Connie Filippello Publicity Enters The 20th Century

Wow! Connie Filippello Publicity has just entered the 20th century – 1994 to be precise… What do I mean? Well, you’re not gonna believe this, but George Michael’s long-time PR company now has their very own web-site!

Yes, I know it’s hard to believe. But really – here it is – Connie’s web-site. All three pages of it. My favourite part is on the client list page, which says:

For clients listed above in blue underline click through to visit their web sites

No shit. I’d never have worked that one out – you can click on the blue underlines, you say? Although Connie, you might want to update your link to George’s web-site. Finally, please spread the word re: A-list celebrity Hugh Burns:

  Enquiries for Hugh Burns to –
  Thank you  

If you’re stuck for a query for Hugh, you could always start with: Why aren’t you on tour with George?

18 thoughts on “Connie Filippello Publicity Enters The 20th Century

  1. Too true. Although, in your case, it’s probably best to avoid her anyway – she’d probably insist on bring Andy Stephens along to every meeting!

  2. @ Remarkbale: yes – I can imagine that with the tour in full swing, you’d be pretty busy right now.

  3. It’s not that, MissFreek. It’s that George’s US Tour plans are coming together fast, and so I now need to get my own plans for the Rem Pre-Show Autograph Sessions in order (I promised Amazone).

    As you can imagine, there are many things that have to come together. For example, the stage set. I think it’s going to blow people away. There are several firsts – including:

    o The first time that a five-LED video system has been used for autograph signing

    o The first time a five-LED video system will form the backdrop on the stage (four LEDs behind me, and one on the floor that I can walk on).

    o The first time that only one sound channel will be sent to a mixing desk

    o The first time that a five-LED set will respond to what’s happening at the signing – the LEDs will automatically change according to whether I’m signing an autograph or not, and what colour pen I’m using. For example, if I use a blue pen, the LEDs will be blue; and a red pen, then the LEDSs will be blue (that was my idea, actually). When I’m actually signing an autograph, the LEDs will flash.

  4. Remarkable ….. Ummm… Could you please expand on this:

    “It’s that George’s US Tour plans are coming together fast”

    As a US Fan I am literally sitting at the end of my seat and not a little afraid that they are going to announce some fucking tour dates and On Sale dates that give me ZERO time to get my shit together. I am almost thinking that they are going to announce US DATES in conjunction with the release of the CD set!

  5. Not much to expand on Evelyn! Sorry!

    I imagine they will be wanting to announce the US shows when they feel they can create a splash in the media. So, I guess that could very well be around the release of the 25 album. But I don’t know.

  6. @Remarkable…

    If you do hear anything please let us American’s know. We are hanging on by a thread as you can imagine. Hoping against hope that whatever they are planning actually comes to fruition.

    Are you confident that there will indeed be dates in the states?

  7. I am confident about the US shows. That’s because one of the big reasons why George would have re-hired Lippman (his old US manager) was to do something in America.

    So, you can be sure that George will do some US shows next year… unless he’s really hated the European Tour, or unless Lippman fails to generate enough buzz for the US shows.

  8. Hilarious. Her link for George Michael is the aegean address that is not in use at the moment! Great publicity.

  9. shes a cow, i worked with her, although it was only a voice i heard. she never appeared. she is vile. shes a pr dinosaur, a relic from times gone by, where being a twat was acceptable. shes insecure, vile and nasty, with a condesending attitiude. she does less than zero, except lick celebs rear ends and dictate. she knows nothing about communication, and has the same old has been talent on her ageing hands for years. mariah and george michael..come on..they are great singers but they are not producing anything new. i wish i could have told her what i thought of her.

  10. Shame, Diva. I too worked for Connie, and she was always inspirational. I loved working for her; she would regularly take me for coffee to give me advice and tell me of her own career moves. Yes, sometimes she could have ridiculous expectations of staff members, but on the whole she was an incredibly interesting character to work for. And you can’t deny that Mariah and George are always in the public eye and need a press office, regardless of whether they’re releasing new material or not.

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