“I Love You Michael!” – “Whatchu Talkin’ About?”

Some more “details” of singer George Michael’s latest driving incident have been revealed in today’s News Of The World, including a web-exclusive video of George in his car, being approached by police.

According to a witness, the following conversation took place before the police arrived:

Woman: I love you Michael! Please why are you stopping in the middle of the road. It is dangerous.

George: What are you talking about?

Woman: Please give me the keys so I can move your car.

Anyway, if you haven’t done so already, head on over the the News Of The World, and watch the video of George in his car. Curiously, George isn’t asleep and appears to be talking to the police, so I’m not quite sure what the video is supposed to show, other than that George likes wearing Adidas tracksuit bottoms when he goes out in the middle of the night.


Meanwhile, over in the Sunday Mirror, there’s a report that George Michael, Andrew Ridgeley will be getting re-forming Wham! for one night only at one of the 25 Live shows in Wembley around Christmas. Not sure if there’s a story here or not – George has been hinting at it for ages. They have the usual kind of fictional quote from “a friend”, saying – George is thrilled that Andrew’s agreed to perform. It was something George had thought about for a long time. He couldn’t be happier and can’t wait for the gig.

In the past, George has said that the reunion would be Andrew joining George on stage for a performance of Last Christmas. However, the report in the paper seems to suggest that there will be a full Wham! gig, including Pepsi and Shirley. This sounds really very unlikely to me – just because of the amount of work involved, and the fact that George seems unwilling to sing too many Wham! songs. But on the other hand, George has actually said that there one date on his tour that still hasn’t been announced, so I suppose it could be this…

9 thoughts on ““I Love You Michael!” – “Whatchu Talkin’ About?”

  1. Funny that the NOTW are *always* at the right place at the right time. That video prooves absolutely fuck all, and yet, they think they have this awesome exclusive.
    They really *are* boring me now with their non-stories.

  2. Yes, and the sound is really bad on that video. I can’t make out what anyone is saying, or what music is playing on the music system in George’s car.

    In fact, the sound is so bad, I’m surprised that George hasn’t demanded to re-record the sound track in the studio, rather than allowing this “live version” to be released.

  3. LOL!!!!! Remarkable! Yes, and maybe if George finds the policeman’s voice “suitable”, he could ask him to release it as a duet…

  4. Probably a stupid question, but why would anyone call George “Michael”? Or did she say “Mr. Michael”?😉
    I wonder what the guy who recorded this got paid by TNOTW.

  5. @Eva

    I don’t know what she said. The quote is – “I love you Michael” Who knows what she actually said. Maybe it was – “I love your Addidas trousers. Very classy. Now give me your car keys, and all your money, you fucker.”


    Yes – the new duet could be called, “Yet Another Moment With You”

  6. So much for being ‘comatose’ – could have sworn his eyes were open and he moved. LOL.

  7. This is what I don’t get – he’s clearly awake. And, in the NOTW report, the witness that took the video said, “The police asked him to move the car”.

    So, what’s with all the “he needed three people to carry him from the car” stuff and “amulance people taking a trolley to the car because they thought he couldn’t walk”. Perhaps they were getting confused with Richard Hammond’s recent driving incident?

  8. Yes I thought he looked pretty alert and active for a comotose person. I thought the music was from the car of person who had was making the recording, does that make it a bootleg copy of the event?

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