What’s The Matter… A Coherent Article

Today, what may be the first intelligently written article, entitled – What’s the matter with George Michael? – about George’s latest brush with the law is published in the Telegraph.

It’s written by Craig McLean, who interviewed George in one of his favourite Italian restaurants for the release of his last album, Patience.   The article is unusually coherent and offers some personal insights. For example,

The last time I saw him – for a lengthy dinner and interview in an Italian restaurant in Hampstead, he was clearly stoned. He happily told me he’d enjoyed a spliff 45 minutes before he’d driven to meet me.

You can read the full article on-line.

6 thoughts on “What’s The Matter… A Coherent Article

  1. I agree, it’s a good article. I think it sums up what’s on every fan’s mind these days…

  2. So, we all become a little suspicious , but we never spell it really, on what George might be doing in his so often and long breaks in his (especially in the recents one) concerts. Simply as that : just taking the pill that you know will ‘kill’ you….. the same… the same…. Hey ! There’s a monkey on your back…

    Why can’t you do it ? Why can’t you set your monkey free?

    Always giving in to it – Do you love the monkey or do you love… us ???

    Why do we have to share our baby with a monkey?

  3. “A bootfull of cannabis”…he’d be so lucky!! The article was OK, but not much in it apart from a rehash of the old interview he gave Mr McLean, and comments which could have come straight from the forums of any of George’s fan sites. I’m beginning to agree with a lot of people now (God Help Me!! LOL!), maybe it’s not such a good idea to put all our feelings about these incidents on line, in case some journalist picks them up. I mean, if they’re gonna use my thoughts…the least the buggars can do is PAY ME!!!😉

  4. I instantly knew which interview it was.

    “Whatever: when I voice scepticism at this perhaps paranoid notion of a vast, overarching revenge conspiracy, Michael starts ranting. ‘Come on!’ he says, animatedly, voice at high pitch, upper body weaving. ‘I was not supposed to survive that arrest! I was not’ – and here he bangs the table, for emphasis and punctuation – ‘supposed [bang] to survive [bang]. I was the man who had said he would not talk to you guys for 12 years and he got away with it and was still selling seconds.’ (Sadly, there’s no room here for his other rants, and the accompanying manual percussion, about subjects including America, record company executives and the legal world’s financial system that contributed to his losing his court case)”

    “George Michael is terrific company and a brilliant conversationalist – as long as that conversation is more monologue than dialogue.”

  5. I don’t see how it gives any new information or insights into GM. None whatsoever. GM’s basically saying all the same things he’s said a million times before in interviews: cannabis, his losses, depression, etc. Nothing new and certainly not enlightening.

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