Wake Me Up Before You Turn Go Go

This from PopBitch…

Gamma Butyrolactone (GBL), closely related to GHB, is increasingly the drug of choice for London’s narcotic connoisseurs. It produces a short, intense rush, heightens sexual pleasure and is metabolised very quickly – so almost impossible for, say, police to detect.

GBL does have one major side-effect. It induces a deep, unrousable sleep which can come on quite unexpectedly. Like, perhaps, when you’re a super-famous pop star driving home from a night’s cruising and the traffic lights in front suddenly turn green…

Can’t think who they’re thinking of here… However, it sounds unlikely to me – apart from anything else, George has stated that there were no drugs in his system that night.

23 thoughts on “Wake Me Up Before You Turn Go Go

  1. Yes and, if taken in sufficient quantity, it can induce death!

    I’ve seen some frightening sights out at clubs where people have overdosed on GHB/GBL. It’s nasty stuff and very prominent on the gay scene, especially amongst those looking for sex.

  2. @ GEOFF: Yeah, that’s how actor River Phoenix died. Lovely. Well, I hate to say it, but this theory would answer A LOT of questions. In fact, it’s the only plausible theory I’ve heard so far and explains the inconvenient, sudden sleeping as well as why no traces of anything are ever found in his system.

  3. Back in Feb the press and everyone was convinced George had GHB in the car…right until the moment that stuff was proven to be (legal) poppers. George might not be too intelligent when it comes to grass, I find it hard to believe he would do this to himself twice. He’d have to be really stupid.

  4. Excuse me but I don’t understand the game here.
    More and more ‘if’ and ‘but’, ‘this’ and ‘that’
    Several people in this and other blogs, forums etc. go on and on and the only result is: garbage all around
    You, me, the media in general, no-one knows the truth and I don’t understand why a lot of people one moment are up to ‘defend’ George’s right to keep his privacy and a pressing need of accuracy in spreading ‘information’ and shortly afterwards they go on and on spreading this rubbish
    The only goal you will achieve is that when you will read the signature , maybe a fictional one, at the end of the next tabloid’s article you can be sure that some of the ‘sources’ and ‘friends’ are just you!

  5. The game? This blog reflects what people are *really* talking about. Pretty simple really.

    Anyway, Saint Thomas, shouldn’t you be at George’s gig in Milan tonight, instead of reading this blog?

  6. yes, he’s human. But would he be that stupid? That’s quite a leap. The way I see it there are only 2 possibilities. George lied when he so strongly denied to have taken drugs or been drunk, which would be very foolish (but we’ll see that when (if?) the results of the blood test are made public)OR he spoke the truth, meaning something else entirely is going on – something along the lines of a medical problem. Until more trustworthy information becomes available everything is speculation. No more and no less than that.

  7. Well, if George stated there are no drugs in his system…then it must be true?!!? Now where is my little smiley rolling it eyes…

    Of course George wouldnt admit he had drugs in his system because he’d get arrested!! Taking his word as gospel is foolish…

  8. 2Funky, no one here is taking his word for gospel – I’d rather say it was the other way round. I said if there were drugs in his body, then he’s foolish to lie about it and we’ll know soon enough anyway. Now what’s so hard about that?

  9. Is being human and not perfect somehow supposed to absolve George of some extremely stupid public behavior?

    When did being human and not perfect grant him an excuse for acting recklessly and irresponsibly?

    Can the rest of us imperfect humans use this pretext too?

  10. Now is the time to LIE LIE LIE if there were drugs in your system so him saying there were not drugs in him doesn’t really mean anything. Maybe we’ll know for sure if the toxicology reports become public. Do they do that sort of thing in England? I figure if GM is lying, it’s as a sort of damage control PR move for the time being until the truth comes out, if it ever does. I just can’t picture going on record and saying, “Oh yes, I dropped some GHB last night and boy was I knackered.” The only celebrity I know if who admits to drug use is Pete Doherty and GM is not like him at all.

  11. Like I said before, in February the press and a lot of people just assumed that George had GHB in his car and that he’d used it but that stuff was later proven to be poppers. I’m NOT saying he didn’t do it, I’m NOT saying he didn’t use something stupid, I’m just saying all this assuming just isn’t going anywhere until we know the facts. And yes, I take it the results of the blood test will become public – that’s what happened last time as well.

  12. But if it’s GBL he took, then the toxicology reports won’t reveal anything because GBL metabolizes so quickly. It’s virtually undetectable not longer after taking it.

  13. And therefore the speculation will never end. And if you wait long enough, speculation becomes fact. That remark is not meant against you, but I’m saying in general, that’s the way these things work.

  14. @ EVA: Aren’t we being just a tad disingenuous then if we bemoan speculation, all the while visiting blogs that invite speculation in the first place? I think some of us (myself included) would be kidding ourselves if we said that the reason we read these fansites/blogs/forums is to gasp and moan about that is written about GM. A lot of it is prurient interest and intrigue, mixed in with genuine concern for GM. Of course we all hate the tabloids, but if we hate them the way we say we do, why do we read them at least indirectly? To police what’s out there and remain vigilant about GM’s pure image? I don’t think so. It’s entertaining and celebrity fascination is a BIG part of why these blogs/forums/fansites get the traffic they do. It isn’t always just about “the love of his music” (although that’s the biggest part); some of the interest (and a lot more than most would admit) has to do with fascination for the usual celebrity gossip. GM is a celebrity and since all of his mishaps (or whatever you want to call them) are in public places and totally preventable, he puts himself out there to be scrutinized in the first place. Does he care? I don’t even get that impression. He seems to care only when the talk/rumors turn to Kenny/his family.

    I’ve always gotten the impression that GM knows how to exploit the media as much as they know how to exploit him. He’s certainly had enough time to learn.

  15. There’s a lot of truth in what you say. But I don’t read most of what the press writes about George and other ‘scandals’ in general. I visit places like this mostly to get a feeling for what people are thinking.

  16. @ Eva: I do too. It’s funny how you can tell really early on when the tabloids are totally making sh*t up and when there’s at least a shred of truth to it. But UK tabloids, like American ones, are just FUNNY as hell and I think it’s understood by many (because most people are intelligent) that much is just fabricated out of thin air. I mean, I don’t even think these “journalists” ever bother to leave their offices; I think they sit around and compete on who can come up with the most outrageous story. But, sadly, much of what has been written about GM as of late is not made up because the police were involved or because he’s become so predictable with his predilictions.

    But I admit, I find GM entertaining in more ways than one. Sure I’m a big fan of his music and am going to two of his concerts … but when news about him hits, bad or good, I take interest. Maybe because news about him is so dramatic and goofy. I mean, he doesn’t even get in trouble the same way most celebrities do. He has his own personal way of getting in the tabloids that is, well, unique to him.

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