deranged?

I’ve stay pretty much silent on the subject of the Heather Mills – Paul McCartney divorce. However, the latest allegations leaked to the press by Heather Mills are interesting.

Why interesting? Not because of their contents – which seem so unlikely to be true that they’re almost laughable. Rather, it’s because they are so revealing about Mills. They suggest that Heather Mills may be deranged: Mills clearly believes that by leaking these allegations to the press, she will win public support. It would be hard for her to have a less realistic view of the world than she appears to have.

The truth is that most people – at least in the UK – think she’s simply lying, and attempting to force Paul McCartney into settling out of court for a massive amount of money; as well as trying to destroy him mentally.

When this divorce process started, my view was that Heather Mills deserved a reasonable settlement – in the low tens of millions of pounds – and probably should be the main carer for their daughter. Now, her behaviour suggests to me that she deserves no money at all from this settlement, and should not be allowed anywhere near her daughter. That she has been prepared to try to destroy the child’s father so publically makes it clear to me that she is not fit to be a mother.

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  1. Nobody but those two really know what went on. But Macca is so worshipped and idolized that I think Heather Mills will have a hard time proving her case. I suspect more than we would like to admit may be true of her allegations, but also there’s bound to be exaggeration as well. I think Macca was really naive to haveher sign a prenuptial agreement … now he’s dealing with the repurcussions. This looks like it is going to be one nasty divorce. It’s really too bad because they seemed like such a charming couple — nobody had any idea there was trouble in paradise.

  2. I think Heather is mentally disturbed. No way would Sir Paul push her into a bath while she was pregnant. No chance of getting a lot of money from a man who is worshipped all over the world. When Heather got angry of Macca hanging out with GM while recording Heal The Pain. I don’t think GM would’ve smoked a joint at the time. I can’t believe Heather would try and be possesive and choose his friends.
    That’s my verdict. I back the greatest rock star in the world.

  3. some truth in her story. Paul is no saint..he has a dark side and only Heather knows. She need to tell the world – There ain’t no fury like a woman scorned.

  4. We all have a dark side. Some of us just hide it better than others. I’m not saying what Heather claims is true (how would I know either way?), but I think it’s very possible Macca did at least some of those things. In the U.S., O.J. Simpson was revered and worshipped as a great guy and magnificent footballer, and it was quite a shock when it was revealed (convincingly) that he beat his wife. I’m not comparing O.J. with Macca, but like I said, we all have a dark side.

  5. True that Heather, does not need to go over the top. A small amount of the truth was all that is needed, I hope her advisors tell her to retract some of the things…and maybe maybe she can still come out with her head held up high.

    Not sure if she is made of that stuff…sorry is the hardest word!!

  6. Why is there this assumption that Heather Mills is “deranged”? I find that assumption rather sexist, as women who are not liked are so easily labeled “crazy” and “hysterical” so forth. If the allegations were the other way around and Macca claimed to be physically abused by his spouse, I cannot for the life of me imagine that people would be calling him “deranged.”

    As for the unbelievability of the allegations, I don’t think any of us can say whether or not they are believable because we weren’t there. Sure Macca is a charming, talented, world-famous musician, adored by millions … but that does not necessarily preclude the possiblity that he was abusive. Abuse happens and when you look at the statistics for domestic violence, it’s frightening and disconcerting.

    A lot of men are abusive towards their wives/girlfriends, and many of them are incredibly popular in the workplace, at church, in their neighborhood, etc. In other words, there can be a difference between public image and the real person behind closed doors. Most wife abusers are smart enough to act differently in public — nobody goes around threatening their wives in public with a broken glass, for example. That kind of behavior is reserved for when the doors are closed and there’s nobody around to witness it.

    None of us will ever know the whole truth, so labeling one of the parties as “deranged” or even insuating it is wrong. This issue will just have to be sorted out in the courts, where it belongs.

    As for theory that Heather Mills leaking the stories to the press as a form of public relations, I find that theory curious. If she was indeed abused the way she claims, why not talk about? Why should she have to hide that?

    The assumption from the beginning in this post is that those allegations can’t possibly be true. Oh really?

  7. @Yogchick

    I think you have to read her coverage in the media over the ears – and then look at the balance of probability.

    The fact is – there are several people who know her well, including her father, that seem to think she is in some way deranged. She appears to have a long history of fabricating stories about herself and other people.

    Additionally, you will hard pressed to find a single person that has met her, who has even a single good word to say about her. Why? Because for many years, she appears to have been almost universally unpleasant towards everyone she has ever come into contact with. Peculiar behaviour, to say the least.

    So – yes. Everything she says *could* be true. I just think it’s unlikely. At the very least, she is really naive to leak these stories to the press because very few people are going to believe her.

  8. Yogchick could be such a great spokesperson for women’s rights. That said, one should always remember it takes two to tango.

    I think it was a mistake for those two to marry. I thought Paul and Linda were soulmates…how can you marry another woman so soon after your beloved wife’s death? But even if many years had passed, the way I see it, marrying another takes away the sanctity of his relationship to Linda.

  9. I’m not familiar with the saga of Heather Mills so I don’t even know about those charges in the press that she’s deranged and that this has been going on for years. But what did she ever say or do that caused this accusation? Okay, so her father slammed her — what exactly did he tell the press? And how do we know Heather Mills leaked these details to the press?

    Lady Di was often portrayed as a “very unstable” woman, but in retrospect it looks like she was the only sane one in that dysfunctional royal family.

    It just seems Paul McArtney has the upper hand because he’s so loved and revered for his music. I suspect that anyone who was divorcing him would be reviled in the press.

    Could you please fill me in on the allegations against Heather Mills, the details and where these allegations come from. If they’re coming mainly from the gutter press, then I don’t think these allegations hold much water.

    Nobody’s an angel.

  10. Heather obviously suffers from borderline personality disorder. Her child, her family and anyone close to her are the targets of her inner rage. Her low self esteem cuases her to manipulate the truth, or re-write history, and blame her chaotic and unhappy existence on any person or group she perceives as being against her. I feel sorry for her child who, if Heather has custody, will grow up in a chaotic world filled with anger, instability and inconsistency, at the very least. How sad

  11. @ Onlooker: WTF?!!! So now you’re an expert and are diagnosing her with Borderline Personality Disorder which, by the way, is a “new/trendy” diagnosis that is very controversial and not recognized by many professionals. It’s a diagnosis applied almost exclusively to women and is so general in its description, most psychiatrists don’t use it. It’s sort of a “dumping ground” diagnosis that doctors use when they don’t know how else to categorize someone.

    Would someone please tell me what Heather Mills has done to warrant such accusations? Maybe we don’t get much Macca news over here in the States, but I don’t recall ever hearing anything bad about her before. What is her family saying that contributes to these charges of mental illness and so on?

    I just think it’s weird how there’s such a kneejerk reaction to their divorce.

  12. Boderline Personality disorder is a serious disorder that effects millions of people, both men and women. It destroys marriages and families. Anyone who thinks it is a “trendy” or new diagnosis is sadley mistaken. Paul McCartney is a symbol of peace and of the dreams and times that have passed for those of his generation and an inspiration for the new generation. He is a big enough part of many people, around the world, that he deserves to have his reputation preserved and defended.

  13. Yes,you’re right, Macca is a “symbol” whose music has inspired many throughout the generations. But just because he’s a symbol and inspiration, that does not make him immune to the possibility that he may also be a wife beater. Nobody deserves or merits to have their reputation preserved and defended blindly by people who are in no position to pass judgment or who couldn’t possibly have all of the facts. THis is for the courts to decide, clear and simple. Just let them have their trial because having an opinion either way is ludicrous.

    Just curious: are you a licensed clinical psychologist or psychiatrist? I don’t know what country you are from, but in the U.S. it’s a new diagnosis that has not be that readily adopted or respected by professionals. The biggest complaint is that the criteria for BPD is so vague. Many people misdiagnosed with BPD are really suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or are bipolar. And, unfortunately in the U.S., it’s become a sort of dumping ground for patients who don’t fit neatly into the already existing categories. Many in the field refuse to use this diagnosis.

    But let’s pretend for a moment that I agree with you about BPD. If Heather Mills does indeed have BPD, then why is she getting so much scorn rather than, more appropriately, pity? Is she not ill and in need of serious medical attention?

  14. Give the chick a break! I must be the only person in the world who believes Heather!! Granted, I think the Beatles are the most over-rated band in history and just a glorified Backstreet Boys, but at least I can admit my bias…it seems you can’t be a UK citizen unless you blindly agree with anything Mr McCartney does…just reading the responses from people living in the UK- they all just agree with Paul McCartney before it’s even reached the courts! I don’t think I’ve heard a British person say a bad word against the Beatles…I know it’s good to be proud and patriotic of a band from your country, but from an international person’s perspective, UK people are just Beatle crazy still after all these years which I’ll never get?!

    P.S- am I the only one that remembers that when before Heather married Paul, she was the darling of the UK press…the model who lost her leg and was raising social awareness about landmines and other things…everyone loved her…but the minute she married your beloved Beatle, everyone turned…no idea why….the jealousy of the baby boomer fans who still have Beatles posters on their walls and dreamed of marrying him themselves, perhaps?

  15. Onlooker- An expert would never make a diagnosis on someone he/she has never met personally.

  16. @ ONLOOKER

    Errr… sorry Onlooker, but if you’re an expert you should not be speaking the way you do. You may fool anyone else, but the real experts you do not. A self-called Expert WOULD NEVER DIAGNOSE BASED ON NEWSPAPERS, OK? SO, BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR ATITTUDE THAT FOR ME IS VERY BUT I MEAN VERY LITTLE PROFESSIONAL OR ETHICAL, OK? You are free to speak your mind, as I am too, but when you enter the fields of diagnosing mental diseases you are way too abusive. Read some Beck or Safran, maybe you’ll learn something about borderline personality… it exists for more then 10 years now, at least and it was includes already in DSM II-R, if you know what I mean, PhD…

  17. The DSM IV-R is actually the current edition for diagnostic criterea in clinical psychiatry. Many people (luckily) have made a lot of money by offering MD web services. Often it is difficult to see a specialist due to long waits, lack of services or just plain fear. Web doctors are trained to formulate a diagnosis and treat based on collateral sources of written information. It is quite legal in this country and often the only option for some people. And Yogchick is correct – it is sad that someone may have a mental disorder. People can often “hold it together” for long periods of time until something “sets them off”. It was common knowledge that Paul was very in love with Lynda. Heather had big boots to fill from the start. Insecurity is often a catalyst for acting out behaviour. And to be honest, her trigger would be hard to determine without input from her, which is not likely to happen (unless she uses a web service). Sources state she was prone to fits of rage right from the start of the ralationship. BPD is the single hardest group to treat or counsel as they are usually armed with a multitude of defence strategies, resist treatment and lack insight into their own self destructive behaviour.

    However, to go non-clinical for a moment, I suppose I feel sorry for Paul because he did love his first wife and now he is 64 and alone. And he has to deal with all this strife. It is a hard place to be at his age. I would feel sorry for him if he was not a celebrity but just some regular guy. But a regular guy would not be all over the newspapers, thereby generating discussion among people thousands of miles apart, who have presumably never met, through blogs. Kind of neat.

  18. Do you know what I find really interesting? Not so much if Heather Mills is deranged/a bitch, but WHY Paul married her.
    Surely, even if you are amazingly in love with someone, and this someone is a total bitch, you still see all the people around her struggling with her obnoxious ways. If you then go and make a concious decision to not only date her, but marry her AND have a child with her, I’m sorry, but you must accept your own responsibilities.

    So, the possibilities are two:

    1) Heather Mills is NOT that much deranged/a bitch;

    2) Paul has smoked too much pot (sounds familiar – anyone😉 ) and is unfit to even *see* who the fuck he’s marrying…

  19. Again, I am asking everyone out there: What exactly did Heather Mills do to warrant these accusations? And who were the sources? What proof is there that she’s deranged? Because she wants a divorce? So far it sounds like a smear campaign orchestrated by the tabloids. TO ALL WHO HAVE VILIFIED HER IN THIS THREAD, please respond to these questions because I am completely miffed by the intense hostility toward this woman.

  20. @yogchick

    Her problem is that, during the last few years, rarely has anyone had good word to say publically about Heather Mills. In fact, quite the opposite. Virtually no-one who has met her seems to like her, and more than that, people seem to go out of their way to say how much they dislike her. I have no idea *why* this is – but that seems to be the pattern.

    Of course, everything printed in the papers might be lies. We have no way of knowing.

  21. Hi yogchick
    It’s not Heather who wants a divorse, it’s Paul!!!! And it seems that it came as a huge chock to her. I really can’t tell you that much, but if you go to: The SUN, The Daily Mirror, News of the World, Sunday Mirror, Daily Mail etc, and look in their archives, maybe you will understand all this, a little better.


  22. @ Yopa: Why would I want to read about Heather Mills in the very same rag papers that spread lies about George Michael? Seems there’s a double standard here.

  23. @ YOGCHICK

    DAMN RIGHT! You are one of the most coherent person I “know”. Congratulations!

  24. They’re taking it as gospel because there seems to be some unspoken rule amongst Brits that you have to (1) eat fish and chips out of a newspaper and (2) love the Beatles and absolutely destroy anyone that says a single bad word about them…the whole UK press is just Beatle-crazy…and anyone who jeopardises their fantasy of Paul as this untouchable God, like Heather is doing, gets the full brunt of the UK press and the Brits themselves…it’s really bizarre from an outsiders perpsective…OK, so the Beatles wrote a few hits songs, GET OVER IT!

  25. @2FUNKY

    What makes you think that British people “love the Beatles” Most people don’t really care.


    You should read the piece in The Sun that Yopa pointed out. And then wait and see if Heather Mills *really* sues The Sun… or if she’s lying about her intentions to do that…


    So, Paul McCartney beat Heather Mills? Wow! That would be his first hit since 1986!

  26. What is up with the porno past? I saw a re-print of her in playboy a few months ago and it was scar-eeee. Like, you look at it and go “Aagh!” without meaning to. She was topless and wearing vaudeville style make-up with one of those huge Royal Family type hats. She had this major wide eyed, pursed mouth mug on. Shudder. I think every guy dreams of dating a porno star, and maybe marrying the girl next door with the spirit of Lola the Stripper, but in this case, be careful what you wish for. Did she really think she could keep it a secret? Bad news – you lie about one thing, then another….

  27. @Remarkable- because don’t you remember…before Heather married Paul, everyone loved her because she was the trooper who lost a leg and became a model…but the minute she married Paul and started saying bad words against the Beatles…everyone started hating her and everyone is automatically taking Paul’s word over Heather;s because “He’s a Beatle and he can’t be lying! And because “people” say Heather was a bitch in private…didn’t you see that in The Sun”?

  28. @2FUNKY

    Oh, but I do remember. It’s nothing to do with the Beatles. I have no idea where you get this idea that people in Britain think the Beatles are so amazing. Paul McCartney can barely get arrested in Britain.

    And I’m afraid all this stuff with Heather has nothing to do with the tabloid press reports either – this is about “real people” talking, on the record and off the record. People have been saying this for years.

    Hardly anyone knew who she was, before she married Paul McCartney. But, after the marriage, her profile increased massively. People didn’t know anything about her back then. As soon as she started to put herself around town, people were interested to find out what she was like. At first, they would say how surprised they were at how unpleasant she was. And then, as the stories spread, they were no longer surprised; but just confirmed what everyone else as saying.

    What you and Yogchick don’t seem to get is: that there is ALMOST NO-ONE who will speak up for Heather Mills; and that this this is highly unusual. For example, when the press has a go at George Michael, there’s always people standing up e.g. on TV or on radio – to take his side. So, this is about much more than the press.

    Obviously, I don’t know her. I’m just asking the question. If Heather Mills is such a lovely person – how come her hordes of friends and supporters have never spoken up for her? I don’t mean just in the tabloid press – I’m talking about *in private* too. It’s as if she doesn’t *have* any friends or supporters. I’m not talking about since the divorce. I’m not talking just about since the divorce started. I’m talking about *ever*.

  29. Well she did pretend to be a journalist called Heather Mills – using her name to gain access to places she shouldn’t – but she was rumbled when they started counting legs. I kid you not.

    She’s a complete fantasist.

  30. That article doesn’t prove anything…it’s just The Guardian quoting The Sun?! Hardly hard-hitting, uncompromising journalism…I think everyone here has an opinion of Heather Mills and nothing the other side says will change it…so maybe we should just all agree to disagree…although I still think Yogchick brought up an excellent point that a couple of weeks ago, fans here were telling us not to believe anything in The Sun and what a trashy rag it is…and now a couple of weeks later we’re being told to believe everything in The Sun…

  31. I would like to know who can prove that Paul did not hit his wife Heather,Linda never seemed to look that happy,And at the end of the day,Why did he marry her so soon after the death of Linda.
    I think he moved on fairly quickly,Seems a bit like the Diana and Charles scenario,Well coverd by fame and money

  32. Oh come on. If you’re going to take that attitude, you can’t prove anything. For example, how can we prove that Princess Diana didn’t beat William and Harry over their heads with bricks to send them to sleep at nights, until they were four years old? I mean, they never seemed looked that happy.

  33. She sure is a borderline! I know – I am living with one. Look at her eyes – she has the typical look of a borderliner.

  34. Coming from the decent (not perfect) family that he did, Sir Paul obviously found Heather’s behaviour abhorable (during an attack). If he came from a different background where rudeness is generally accepted, then he may have treated her differently – and accepted evil passively.
    The type of statements she made is exactly synonoums with those of the borderline – I am married to one (diagnosed as such by at least 4 professionals).
    It is extremely unlikely that these accusations are completely true – and even if they are to some extent – it would be very unfair to write off Paul McCartney – since really, borderlines have an ability to provoke (especially those not used to rudeness) those nearest to them beyond imagination. Then walking on eggshells all the time – nobody is perfect – you do react in ways sometimes that may be seen as abuse (especially by some), but not nearly as bad as the abuse orchestrated by the borderline him/herself. The borderline, being an actress, make such a mountain of this reactive “abuse” that his/her “friends” don’t have time to consider the massive abuse and provocation coming from herself/himself.
    Sir Paul, their are people who’s going to believe her, then their are those who will realise within 5 minutes
    that she is lying.
    My borderline’s mother being a borderline as well – her father took his refuge in alcohol.
    It is easy to stand on the sidelines and say to the victim you should have behaved like this or this – you are not the victim of the rage. No one being the victim of my bordeline have ever been able to reason with her during a rage attack (it ALWAYS turned out ugly) – those on the sidelines yes – they are her/his comrades then.
    With the borderline, a completely different set of rules come into play – or should I say no rules at all. You have to live with one to experience/see the abuse – sometimes very steathily.
    No one has ever been able to, in words or through picture to accurately describe the feelings of the (decent) victim of the borderline/narcissist.

    Through God’s grace and through knowing Him, I have never lifted my hand on my wife, but as a family member (her family, who witnessed her behaviour once) said to her: I your husband was somebody else – he would have physically attacked you long time ago.

    On what I have read about her, Heather Mills is definitely not fit to be a mother – and I think that Paul’s decision not to go for full custody is only due to the gentleman he is, but he is making a mistake. No time to feel sorry for someone in this situation, you have to think about the child.
    I agree, with custody to Heather, their daughter will “grow up in a chaotic world filled with anger, instability and inconsistency, at the very least”.
    I have seen the multi-generational consequences of those who believe the child should be with mother at all costs. Very tragic.

  35. Hi Yogchick
    What is it you don’t understand?
    BTW, I’ve also been accused (falsely) of abusing a previous girlfriend of mine (we are still good friends
    and she can testify that it is absolute rubbish).
    Just like Heather is accusing Sir Paul of abusing his
    previous wife Linda.
    There are so many similarities I don’t have time here to discuss them. Heather needs help, but unfortunately
    she won’t admit it.
    Once you’ve lived with one, its easy to recognise one.
    Have you lived with a borderline?

  36. I don’t believe in Borderline Personality Disorder. I don’t think it’s a legitimate diagnosis. I think it’s basically a sexist concoction of uninspired psychiatrists too lazy or stupid to figure out what is really going on. As many in the psychiatric profession will tell you, it’s a dumping ground for hard-to-figure-out cases.

  37. Having seen Heather Mills again on Larry Kimg Live last night, I found myself wondering if she is borderline. I searched and found this discussion. Anyone who thinks that Borderline Personality Disorder doesn’t exist didn’t have an only sister who is suffers from a personality disorder. My entire life has been effected by being the sister of a borderline, believe me, if you had one close to you, you would eventually come out of denial and have to accept that this mental illness truly exists. I am also friends with a high functioning borderline woman, and I have dated one, and my daughter has married and divorce two of them. They have certain characteristics that begin to be discenable once you know what they are. For one thing, they treat people like objects on a shelf. For another, they take one incident and use it to devalue someone completely as a person, even if the incident is a minor conversational glitch. The world for them is split into black and white; if you are on their good side, it is fine, but if things change, and they split you, then you are on the receiving end of their merciless treatment. They lack empathy completely for other people. My friend who is borderline adores animals like others love people, but people for her remain objects on her shelf, for her benefit. Anyway, they are very mentally ill, in my humble opinion, and are also extremely hurtful people. As bad as they are in a marriage, they can be even worse in a divorce. Divorce lawyers can spot them immediately; and sometimes, the first a person hears that they are divorcing a borderline is from their attorney. They just know the person’s behavior is horrible. My sister quit speaking to me several years ago, she claimed I needed an exorcism. My last conversation with her was so crazy, I had a migraine when I got off that lasted for days, and then I got two viruses and was sick for weaks. I had to hang up because she began to rage at me. They have vicious tongues. Anyway, I could go on, but I just wanted to assert that I know from experience what borderlines are like to deal with. I am thankful for Sir Paul that he is know free of his now ex-wife. It is a mistake that unfortunately isn’t that hard to make because they present themselves so very well, and one assumes they are normal, in error, yes, but they seem normal in the beginning. I noticed the first time I saw her on Larry King that she was abrasive, but that was all I noticed then. Now since this whole divorce has unearthed so much irrational behavior, I think it is clear that she is borderline. Diana also was a Borderline Personality and that explains a lot of her behavior. I am not saying she married into a healthy situation, she didn’t, but a person other than a borderline might have reacted differently and handled herself much differently. Borderline can be treated also, but first the person has to seek the help that they need, and borderlines make a great case that it is all the other person. They have perfectionistic standards for how others are to behave, but they themselves, whom they consider noble and perfect, can act any way they please.

  38. Can’t stand the woman. If she were being fair about it no one would be able to label her a golddigger, obviously there’s a reason even her own countrymen don’t want her there, she had to leave. I would like to see her crawl back in the hole she came from, penniless.

  39. I believe Borderline Personality Disorder is a perfectly legitimate diagnoses, and its definition is an excellent reference to those borderlines that do want to change.
    I have met someone (associated with a religious counselling service) who also does not believe in
    Borderline Personality Disorder. They see this behaviour as some sort of multiple personality disorder.
    But it is amazing how the borderline can at times control their behaviour (from rage to those near them to excessively friendly moments later to somebody from outside, that is “switching from one personality to the another” willfully).
    So no Yogchick, anything else but “Borderline Personality Disorder” is simply blameshifting.
    The borderline has to take full responsibility for his/her actions and not blame it on some other personality. There are borderlines who did just that with great results – I can give you references.

  40. Hi guys,
    Please do not read as much as “hostility” in what I am about to write, because I genuinely love the Beatles, love the Human race and am myself a pretty decent person. But I wanted to comment extensively because this is a topic which inflames me.
    I am beyond done with the way women, accidentally bepartnering themselves with musicians who basically destroy them emotionally, socially and psychologically being BLAMED for the malignant narcissism of the musician, projected onto her life while he comes out looking less a lying, dirty snake and a pillock as he does a f&&&ing hero.
    I am someone who has known her fair share of narcissistic, borderline men in the “music industry”, widely recognized as a cesspool of mediocrity and interpersonal exploitation. The men that I’ve known make Machiavelli look like a pantywaist. I lost everything that once mattered to me thanks to my ignorance of narcissistic pathology and how it manifests, and how “musicians’ disease” is something to take very seriously. I am grateful to have recovered fully from a bleak and hysterical few years, and hope people here to not run me through for my strong opinions. I do, honestly love music and musicians…but have learned to stay as far away from them emotionally, financially and psychologically as feels safe for me.
    Abuse should never, when we are talking about band members be blamed on the woman. Dig? NEVER.
    By the time girlfriends or wives of musicians finally decide to leave after what has been likely years and years of narcissistic abuse, abuse which is 100% the OPPOSITE of the “image of a good guy” these people have cultivated for years while in public, she has likely lost many many friends for her behavior becoming increasingly erratic while he deliberately and with malice aforethought causes his “object” (“those are MY breasts” says McCartney) to lose her mind, her shit, here life completely.
    In other words, I don’t care if you’re Macca or some two bit, alcoholic cover band losebag…the behavior is the same whether you’re a millionaire or not, a Beatle or not. It is always the beautiful woman who will be gaslighted out of her sanity to protect the malevolent, selfish interests of what amounts to a two year old with an amp.
    I am proud of Ms. Mills. Studies have shown that the blowback on coming FORWARD with these kinds of allegations (as I did, and can certainly corroborate that my “punishment” was to lose all my friends, a whole damned community throwing me to the wolves while my abuser got MORE work and MORE compassion)is far too great, too embarassing, too mortifying to the one levelling the accusations for them to be lying.
    False accusations like this are extremely rare.
    Ever dated a musician?
    I believe her.
    Beatles fans are making the effort to protect the image of infallability regarding their heros, forgetting that John was, for the most part an angry dickhead who maintained for years he was going to be shot, and his beliefs and words created that very thing; Ringo the LUCKIEST man in music history, George so bitter about his status that he died of a horrible, horrible cancer which indicated a subconscious war between the ego that wrote “Taxman” and “Think for Yourself” vs. the outcrying, burgeoning SPIRIT within who channelled “Here Comes the Sun” and “The Inner Light”. Greed, hostility and bitterness marbled through this group of musicians like big waves on a drug fuelled ocean, and while I love their music I don’t have them on some inappropriate pedestal.
    Yeah they’re the Beatles. I own all their work, love and play them regularly. But let’s get some perspective here. They were more than likely just as big of a set of assholes as any other band.
    Plus, never forget women are more likely to be endowed with a functioning conscience than privileged headcases. It’s crazymaking to have to live with someone who is so manipulative they can convince you the sky is plaid should it suit them.
    Goo goo ga joob.

  41. …my apologies for all the spelling mistakes, and errors in syntax. And plus guys, look; as was ventured here, no one knows what goes on between a man and a woman.
    The things that Heather Mills is alleged to have done in her life (pornography, the occasional trick, shoplifting)…how boring. So what? I’d trust her with my wallet on the table. Women of substance, beauty and ingenuity are often called upon to make in the moment decisions about how to put bread in their mouths at times where men want their “suddenly useless” object destroyed. History is filled with examples of women who have been pushed to the limits of decency and what is PERCEIVED as acceptable behavior because of their utter, complete refusal to be blamed for the insanity of their partners or jailers, and their willingness to do whatever it took to survive, and thrive. So she stole, prostituted herself and such. I love ‘er for it! What a ballsy, “you don’t own me” kind of girl. She’ll be fine.

  42. Heather Mills is a Whack job!!!!!! Let her keep talking and she will burn her own arse!!!

  43. I agree with the original post which echoes my own sentiments. I too, originally didn’t pay much attention to the divorce, and had a neutral attitude towards Heather Mills. I now believe she is a cold and calculating manipulator. How else can you explain leaks to the public? This will only be psychologically damaging to her own daughter when she is old enough to study the media from this time. How else can you explain her actions in wiretapping Paul McCartney’s telephone conversations? How else can you explain her demands for a settlement that go far beyond what she needs to raise her daughter? I have a very close friend who is an amputee, so I sympathise with the challenges that must have caused her in her life. But my friend has survived with very little money and support, and yet never complains about her situation. This is unlike Mills constant whining and complaining which may have worked for her as a child but is not working for her now. She has only dollar signs in her eyes, clearly not the well being of her child.

  44. I think Heather put up with a lot from Paul and his crazy daughter Stella during the marriage. It must have been hell. Marrying into a family where the kids already hate you can’t make things easy. I feel for Heather. I think Paul does have a dark side, just as someone else stated above.

  45. I feel for Paul. I am so glad – for the sake of the child – that he now wants full custody. It is well known that some women (and men) from problematic and/or abusive childhood may “drive other family members to alcoholism, to drug-addiction, to explosive behavior, to suicide. The other family members, therefore, are often MISPERCEIVED as the ‘family problem’ ” (from Working with violent women – Erin Pizzey). Let us hope that Heather accepts the grace to start searching her own heart.

  46. Hiya guys again, as in every relationship, both sides bring to the table and marital bed their own emotional problems, their own insecurities, the highly personal and deeply charged angst we all have. It’s just that what I think happened is that Paul McCartney**, like many narcissists cannot empathize, and therefore when this lovely woman, this woman HE courted and wooed suggested he might wanna release some of his BILLIONS of dollars to charity, HE considered it greed and golddigging. The leaks to the press weren’t leaks, they were her saying, “Well, listen y’all, the “cute Beatle” ain’t that cute to people he’s got in a crucible, with the alcoholism and pot and oh yeah…the physical abuse…”.
    Ms Mills has been extremely straightforward in stating that this divorce could have been finished in days, she would have accepted ZERO just for him to issue statements stopping the crucifixion of her ironclad reputaion as a tireless advocate for animals and the disabled, and he refused. She is fighting for her well earned and well deserved good name and I applaud her courage where many, many good people would cower in terror of the names she has in fact been called.
    Beautiful Heather, I can’t imagine you follow what people are saying, but maybe people who care about you scour the ‘net looking for encouragement for you and if that is the case, please know you are my HERO, a hero to all women who have found themselves in identical situations where there is less money at stake, or whatever. You have a legion of people behind you and your efforts, and considering that our Planet Herself is supportive of the Feminine and its polarity returned to the paradigm guaranteed…meaning the Truth stays True no matter how many misguided Beatles fans still believe these guys were Gods instead men of entitlement with pronounced narcissism underpinning their extraordinary gifts.
    Strange days indeed.
    ** a NOTORIOUSLY cheap and greedy man

  47. By the way, these are some of the most intelligent, level and cool opinions posted here, in balanced perspective to a man. Thanks for the lack of name calling and sneering at the things I have said; it isn’t easy in these days of rapid change to stand your ground against abuse of any kind, to refuse both compromise and and hatred.
    The Beatles will always be our Beloved Beatles…I just think it’s important to recognize that image is just not even HALF the story sometimes, and that females are just refusing to back down from lies and calumny. Good luck to us all!

  48. Hi Martina,

    Just to say, I agree with your overall perspective.

    I find it ridiculous that people call Heather “borderline” without ever having met/interacted with her. Diana was branded borderline too. I guess that’s what you get for standing up to high profile abusive/hypocritical/narcissistic men.

  49. “as in every relationship, both sides bring to the table and marital bed their own emotional problems, their own insecurities, the highly personal .. ” I exclude myself here, and I exclude Paul here. I don’t know him, and neither am I or was ever a Beatle fan. But above statement is simply not true. There are many emotionally healthy (not perfect) people around, married to somebody with “beyond normal” imperfections.
    Just as there are 1. normal women (not perfect) married to narcissistic men, so there are 2. normal (not perfect) men married to borderline women. Strange thing however is that in case 1. there is normally ONE side to the story, where as in case 2. “both sides bring to the table and marital bed their own emotional problems, their own insecurities … “

  50. I don’t know that everyone in UK loves McCartney. He is a good musician period, not some demi-god of a person. He seems to have drug and alcohol problems, admitted being addicted to cocaine,has been arrested and incarcerated for drug offenses. There had been rumors in the 60’s he beat up girlfriend, Jane Asher. And Heather who cares what her personality disorder is? She is just insane. What a couple of buffoons prancing around at their big wedding in the castle. Alot of starving people could have been fed and many amputees could have gotten alot of NEW, prosthetics if they toned the wedding down a bit. These two deserved each other. The only compassion I have regarding this whole public debacle is for their child.

  51. Would someone finally answer as to how Heather Mills is deranged … or why people think she is deranged? I just don’t get why she has that label. what has she done exactly to be called deranged?

  52. yogchick, i’m with you.
    it is disgusting how gleefully the press & the public have jumped on the heather = bitch/ paul = saint bandwagon.

    to answer your question, i understand that there was a case where she tried to press charges against a tabloid photographer for assault. the photographer had time labels on the photos he took of her that proved he couldn’t have assaulted her at the time she claimed he did. the court case is not finalised, though. she claims he doctored the times on the photos.

    seems to me that she probably isn’t the most likeable person on the planet. yes, there’s a bunch of ppl around prepared to say how unpleasant she is, including her own father, & noone’s popped up to call her lovely. but that’s even sadder.

    so if we forget about labeling her bipolar or whatever; what if she’s just an unloved child who’s grown up into a woman with crap social skills? let’s even imagine that she IS the bitter, unpopular, selfish shrew that the tabloids paint her. does that make allegations of abuse unlikely? as far as i can see, it makes the allegations more likely.

    & the thing that depresses me is that so many people seem to think that because she’s annoying, she deserves whatever she gets – even physical abuse with a broken wine-glass.

  53. martina gail…hmm….
    i remember a martina gail who used to run a comedy show called ‘big ass comedy’ at slack alice here in toronto. regular comics like ron sparks and tim polley. was that you?

  54. Yep.

    I self-flagellated so HARD (hee hee) a while back after posting my first opinion here; God knows I have been known to fire before I aim, and how. Had a lot of guilt and rage.
    At this point? Men, women; we’re all human. Folks is folks a brilliant man once told me; anyone who “abuses” is just trying to make the world safe for themselves, to feel in control.
    Besides, there are TOO MANY narcissistically defended soulsparks incarnate right now to even think about hatred or division as solutions in any way.
    I know so many musicians and artists whose pathology will ultimately render them catatonic and friendless tis not even funny…unless we stop judging and share our fries with them.
    That’s funny: Share your Fries with a Narcissist Day!

    Macca Schmakka…Mills Schmills…
    I hope they’re BOTH blessed and OK. I wager they’ll be best friends in time. Their little one’s a cutie.

  55. To quote “FredX8”
    “There are many emotionally healthy (not perfect) people around, married to somebody with “beyond normal” imperfections.”

    Quite right. Thanks!

  56. “Is Heather Mills McCartney Deranged? | REMARKABLE’S BUZZIN’ BLOG” ended
    up being a remarkable posting. If only there was a lot more websites like this one in the
    actual net. Anyways, thank you for ur time, Precious

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