Is George Going All Posh?

Take a look at this picture from today’s rubbish “article” in The Sun.

It seems that George has gone all posh, and started drinking his Diet Coke out of a glass, rather than straight from the can. What a shocking new twist this is in the life and times of George Michael.

As he left the house, George was heard to say – I’m going from London to Paris. I’m gonna make the good clean people embarrassed, by leaving my glass in the back of the car.

Hmmmmmm… perhaps he’s not so posh after all. I have one thing to say to you George – I love you Michael, but glasses don’t pick themselves up, take themselves into the kitchen, and put themselves into the dishwasher! Show some love to your housekeeper – she doesn’t want to have to go looking in the back of your cars to see if there’s anything that needs to go in the dishwasher…

10 thoughts on “Is George Going All Posh?

  1. Remarkable- Please stop with the “I love you Michael” line! My co-workers are wondering why I’m laughing out loud, and they would only mock me if I told them.

  2. Can’t a guy just have a drink or what?! And that is no Diet Coke. It’s a natural drink from Amazonia that gives you energy and helps you keep fit and slim (I have no idea how you call it). The colour is almost as Coca-cola, but the taste is quite different… And what difference does it make if he drinks from a glass or straight from the bottle?! Give him a brake… don’t you press-people have nothing else to write about?!

  3. @ Julie: “wrinkled” is NOT the new black!!!!!! Simply because there isn’s a “new black”. Black is still stylish, classy and timeless like it’s always been, and compares to no other. “Wrinkled” is just a passing trend…;-)

  4. I’m not saying it’s Guarana, it’s another thing called SEIVA. It’s the “blood” of some amazonian trees (oops, I sound like a kid describing things, but I really have no idea how you call it) and it’s usually sold in Natural Products Shops… very popular these days. I know the coulour and George usually drinks coca-cola from the can, so I guess, maybe, perhaps, who knows… That stuff really helps people to keep fit because it’s got lots of sugar and if you drink that you’ll get an energy boost and have no need to eat, just to drink that stuff and some water to wash your toxins away.

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