Is George Michael Ignoring A Problem?

Sue “Serious Problem” Carrol

In today’s Mirror, columnist Sue Carroll writes:

GEORGE Michael says he doesn’t have a drug problem. Fine.

He does, however, have a serious problem with falling asleep at the wheel of his car.

Twice he’s been caught napping at major junctions in central London and this week was reported to be “comatose” and slumped in the driving seat.

Arrogantly he shrugged off the incident making it sound like an innocuous pastime.

What he fails to address, or possibly recognise, is that London roads are not reserved for the exclusive use of rock stars in the wee small hours.

Well, I’m afraid what Ms Carroll fails to recognise is that the state of George Michael’s health is a matter for George Michael. It is simply not anyone’s business but George’s. Why these people think they are owed some explanation about this, I have no idea.

In November, the police and doctors will make a judgement as to whether they believe George Michael is fit to drive or not. Previously, when the police have investigated allegations made by the press in regard of George’s driving, they have found there were simply no cases to answer; in no small part because the press simply fabricate so much of what they write.

If the newspaper reports of the latest incident are true, then the police will have all the evidence they need to prosecute George Michael. However, if in November, the police find, yet again, that there is no case to answer, I should really like to see the newspapers prosecuted for wasting police time.


20 thoughts on “Is George Michael Ignoring A Problem?

  1. I actually agree with what Sue Carroll writes here. It is a problem, whether it is a drug/alcohol problem, we don’t know… but you can’t keep falling asleep at the wheel of a car. The problem is not solely a George Michael problem, but everyone else on the road at that time. If George causes an accident he’s more likely to walk away in his £50k+ car surrounded by airbags than your average motorist with his average car…

    What ever the issue is he does need get it sorted for his own safety as well as for others.

  2. Sure Nav. My point is – there are things that are people’s business, and things that aren’t. And, the state of someone’s health is a private matter. There is no reason for George Michael to discuss this in public.

    It is up to the police and doctors to decide if they believe that George Michael is unfit to drive, and to prosecute if necessary. It is not up to the press to decide; especially as they play so fast and lose with the facts, that it’s impossible even for them (let alone us) to know what really happened.

  3. Remarkable I absolutely agree with you, George’s health is his business, I don’t like to talk about it, the press will only cash on this accident, George was tired after partying hard, so he fell asleep, now the Media will try to potray the story differently, as always. We should know them by now!!!

  4. If George got stoned/drunk/tired and passed out in one of his own houses/at a “friend”‘s house/in a park, I say, sure, his business. If he wants to do that to himself, feel free. God knows there are enough other people doing it.

    However, only stupid and/or irresponsible people get behind the wheel when they’re stoned/drunk/beyond tired. Especially if they’ve got tens of millions in the bank, can afford to pay ten quid for a cab and get your assistant to pick the car up in the morning. It’s just a case of thinking further than your own nose.

  5. @ Nav Basi
    Well, this is a sensitive matter to me (and I’m freaking out on George and his Sleeping Beauty Episodes) because I’ve recently lost my father in a car crash… I still don’t know for sure how it happened but one of the hypothesis police put was falling asleep at the wheel… And he too had a big shiny Mercedes, but it wasn’t enough to save him when he crashed against a big heavy slow driving truck, so I guess GM isn’t THAT safe, allthough he may feel safe inside his motor. These cars are supposed to make you feel safe… so you tend to push the limits…

    @ Remarkable
    I say that if you do drugs/alchool/party till you drop comatose, ok, allright, as long as you do it in your privacy… that is not really people’s business. But when you take it outside… well I’m sorry, but it’s everybody’s concern. Because he can harm himself (God forbide) but others too. If you like to dance around your house waving a sharp butcher’s knife, ok… but if you come outside, say in a kindergarden, doing the same, is that a safe behaviour?! No. Me, as some of the people who post here, don’t know what are the police’s criteria to take someone to the Hospital, but here we only take someone to the Hospital when it looks really bad… maybe we’re too carefree…
    Perhaps one of the biggest problems on GM way of living (if there is any) is that he doesn’t know anymore the frontier on what is private and what is public, maybe because his privacy was constantly invaded and he began losing this notion that we, everyday people, still have…
    As for being or not people’s business… well, if one of these days you read the news: “GM found dead” (knock on wood, my God, please don’t punish me on this!) how would you feel? I would surely cry, surely be depressed, surely… surely… I don’t even want to think about it. But I guess I’m not the only one, so this is more of our business than we would like to admitt. I couldn’t careless for people I don’t know or that don’t mean a thing to me. I will not surelly react with indifference on whatever matters on GM. I can’t react with indifference about someone that talks to my heart as GM does.I come from a Latin country. WE HAVE A HEART AND WE ARE NOT ASHAMED OF IT.

  6. THis story has no wheels. It’s redundant and nobody was hurt anyway. Until GM hits a pedestrian or seriously crashes into a tree, these stories will have a few day life span at most.

  7. I disagree, Yogchick. These stories are going to be quoted again and again, every time George has a new “accident” (or perhaps I should say alleged accident).
    You can see this already happens: the newspapers never fail to remind us that George has had driving and parking troubles in the recent past.

    Whether these stories are based on facts or fiction, they contribute to damaging George’s reputation.

  8. I think as fans we are all a bit concerned about Geroge’s health, esp. as he is doing this tour and how we would hate fo him to start cancelling dates. And sure what he does on his oen time is his business. But when he gets in his care and drives stoned/drunk/too tired he really need s to think about others besides himself for a change. Clearly there is something to this and before he does something he will regret, such as hurting someone as he drives in such a condidtion, he needs address it. Ah but wait this is George, king of denial.

  9. MissFreek: When people like us stop paying attention to these non-stories, then maybe the tabloids will find something else to write about. It’s a stupid story, nobody was hurt, he’s fine, etc. If his reputation was hurt it’s because he put himself in that position. It’s not THAT hard to be a famous celebrity and not fall asleep at the wheel twice in 8 months … or crash into three cars and drive away. When are we going to stop apologizing for him? And when are we going to stop taking these tabloid attacks so seriously? The only people they would negatively impress are people who aren’t GM fans anyway — like they could give a toss in the first place!

  10. Yogchick, I was not apologising in George’s place, nor saying that I am taking the tabloid’s garbage, seriously. It seems that it’s you who are judging George on the basis of what the papers have reported…

    What I said, and will re-state for your sake, is that the tabloids are printing allegations that are damaging George’s reputation, they will not simply go away.
    Also, if at the end of the police investigation, George is found not guilty of DUI, I am really curious to see how the tabloids report this. We will see how they “apologise”… My guess is they’re just going to sweep it all under the carpet…

  11. Miss Freeek: I think you’re taking this too seriously. These are tabloids, not The Economist or The Guardian. This is what they do and tomorrow they’ll have a go at a different celebrity and their “problems.” I don’t know where you’re getting that I’m judging GM; I was just saying that when you’re a celebrity you know that every little thing you do gets observed so at least try not to fall asleep at the wheel twice in one year. I mean, at this point, he’s just feeding them stuff to exaggerate about. Yeah, that’s unfair, but he should know this game by now. Finally, as far as damaging his reputation goes, I don’t think this is the stuff that kills careers or comes even near it. The press is just looking for stuff to write about (however paltry) and, for some reason, we fans are probably reading it up more rabidly than just about anyone else. Anyone turned off on GM by what they read probably wasn’t a fan to begin with. I suspect rags like this are targetting clueless retired people and extremely conservative types anyway. The least we can do is not feed this crap our energy as we have been doing. Then maybe the allegations will go away (they usually do).

  12. BY the way, drugs or not, he was asleep at the wheel and that’s, um, kind of dangerous. Can’t blame the tabloids on that. Get a driver George!

  13. @ Remarkable: I don’t see how Ms. Caroll is inquiring into the state of GM’s health in this article. Her beef seems to be about safety and public decency (well, she is over 50). I don’t like the tone of her writing, and I probably wouldn’t like her as a person, but if she is saying that what GM is doing (falling asleep at the wheel) is dangerous and should be taken seriously, well then I agree with her. Moreover, if you read the first line, she seems to take GM’s word for it that he doesn’t have a drug problem. She says “fine” and then bitterly goes on about the issue of sleeping at the wheel.

    I agree with you that this should all be settled in the courts in November when they look at the toxicology reports. BTW, would the court proceedings be made public? I’d be interested to know what those reports say.

  14. Yogchick said: “I don’t see how Ms. Caroll is inquiring into the state of GM’s health in this article.”

    She says he has a “serious problem”. The implication is clear. And, she is complaining that he isn’t publically addressing it.

    My point is: he may or may not have a problem here. We don’t know – because we simply have the press reports to go on (the police will have access to much better information). And further, she seems to be expecting George to comment on it. Why he should be compelled to comment on it in public, I have no idea. Just because George doesn’t “address” this issue publically (assuming for a minute there is anything to address), does not mean that he isn’t addressing it privately.

    I don’t know what people want… for George to publish his full medical records on-line, along with all the notes of his therapist for the last 15 years?

  15. Well maybe British English is different from American English to the extent that I missed the nuance. She just seems like a bitchy hack with nothing better to do than pick on whoever has been in the news lately. But I think it’s an exaggeration that she is implying that it’s anyone’s business what his therapist and toxicology reports say. I think that’s reading into it a bit much. It’s obviously a very quiet week for celebrities in the U.K. and this is the best they can come up with — being all up in arms because someone fell asleep at the wheel.

  16. She’s clearly peeved by the way he whisks these events away with the wave a hand. Maybe these stories will force George to seek some sort of help out of embarrassment? Whatever kind of help this may be.

    I also think that in the rush to accept and admire George everyone needs to realize that while he is very much a human, he also made his success as a public figure. You cannot have it both ways: fame to make you rich and loved, and then demand privacy when you repetitively do stupid things in public places, especially while you are on a world tour.

    I will still buy his music, but I think he is doing damage to his career. Eventually his credibility will hurt him career-wise and he will only have himself to blame.

  17. @xolondon: Thanks, you said that very eloquently. Everybody (or nearly everybody) is acting like GM is such the victim, when really he’s just being careless and getting himself into trouble. But I don’t think any of this will really hurt his career because I really do believe there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Well, almost anyway.

  18. This lady at Mirror always strikes me a bit bitchy about everything and I never pay attention to what she has to say anyway. We have three things to go on here 1)the media saying George was drunk and drugged and was found comatose in his car 2)the police saying he was unconscious in his car and 3) George saying he had no drugs or alcohol in his system. Perhaps George is dealing privately with a personal health issue, perhaps he does not drive when tired, drugged or drunk, perhaps he was not tired when he got in the car – still running on adrenaline after the concert, perhaps he just found out this is another circumstance when he can not drive. None of us knows and it is none of our business to speculate on what happened.

  19. Yogchick Says:
    October 4th, 2006 at 5:17 pm
    THis story has no wheels. It’s redundant and nobody was hurt anyway. Until GM hits a pedestrian or seriously crashes into a tree, these stories will have a few day life span at most.

    Your comments above are so “matter of fact”, well let’s hope the pedestrian he hits isn’t a relative of yours, I’m sure then your comments will not be so blasé.

    Always better to be proactive than reactive in my book.

  20. @NAV BASI: I’ve hardly been blase about falling asleep at the wheel, if you’ve been reading this post at all. I’m blase about the taboid “reportage” and exaggeration and, if you go back and read my posts, it should be fairly obvious.

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