George Michael Talks Cannabis & Gay Fans

In his forthcoming South Bank interview (to be shown on Sunday, Oct 31) singer George Michael is shown spoking a spliff on camera. Oooooooooooh – how controversial. Still, George knows what he’s doing – he knew that would generate lots of publicity because the media are so stupid about this kind of thing.

George is quoted as saying,

This stuff keeps me sane

No it doesn’t George. There’s no evidence to suggest that cannabis prevents mental illness. But, hey, we can agree to disagree on that one!

Another interesting quote (which I’m not sure is correct) is on the subject of him losing so many of his gay fans. He is quoted as saying,

They’re only interested when you’re in the closet. Once you’re out, they don’t give a toss.

I’ll be interested to see the true context to this one – just doesn’t sound quite right. I mean, as far as I’m aware, George Michael has many gay fans. Having said that, I have no idea how many he’s lost.

24 thoughts on “George Michael Talks Cannabis & Gay Fans

  1. George really doesn’t need Connie when he is so clever at doing his own PR. Wish I could figure out a way to see this program from the US.

  2. It’s true…George does not have many gay fans…seriously, all the fags I’ve ever met like Madonna, Kylie, Cher, Whitney…no gay guys under 30 seem to like George Michael…except me >:-(

  3. just to see his life gets warmer…

    so, that’s happen when you confuse your own self consciousness deep voice with a “devils” voice, so ‘mixed-up’ – as he acknowledged in his song… so, i guess the lyrics are better inspirational :

    … and the angel inside tells you to give up…

    well, i guess the devil is in disguise …..yes, with all that joints exhibition…

  4. @ 2Funky: Well I’m a gay man trapped in a woman’s body, but I am also way past 30. But I’d like to think that even if I were younger, I’d still be a GM fan. BTW, I hate when GM talks about his grass habit. It’s like he thinks he’s being so controversial when he’s not. Just keep your recreational drug use to yourself.

  5. I don’t know WHAT this guy is doing to himself.
    I have been a HUGE fan for ever of George, but he is increasingly behaving like a destructive high-school kid. I am also soooo sick about him referring to his own sexuality or sexual orientation ALL the time. I don’t remind people all the time that I am heterosexual. And please don’t tell me that it is his life to do with it as he pleases. I might just burst a vein in my head.

    PS: I am heterosexual.

  6. And by the way…

    “This is not real love” and the Tony Bennett Duet is pure George: E X C E L L E N T ! Isn’t it?
    I liked “An easier affair”, but friends would look at me funny if I even TAP my foot to it. That’s like swaying your hips to “I will survive”.

    PS: Did I mention I am heterosexual?

  7. Yes, it’s true. For years and years the sexuality matter was proclaimed by George such an “irrelevant” thing to think one way or another, remember !? the “who cares, anyway” – and suddenly become such a huge matter in absolute ALL interviews he made, and he is so aggressive with that. I am afraid that George nowdays falls into a very deep heterofobia, and thanks to that bullshit joints.

    Well, time has been twisting the knife…..,and has no memory of truth…

    Well, i guess we all real fans could keep posting this kind of idea, of course if we believe in it, that the “sexual matter” is no (longer) such “a matter” for no one, here or anywhere who read tons of articles all those years, or that the heterofobia is not better than homofobia…., is not good at all, as well as the drugs exhibitions in the eyes of the younger generations on the paper’s front pages……, just let him real know that by now.

    Merci much.

  8. You shouldn’t do drugs. Eh, uh if you do them, you’re bad. Because drugs are bad. Mkay?

  9. If that quote about the gay fans is correct – I don’t think we should feel sorry for George.

    It’s well documented that George NEVER fucks his fans. So… now that no gay man is a fan of his anymore, his options are practically endless! Lucky George!

  10. @Whippet

    Yes, darling, we know you ‘re straight…so much so you once started a whole thread telling us how it’s unnatural to be gay…

    You also told us you ‘re a Rupert Everett lookalike. LOL

  11. Oh my goodness!!

    You remember! That was ages ago!

    How ARE you? Where’s the old gang hanging out these days?🙂 Did you go to any of the concerts?

    (PS: I hope you do get the sometimes intricate nuances of sarcasm and irony, hopefully?)

    PPS: I am straight, even though I L O V E George. I am a selective homosexual then. (Just kidding.)

  12. Friends,

    The thing that worries me most of the trend of the current George Michael story (drugs, cars and lifestyle etc.), is that history shows us that very few of these end very well.
    I acknowledge there are exceptions:

    Ozzy Osbourne.

    Keith Richards.

  13. Of course I remember. Actually, it wasn’t you who started that thread…you just hijacked it eventually(lol). Unless the person who started it(I remember he was gay and he liked Madonna…and he wanted to connect with other gay people…or at least so he said!) was your friend and you did it together? LOL

    As for those “intricate nuances of sarcasm and irony”…oh yeah, sure I do…But are you certain you know who I am? Cause I expected a different reply somehow…And anyway, I was never an official member of the “old gang”. I believe that was formed around 96, way before I showed up…

    No, I haven’t been to any concerts, how about you?

  14. We all know the drugs don’t work, they just make you worse(I love that song, I used to cry listening to it…years ago…).

    But George has the inalienable right to live his life the best way he knows how. As long as he doesn’t put other people’s lives at risk(by drinking and driving etc), I think he should be allowed to find peace of mind in his own time. And if he needs help finding it, all he’s got to do is ask.

  15. China Blue said- “In a way, he’s using his life to show people what doesn’t work…”

    True dat. He doesn’t realize that his interviews are really unofficial public service announcements to show how stupid you sound when you’re on drugs.

  16. Julie says: “He doesn’t realize that his interviews…”

    No, I think he does…at least deep down/in retrospect…which is why I feel it doesn’t help to rub it in after a while…As for his tendency to laugh things off… I just see that as part of the effect that grass has on him.

    The good news is he’s touring now, so he can’t possibly be smoking as much. When the tour is over, I ‘m sure he ‘ll have a few quiet moments with himself and then he can decide how he wants to proceed with everything in his life.

  17. @Whippet

    I meant to tell you, I ‘m not upset by your “unbecoming behaviour”(if you know what I mean) anymore. Even tho it complicated my life like you “ll never know, after a certain point you have to look at the bigger picture. In many ways, you acted as a catalyst. I ‘m sure you ‘ll go down in the annals of “Aegean History” as such.

    I ‘m telling you here because a)I have nowhere else to tell you and b) the whole thing became public a long time ago so I felt I had to reinstate you publically too.😉

  18. Keeps him happy – hah! For how long? Until he jumps to roof from roof like a cat, thinking he can fly?

  19. He always always mentions his sexuality…almost like he is trying to convince himself of it….*crossing eyes* (like someone else said here, I do not go around everyday telling people I am straight…) Oh, about the drug usuage on TV thing….not very smart at all. He has a ton of new young fans now, he should just shut up about it. That is all I have to say about this matter.

  20. .y.says: “For how long?”

    I had a dream about George last night and it brought to mind this comment of yours…We don’t control time unfortunately…we may think we do, we may think we have all the time in the world but then, something happens, something out of the blue and then we realize there are greater forces at work…

    I said above that George has the right to find peace of mind in his own time. But so does everybody else…and sometimes people’s quests for happiness and peace clash…That’s why human relating is so difficult.

    Therapy can be a valuable tool, it’s great to have one’s feelings validated. But then confrontation is equally valuable. Sometimes what might have taken 5 years in therapy to resolve, can be healed in 5 weeks if you allow for confrontation. Anger is a powerful emotion and when it is not allowed to be channeled in the proper way, it can become very destructive. Some people try to deal with it in a creative manner but I don’t think it has any long-term effect. Like George for example, there is anger in so many of his songs. I ‘m sure it has given him temporary relief…but then in the fullness of time…Did it make him happy, like TRULY happy?

    No it didn’t…

    I have more thoughts to share about this but I ‘d rather do so in a different settin…maybe on your forum, Nobby…later…

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