How Crass Can The Press Be?

Sometimes I wonder just how crass the press can be. Yesterday, after press reports that singer George Michael had been found unconscious at the wheel of his car with drugs and alcohol in his sytem, George issued a strong denial.

Now, we don’t know what the truth, or otherwise of the press reports are. However, reports today tell the following story,

George Michael was so wasted when paramedics found him slumped in his car they wheeled a TROLLEY to the driver’s door, it emerged yesterday. They had to support the sweating star as he stumbled out of his Mercedes in the early hours on Sunday... Witness Naz Adil, 28, a minicab driver, revealed the singer was “comatose” as he was helped from his motor in North West London. Naz said: “He looked really out of it. When the paramedics saw the state he was in they wheeled a trolley up to the car. He had to be helped by two paramedics and a police officer.”

A 25-year-old teacher called Jennifer raised the alarm after she saw George’s car swerving. Jennifer said: “He was veering as he came up to the lights. Then he stopped and didn’t start off again. I got out to check. He was wasted, I saw a police car and flagged it down.”

As I say, we have no idea if there is any truth in these reports whatsoever (the press tell so many lies, it’s pretty much impossible to know what to believe). However, if these reports are true – and I emphasise the word, “if”, and we take George at his word that he had no drink or drugs in his body, then surely this story deserves some sensitive handling?

However, if’we’re looking to the press for sensitive, measured reporting, I guess we’re going to be disappointed. What was the headline to accompany the above report?

George Michael is off his trolley

How crass can you get?

Having said that, there’s nothing wrong with a little humour. A few lines in today’s Mirror newspaper report made me laugh. The Mirror asks – SO JUST WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH HIM? Their possible answers include – he possibly just had a James Blunt CD on in the car😉

And, as for the reports that Sony BMG  have threatened to sack George, well I’m sorry, but that’s laughable.  They have an unnamed “source” at Sony BMG quoted as saying – We will have to seriously consider his future with us.   Oh please!  And what future would that be?  George’s contract with Sony BMG is just about to come to an end!

4 thoughts on “How Crass Can The Press Be?

  1. “George is off his trolly”…cleaver word pun for something that I fear the general public will all be thinking. It will be interesting to see the results of that blood test. If there’s no booze or drugs, George must have a serious medical condition to make him fall asleep at the wheel twice now. I know he was out late at night, but then being a pop star he probably wasn’t up since the crack of dawn…more like the crack of noon! The only other thing it could be is…well, yes most men fall asleep afterwards, don’t they?! Cricklewood’s not his usual hunting ground though, is it?😉

  2. Oooh, so we can assume that Dave Hill isn’t a big fan then? Made me chuckle, actually! An obviously biased piece, from someone who hates George! Yes I find it hard to believe too, but there are actually people out there who don’t like George!! They probably like some critically acclaimed indie band who I’ve never heard of, who will sell about three copies of their album!

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