George Falls Asleep At Wheel Again. Arrested By Police.

(MAJOR UPDATE: George Michael has categorically denied he had any drugs or alchohol in his sytem in this latest incident. When leaving his house this afternoon, George commented,

I have a comment for you. That’s the second time in a year I have been caught with one unused spliff in the car. I had no drink or drugs in my body. I haven’t got a problem with drugs.

So there we go – it seems that the press reports of George having alchohol in his system are lies. Looks like George will be able to continue driving his new S-Class after all! See the report of George’s denial)

Singer George Michael has reportedy been arrested again, after being found slumped at the wheel of his brand new S-Class Mercedes a few miles from his home in North London. Police were called to scene, where they found George to be under the influence of alcohol and possibly cannabis. He was reportedly arrested and taken to hospital, because the police doctor was concerned that the mix of alcohol and drugs may have had a serious effect on him.

25 Live Tour First #3. George’s new S-Class Mercedes has a full-width glass sun roof

The singer admitted possession of cannabis, and was released on bail until November while police investigate and get back the results of blood tests. This isn’t the first time George has been found asleep in his car. Last time this happened, George said,

The only thing I care about is that people know that I was properly tested by the police doctor on Saturday night, who stated to the officers present that I was not impaired in any way.

Essentially, the only person that might possibly have believed this statement at that time was George (by “believe” I mean believe that George hadn’t been doing any drugs that night). This time, if the reports about failing the breath test are true, I think George will almost certainly get a driving ban. George has so far not commented on the incident, however the singer’s partner, Kenny Goss said,

He’s fine and I’ve got him a McDonalds.

Poor George. I mean, it’s bad enough getting caught for this again, without having a Deluxe Bacon Quarter Pounder With Cheese and Large Fries rammed down your throat…

(UPDATE: It appears that George had a Big Mac meal for his dinner last night. When friends came round last night to see if George was coming out to play, his father, Kenny Goss said,

I’m just off to get George a Big Mac Meal with Diet Coke as a treat. I’m afraid, though, that George isn’t allowed out to play tonight. It’s a school night, and he wets the bed if he gets over-tired)

25 Live Tour First # 4. George enjoys 3-D Big Mac meals! Ewwwww…

More on the incident in The Sun; more in The Mirror; a report in The Times; and a report from the BBC.

How It Might Have Happened

Now, as we all know, George was on stage in Toulon France late Saturday. Here’s how George’s Saturday night/Sunday morning might have unfolded…

Sat 11pm (French time) Finish show in Toulon, France.

12.00am (French time) Arrive at nearby air field and board private jet. Drink huge amounts of champagne to celebrate successful gig on way home.

Sun 1.30am (London time) Arrive London City Airport (or airfield even closer to home)

2.00am Arrive home.

2.01am George: “Kenny, I’m just going on the computer for a bit. You go to bed.”

2.04am George logs on to gay chat site, and arranges sex with someone in North London

2.05am George, to himself: “I think I’ll take the new S-Class – I always seem to run into trouble in the Range Rover. The S-Class has so many gadgets, it could probably drive me home by itself.”

2.30-3.15am George has sex with random man in Cricklewood. Smokes joint.

3.15am George to random man: “Well, thanks very much. I have to go now.”

3.20am George falls asleep at wheel of S-Class at the junction between between Cricklewood Lane and Hendon Way

3.22am Police tap on George’s window.

3.30am George arrives at Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead in ambulance

4.30am Kenny arrives at hospital

5.29am George given the all clear from his health-check

5.30am George to Kenny, “I’m HUNNNNNNGRRRRRRYYYYYYYYY!!!”

Remarkable’s Final Thought

So what does this mean for George’s tour? Well, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything for the European Tour (although, repeated drug offences may make his 2007 US tour more difficult). The truth is, the cannabis that’s on the market today is much stronger than it was five or ten years ago. And if you combine it with alchohol… well, I’d say that anyone might fall asleep. Was George stupid to be driving in this condition? Yes (but, people get stupid with alchohol and drugs in their system). Does it mean he’s in self-destruct-mode and not capable of carrying on with his tour? No, not at all. The courts will not think twice about handing George a substantial driving ban over this, if he had alchohol or drugs in his system, though, because it’s obvious that George can afford to pay for a driver to be on call 24/7 – if he insists on going out meeting random people for sex in the early hours of the morning.

36 thoughts on “George Falls Asleep At Wheel Again. Arrested By Police.

  1. I think your comments about what might have happened are probably close to the truth…and we all do stupid things. The best thing that could happen to him is a long driving ban before anyone gets hurt. Despite the “spin” that the papers will try and put on this I do not think this was the result of his being a “troubled” person, I think it is probably more like someone happy and celebrating a bit.

  2. Good reconstruction of what may have happened. I’d also guess that Kenny has a bit more responsibility over this, than it may initially appear. The question is: would George have “gone on the computer for a bit” if Kenny had not got himself the usual boring *ideas*?
    I don’t think so. Here you have it then. Kenny, you should know better than that… Shame on you.

  3. Am I the only one who sees a serious problem here? This is the fourth incident this year. George doesn’t need our sympathies—he needs help for his addictions. I am growing weary of reading about his antics while under the influence. I am disappointed by his apparent lack of self control. I had hoped his recent tour would’ve lifted him from the funk that’s dominated his life for the past several years. It’s time George faced up to the truth of what he has become: a man who is slowly destroying himself. Why hasn’t his family or Kenny staged an intervention and gotten him some help? This careless behavior should not be a recurring chapter in the life of a once mega-superstar. His biography will forever carry these lapses of judgment. Many of his friends and fans are quick to offer feeble excuses for his conduct, and turn a blind eye to the actual situation at hand.

    I have adored this man’s music for over two decades, so it really pains me to see him tarnish his once stellar reputation as a music icon. With each incident that occurs, George comes closer to the brink of becoming a pop music laughing stock. Not only that, I see him jeopardizing his health, his voice, and possibly his or someone else’s life if he keeps up this reckless behavior and drug addiction. Why would such a talented and intelligent individual be so hellbent on making these obviously unwise decisions? Only George knows for sure. But what I know with absolutely certainty is that George is capable of better. I hope he finds the motivation to be bigger than the problems and issues he is trying to erase.

  4. @ LA Woman

    The truth is – there’s only one person that can make George stop using cannabis (and other drugs); and that’s George himself. Also, George doesn’t appear to see his behaviour (apparently driving under the influence of drink and drugs) as in any way unacceptabe. So, I don’t think he’s going to change his behaviour.

    However, this time, it looks like there may be enough evidence against him that he’ll face prosecution, and be banned from driving.

  5. Well, I’ve spoken my mind over these episodes on the Hampstead accident, some couple of months ago and I almost got banned, but here I am once again saying that he’ll get nowhere if he continues. I am so very sorry for his family. I just want to ask something: ISN’T ANYONE IN HIS LIFE, OR NEARBY, THAT CARES FOR HIM?! GodDamn, can’t you see what’s happening? What will it take for you people to understand what’s happening here to our man? HE’S KILLING HIMSELF SLOWLY! And yes, Remarkable, you’re right, as long as he doesn’t SEE that he’s wrong, he won’t change. It’s not a case of being wrong or right, but I care for him, so I don’t want nothing bad to happen to him, so for me falling asleep, having drugs and all that stuff that put his LIFE IN DANGE IS WRONG. He’s old enough to know that there is no Saviour that can rescue him, so there’e no point in sitting down waiting with crossed arms… oh well… what do I know…

  6. All I can say is, thank fuck he didn’t make it onto the big road. All that had to happen then was for some lorry driver to not pay attention…

    I think the only thing that’ll make him realise he has a problem is if he hits someone in that condition.

  7. Good Lord, he is intent on destroying his career. What’s the psychology of having such an amazing week and then doing this? He could have been killed! Or injured someone else. Kenny is not to blame- George is. He will probably do what he always does and blow it off as no big deal, but the man has serious issues. I had SO hoped he was in a better place.😦

    Some pot is fine. To each his own. Constant pot is self medication.

  8. What I don’t understand is this… is EVERYONE around him – his friends and family – REALLY that shit scared of being cut out of his life that they don’t have the balls to address the issue!? DUI is not OK, I don’t care who you are.

    I tell ya one thing, if I was in the “inner circle” so to speak, I’d have stepped up long ago and potentially risked our friendship if it got him help. Fuck-me, what’s wrong with these people? Do something before something happens – before it’s REALLY too late.

  9. George a bit of advice,the sign on the steering wheel of your Merc says”AIR BAG”….not “SLEEPING BAG”…lol

  10. You know what? I think he’s surrounded by people who don’t care for him and he feels lonely, but a kind of loneliness that is deeper than anyone can imagine… I too had risked for our friendship (if I was that lucky) to stop him. I know they probably don’t read the blog, but I’m about to call you people around George a bunch of bulchers… and if you don’t want us to think that, YOU BETTER DO SOMETHING BECAUSE IF WE COULD WE WOULD! At least I would… And is Macdonalds sponsering this accident or what? Couldn’t anyone cook him a nice warm home cooked meal? Come on…

  11. I had a drunken moment with a car too this weekend but at least I didn’t get arrested,lol.

  12. Oy! I hope people don’t trust him to be clear about whether he has a problem or not. When you have a problem you often deny it b/c it would mean facing a lot of other issues.

  13. After a good week,he is in trouble AGAIN!I agree with L.A. Woman,George is going on adding some problems to his successful career and biography.

  14. Come on Remarkable i think it’s time that we, his really true fans, can somehow indicate him that due to his extremely restictive manner of selecting people around him by a not-being “negative” or criticise him in one way or other, those people are really scared and too horrified to adrress him the smaller advice or retouch his way of living sometimes his life to a more better one…..

    WHAT COULD HAPPEN NEXT ? It’s the darkest question that flash into our horrified minds. I mean, you can, despite the risk of being such a “careful adviser” of him or to you, really post something on the front page that could show him that kind of risk his is already exposed to by his restrictive way of selecting people around him of non-critical folks….

    I mean, it looks like every pal around him knows the true for years and only the big emperor himself does not…..

    I pretty sure i can be hilarious with this, but jump above all that ridiculousness i might doing, and focus on, for the sake of his future.

    I guess it’s time he rather be surrounded now by his true fans and real & genuine friends…….. and look! : we can say gladly it’s not yet ‘too late’ !

    Thank u.

  15. …. cos i’m so scared to even open the news section in the incoming mornings by now…

  16. Maybe he’s got sleep apnoea…. 8-(
    There’s a saying in my country that goes like this: The worst blind is the one who doesn’t want to see…

  17. Let’s make a contest here… since everybody pretty much said the same and for now I guess we all agree on this. I’ve just realised I keep coming back here because his life is becoming a soap opera! I come to see the next episode. How would you call this story? Come on, suggestions accepted, ok Rem?

  18. Well, seems to absolute all adventures of him in this tremendous year always must appear a piffling reason not to believe the real danger on his multiples accidents…

    Good to you George! Once again looks is no trouble anywhere ! … But a still wonder horrified : WHAT COULD BE NEXT ! Hope, this time, NOTHING !

    God bless and help you !

  19. So, if he had no drugs or alchohol in his system, does that mean he may have a sleep disorder that he needs to get checked out?

    A recent study revealed that 15% of middle-aged adults reported falling asleep at the wheel. There are many factors leading to this problem — overwork, medication, late or night shifts, alcohol.

    Yet another cause of drowsy driving and falling asleep at the wheel is the presence of a sleep disorder. Sleep apnea affects a lot of drivers. A recent study done at Stanford University Sleep Research Center revealed that revealed that, of the 159 commercial sleep drivers who participated, seventy-eight per cent suffered from sleep apnea.

    This condition is prevalent in bus and truck drivers because of their lifestyles.They spend long hours sitting at the wheel of their vehicle, get little exercise and often eat at fast food outlets. Add the threat of apnea to a driver already plagued by fatigue from long hours on the road, and you have a very dangerous situation.

  20. I’m a little surprised that George has come out and said he was not using drugs; however, he is, I believe, innocent until proven guilty, and none of us are doctors (at least I am not) who should be diagnosing sleep apnea or other disorders. When he goes back to court and the drug tests are in, I guess we will know.

    IF he was using and driving, I’m disappointed in him and am even more concerned that he sees himself as invincible, on top of the world, etc. It’s clear Kenny has no influence on this part of his life. I would wonder if his father or sisters do.

  21. Ann- I don’t think I (or anyone else) was actually diagnosing George with sleep apnea. I was joking. Also, I’m sure he will be sad to hear that you’re disappointed in him, mom.

  22. Something’s spotty here. I don’t know anything about British law, but if they sent him to the hospital, wouldn’t that mean they had good reason to suspect that he was more than just a little sleepy? Did he or did he not pass his breathalyzer test? Do British police send people to the hospital at the drop of the hat or is there more of a story here that is getting hushed up? Finally, I think it’s just weird that someone would be arrested twice in six months for falling asleep behind the wheel at a busy intersection. Which makes you wonder how many times he’s done it without getting caught. Anyway, it’s troublesome that he puts himself in this situation over and over again and, if it continues, it’s inevitable that a serious accident or run-over could happen. Doesn’t he care about the safety of others, if not himself? It’ll be interesting to see how GM spins this to the media or if it’ll just die down quietly over time.

  23. If he’d failed the breath test the police would have bailed him for drink-driving. As he’s been bailed for possibly being ‘unfit to drive’ – that suggests it’s for drug use (with possible side effects of ‘some’ alcohol but not enough to put him over the limit).

    However, since he’s now denied having either in his system, he either has a sleep problem or he really shouldn’t drive post-shag. ;o)

  24. Are British police easy to bribe? Because I think it’s weird that he keeps “falling asleep” in his car and yet passes any drug/alcohol test. Or maybe it really is that stupid and he just keeps falling asleep. But why would you keep falling asleep in your car? I know it was only twice but still, it’s kind of weird.

  25. I would be mortified if word got out to friends, family and the press that I kept falling asleep at the wheel. And if I knew drugs and/or alcohol *weren’t* to blame, I’d sure as hell want to know what the f*ck was wrong with me!

  26. Well if it is not drug or alchohol related perhaps it is a medical issue that he just does not want to share with everyone ( and it really would be none of our business). However – there is clearly something that causes him to loose consciousness at night while in the car and he should refrain from driving until the possibility of a recurrence has been eliminated.

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  28. OK, I might be banned, but I have to say this.

    I understand your concerns (I do care for his life dearly, too), but please try to look at this from a different perspective. Everybody seems to jump over how on a downward track George is, but you seem to deprive him of his basic right as a human being to relax the way he pleases (here I hear voices: but not THAT destructive!).
    We, the normal bread-eaters go to work and find relax in going to the concert. For George it’s not entertainment, it’s his WORK. Just like a normal person he needs to relax afterwards. Cruising, clubbing or whatever – is the way he relaxes and I’m pretty sure many ‘normal’ people find it relaxing too. That’s why disco’s are usually crowded and are a perfect place to sell pot or other drugs too; also many people drink/drug & drive – I do not say here that I accept it- it’s just a point that George does nothing exceptional (although for the sake of his and other people safety I’d prefer to see it as exception rather than a rule). What makes a difference here is the fact that he’s a public person and his deeds (or mishaps) are highly publicised (ok, I admit I would prefer him to do this at home, at least he’s safe there; he’s too much a gift to the world to be lost). He’s not a kind of Superman (however with supernatural talents) as some people seem to perceive him.

    And I can only imagine what kind of stress and huge physical and emotional strain is to give such a concert (all the more stressful if you consider his self-imposed extremely high standards of performance where perfect is still not good enough; not to mention high expectations of his public – us, his fans!). Would you be more pleased if he slept safely at home and later gave a worse concert? (I do not say that there’s a link here). For the time being, it seems that his lifestyle has no influence on his stage performance. It means that his way of relaxing (even if we do not like it) works for him. I accept this.

    Actually, I think that it’s no wonder he fell asleep. Look at his daily schedule – for example one drafted by Remarkable. He gave another exhausting gig, flew back home and decided he needs to relax. I think I could easily fall asleep at the wheel at 3am after such a tiresome day (let’s not forget he’s 43 and not 20).

    Whether he has or has not a ‘problem’ is another issue, but I won’t dig into this one right now.

    I hope I made my point clearly. And sorry for bad English – it’s not my native language.

  29. @ SevenOfNine

    I agree that George has the right to relax in any way he wants to. What he DOESN’T have the right to do is to put other people’s lives in danger and that’s what he is doing by driving while either under the influence of alcohol or dugs, or while he is too tired. I agree with Remarkable, he should have his license taken away for a while. Sorry Georgie…it’s for your own good babe!

  30. @Caff

    I’m not saying that George should have his license taken away. I was saying that *if* a blood test showed George had alcohol in his system, it would be difficult escape a ban. However, George says he hadn’t been drinking or taking any drugs. I am more than happy to take him at his word.

    As to medical conditions – I have no idea. However, if the press are prepared to print that George failed a breathaliser test at the scene (which it seems he didn’t), they can make up the rest of it too. The truth is – we don’t know what happened. It will be up to police to investigate and see if there’s any reason to believe George is unfit to drive.

  31. I think there is more 2 this story. The papers will say anything about what happened and put some made up stuff in. I believe George has a sleeping disorder. I have this disorder even though I have 4gotten what it is called. I fall asleep at work sometimes but 4 at least 15 mins during my lunch. I do believe George needs more sleep. Simple as that. I don’t think he failed the breath test. He went 2 hospital and got the all clear. Think about that

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