Tony Bennett Empathises With George Michael

Talking about his new album – Duets: An American Classic – veteran singer Tony Bennet has some stories to tell about the artists who collaborated with him on this record. Here is Bennett talking about recording How Do You Keep The Music Playing with George Michael:

“That night he (George) was busted for marijuana,” said Bennett, measuring every word like a protective godfather discussing his godson in front of the whole family. “It’s so funny how the papers in Britain went to work on him.” The crooner said it was an emotional day for the British rocker because it was the anniversary of the death of his mother, to whom he was very close. “I felt sorry for him. He was so professional coming in and singing very, very well. He went out and got as high as he could so he could forget everything.”

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3 thoughts on “Tony Bennett Empathises With George Michael

  1. I still have to pray with all the faith that I have that he has got a Guardian Angel to look after him. I’d really let him know that he is kept in people’s heart!!!In mine always.

  2. Mr. Bennett doesn’t seem to be very knowledgeable about George’s daily routines! Still, it is nice of him to be protective of George.

  3. i really like the song but not the whole of course, despite the ‘old-fashion’ way of singing today related to George

    So i like it in part-time, but both parts….. is a true that George’s vocals and way of singing is almost improper with Tony’s, but both parts separately are good in their ways….. so each one if played entirely the song begining-to-end ….

    Also, the George’s vocals are great, and more more powerful than he had on Blame it on the sun where he is almost whispering and whimpering……

    P.S.: In listening, try to jump into those days and not to judge from the way of looking to the spoiled music today….

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