He Just Hopes You’ll Understand – Sometimes The Albums Don’t Make The Man

He Just Hopes You’ll UnderstandUnderstand! Geddit? Well anyway, I’m surprised, I have to say. It looks like, if you want to own all of the new songs on the new George Michael Greatest Hits album, 25, you’re going to have to fork out for the 3-CD version, rather than the double album. On the surface, that seems a bit cheeky. HMV have put up a track-listing for the double album, which reads as follows:

Disc One – For Living

  • 1. Everything She Wants-Wham!
  • 2. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go-Wham!
  • 3. Freedom-Wham!
  • 4. Faith
  • 5. Too Funky
  • 6. Fastlove
  • 7. Freedom ’90
  • 8. Spinning The Wheel
  • 9. Outside
  • 10. As-With Mary J. Blige
  • 11. Freeek!
  • 12. Shoot The Dog
  • 13. Amazing
  • 14. Flawless
  • 15. An Easier Affair

Disc Two – For Loving

  • 1. Careless Whisper
  • 2. Last Christmas-Wham!
  • 3. A Different Corner
  • 4. Father Figure
  • 5. One More Try
  • 6. Praying For Time
  • 7. Heal The Pain-With Paul McCartney
  • 8. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me-With Elton John
  • 9. Jesus To A Child
  • 10. Older
  • 11. Round Here
  • 12. You Have Been Loved
  • 13. John And Elvis Are Dead
  • 14. This Is Not Real Love-With Mutya

The new tracks are on the Double CD version are: An Easier Affair (the last single); This Is Not Real Love (with Mutya – the new singls); and the remake of Heal The Pain (with Paul McCartney). So, we’re missing Understand – which probably means it will appear on Disc 3 in the triple-CD version of the record.

Are fans being ripped off here, by a transparent attempt at forcing them to buy the most expensive version of the album? Before passing judgement on that, we’ll have to wait to see what’s on the third CD. Has George done something interesting with the third CD? New mixes of old songs (e.g. I’m praying that George will show us what kind of backing track he’d have done for I Knew You Were Waiting, given he’s so adamant he wouldn’t have put in the “daaaa da da da” twangy guitar line if it had been up to him)? Tracks that have never been made available before – old songs that were never released – or live performances from old Wham! and GM concerts? Perhaps an extra brand new track we haven’t been told about? Or will it simply be a collection of previously released tracks that have appeared on B-sides over the years i.e. tracks that all the fans already have?

I hope the third CD in the 25 collection is something truly special, that fans will be excited to get their hands on. It wouldn’t take much – all it needs to have is a couple of things that people haven’t heard before. It’s really not like George to want to rip people off.

By the way, I hear that George may have been inspired by Moog’s comment on this blog, when thinking of a title for CD3… Disc Three – For Those On Medication…

Update: Here’s the track listing for CD3

Disc Three

  • 1. Understand
  • 2. Precious Box
  • 3. Roxanne
  • 4. Fantasy
  • 5. Cars And Trains
  • 6. Patience
  • 7. You Know That I Want To
  • 8. My Mother Had A Brother
  • 9. If You Were There-Wham!
  • 10. Safe
  • 11. American Angel
  • 12. My Baby Just Cares For Me
  • 13. Brother Can You Spare A Dime? [Performed At Pavarotti & Friends]
  • 14. Please Send Me Someone (Anselmo’s Song)
  • 15. Through

I’m really sorry to say it – but I think a lot of people are going to be a bit disappointed.

13 thoughts on “He Just Hopes You’ll Understand – Sometimes The Albums Don’t Make The Man

  1. “Disc Three – For Those On Medication…”

    Which includes many GM fans…for to be a long running fan can indicate that medication has been a necessary requirement along the journey…Well, certainly it seems with large swathes of the online GM community.

    Think baskets and cases, with certifiable as the icing on the cake. OK, I’m being flippant, but there is an element of truth ringing through my words….Anyone saying otherwise is probably in denial as to the awareness of their current psychological well being…😉😉

  2. No nothing new on 3rd disc apart from a Patience reject and its poor.
    ……what a pile of crap..who the hell is gonna buy these 3 cds?

    Typical George Michael…a let down and a wasted opportunity.

  3. @Billy.I agree with you,nothing on those discs excites me.
    PS, you have a email addy? i want to ask you somthing.


  4. @Billy… For once I agree. Yes thanks George for the tour but please put a bit more effort into your releases, you are starting to become a joke. 4 studio albums and TWO greatest hits albums in 20 years, why you’re really spoiling us!

  5. Unless the CD included a nude, signed and personalised naked picture of George with a certificate for a kiss, I won’t be running out to get it. iTunes, here I come!

  6. eeww, knobby u are definately on medication…luv GM for the art, not the physique (not to mention the hair!)… but OH what a voice!!

  7. I don’t think I ‘ll be buying this album-I have already expressed how I feel about a couple of songs on it *cough cough* BUT I have to say this: a lovely soul out there emailed me the lyrics to Understand and I ‘m actually impressed…

    Actually, it’s funny…For a some time now, I was hoping he would take the story in Everything She Wants and turn it into something sweeter…something more mature……Now I read the lyrics to Understand and somehow I think he’s done it. Obviously, that’s just my “reading” of the song but I really really feel as if…Well, whatever, I can’t wait to hear the full song.

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