Even George Can “Hear The Pain” Now

Yesterday, it was pointed out, right here on this blog, that Billboard had announced that George had recorded a new duet, called – Hear The Pain with Tony Bennett Paul McCartney. Now, other publications are picking up on this news too.

Pretty soon, I think George will have to bow to public pressure, and get in the studio to actually record this track, which will be a nice complement to his other new duet – Feel The Pain (Dairylea Mix) – which he recently recorded with Rod Stewart.

5 thoughts on “Even George Can “Hear The Pain” Now

  1. Yes. I see that Contact Music have now picked up on this “secret”, and hitherto unreleased, duet.

    Fuck me. How many typos in a track listing can be featued in one place? “Hear The Pain”, “My Brother Had A Brother”, and “Fatter Figure”.

    What a bunch of fucking losers these people are.

  2. ” But Daarrrlin’ don’t you know the time….???

    Seriously, it is scaring isn’t it???????? ’cause it’s not just “the entertainment buisness” twisting the facts, – we’re facing the same treatment when it comes to real news, – aren’t we???? Sadly enough……….

  3. This is correct news – it was reported months ago. The TB thing is totally separate (and decent until the end when it becomes bombastic crap!).

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