The New Comment Rules

So, thank you to everyone that participate in the recent Asylum discussion! Herewith, the new rules!

1. Everyone is welcome here

2. Comments may be deleted if they are either off-topic or offensive (at my sole discretion)

3. Where comments are deleted, people should not take this personally.  It’s simply a matter of keeping the discussions on-topic and not (too!) abusive.

That’s it!

4 thoughts on “The New Comment Rules

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  2. Well done, otherwise it would get quite complicated… allthough I think somethings are better left unsaid, so I really don’t know who’s more of a psycho here: the ones who post those comments or the ones who care to answer… Just to give you some light: a neurotic builds castles in the air, a psychotic lives inside them… so, to answer you have to get in, if you get in you may get lost, so watch your steps…

  3. Hye Remarkable !

    Can i say something about 25 live the first show, and very little about Madrid ? And the quality or about the crowd of that show ?

    Cos i know where anybody can see his live performances , and that’s why anybody can have a lowly opinion linked to that…..

    But i better wait for a new providential ontopic…

    Thank u for waiting…..

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