Are The Lunatics Running The Asylum?

(Update: please see the new rules that have been put in place, following on from the discussion here)

It has been suggested in various places, in comments on this blog, that there are too many mentally ill people posting here; and that sometimes the comments on a blog entry get out of control. Now, I had really wanted this place to be essentially free from moderation – although I reserve the right to moderate if people get personally offensive. Why? Because I think it’s right that everyone should have a voice – yes, even Billy Big Knob! I’d prefer it this place was mostly positive, but sometimes even the haters have valid points to make.

And, I especially wanted to enable people with mental health issues to feel able to post here. As many of you know, George himself has had problems with his mental health over the years, so it seems especially unjust to discriminate against such people here; or to treat them with any kind of lack of respect (I’ve noticed very public witch hunts against some of these individuals on various George Michael forums).

However, if all this freedom is spoiling things for people, I’ll have to consider doing something about it.

So – it’s up to you. What would you like to see hapen? Do you want off-topic comments deleted? Do you want negative comments deleted? Do you want insane comments deleted?

Please let me know what you think about this in the comments section below. All views, from all people are welcome…

39 thoughts on “Are The Lunatics Running The Asylum?

  1. I’ll get stick for this, but I’ll have a go anyway.

    I think this place is often used as a dumping ground for those that will be edited and deleted everywhere else. It’s really up to you if you want your blog to be a garbage can for those people.

    Maybe someone should start a blog/forum where people can just vent about everything and nothing and keep this place clean of everything off-topic. Sometimes you have 70/80/90 replies and 90% has nothing to do with anything.

    I’m all for people expressing their opinions, but there’s a time and place for everything and I don’t know if you want this to be the place. If you do, keep things the way they are – if you don’t, put down some ground rules.

  2. Are you refering to ‘Moog’ and what he had suggested in the last topic ?

    Hey Moog! You’re beautiful…!

  3. …beautiful ! … like no other !

    strange, but sometimes ‘Moog’ reminds me of a quite smart person on the old official forums… Do not not what to say. Let’s not judge people only for a few posts…

    and OK ! i’m stopped ! It’s enough with this off-topic post !

    P.S.: Patience though !

  4. “Do you want off-topic comments deleted? Do you want negative comments deleted? Do you want insane comments deleted?”

    Not gonna be much left.
    You know what,there are too many shit-stirrers.Dont let the bastards grind you down.The real mentally ill people are the ones who “butt” in and insult the people who mean no harm.

  5. I like to read diverse opinions related to George Michael. I think it’s possible to disagree with another and to provide an opinion even if one’s command of the English language is less than one hundred percent. I like Remarkable’s kind words and pleasant tones as well as the information he provides and the questions he poses. I don’t care to read private conversations between two peole that should occur in an email (someone on this blog once said, “get a room”). I do think that you (Rem) and Knobby both offer something valuable in this incredibly exciting time where there is so much to say about the guy with the incredibly powerful vocal cords.

    I also like the fact that you asked for my opinion.

  6. … sorry for gender….

    and Moog “remind” often implies a “still” having something….

  7. I totally agree with Ann. I’d say let people say whatever they want to say – on topic – and leave the little private chats just that. Private. Cause, guess what, nobody cares.

  8. @George

    Do you remember when I was on your forums in the very beginning and people liked me lots cause I was not talking about my “soul connection” with you etc? But you know, I ‘m glad I did talk about everything cause that’s my truth. If I stifled it, I ‘d be hurting myself even more than I already am…and I’d be a hypocrite…like you are often…even to this day…I hope one day you Understand why I cannot reconcile certain things inside of me…You can’t have me and them*. But you made your choice when you released that stupid single in May. And when you decided to tour for them.

    Now you ‘ll have to live with that choice.

    *oh, no, I ‘m not talking about all of your fans, just the majority. lol

  9. My humble opinion: off-topic, not a big deal, can be tolerated, if it doesn’t start to dominate the thread.

    Insane: e.g. Pepi talking to George, Pepi talking to Amazone, Pepi explaining lyrics, etc. + Amazone comments (as far as I can see, all): not acceptible.

    Nothing personal against these psychotic creatures, if anything, pity, but the result of their comments is that they continually pollute every discussion with their insane “contributions”. We’re talking Looniebin and Throw Away The Key sort of stuff here, this is not amateur neurotics… For a bit, it’s even quite funny to watch, but then, it becomes excessively uncomfortable for sane individuals having to read through their constant mental grbage.
    It becomes a struggle to scan the comments, because you just know that you’re going to suddenly come across the psycho stuff, and I know that that seriously puts me off reading. I read Remarkable’s entries, and these days I prefer not even clicking on the Comments Links.
    There is a limit to how much insanity I am prepared to observe. Not funny, not entertaining anymore, simply disturbing to watch.

    (And I do apologise if I’ve forgotten some other obviously insane posters, but Pepi/Melissa/Whatever and Amazone seem – to me – to have the majority of shares of Loonies Inc.)

  10. I could do without the Pepi/Empty Charms comments. Sorry to point fingers, but most of what the two of you say is really disturbing and sad. This is a blog to talk *about* George, not to try to talk *to* George, right?

  11. Hmmm…my previous post was a bit too dramatic…but also honest. Just the way I feel.

    Oh, Jules, you too? Nevermind, I still like you.

    Now, Terri, at which point did you become a regular on this blog? It was a bit too obvious. lol And if you were a bit more honest with yourself and the rest of us, you would not be asking questions like “is George around”. Altho, I must admit, he’s so busy these days……

    Yes, there is a certain insanity in me or I would never have been attracted to George in the first place. I ‘m deff not an average person. I ‘d probably be happier if I were but then, ignorance is bliss and who wants to be ignorant…or average for that matter.

    Now Miss Freeek( and the rest of you who agree with her), I don’t particularly care what you think or say about me…It seems to me you always try to drive away those who think differently(and who could get more attention than you, God forbid). And you always defend your sanity a tad too much… Nah, I ‘m not gonna psychoanalyse you here but maybe one day you ‘ll take a good look in the mirror and face some hard truths about yourself.

    I ‘m also too aware of who I am. Which means my individuality isn’t threatened by every other comment I read here and there. What annoys me tho and I believe I ‘ve made it crystal clear is that George had to have this particular fanbase. So I don’t particularly connect or like most of you and vice-versa. Oh well.

  12. Remarkable – This is Your space. You conceived of it. You put the time into it by constructing these posts and participating in conversations here. I don’t see how it should be up to any of us to tell you how best to run this space. If things here are getting out of hand, then I say take whatever steps you wish to take in order for this space to function in the way you want it to.

  13. Pepi- I don’t have a problem with you, but I do think you need help. I just sent an e-mail to the fastmail account you posted awhile ago.

  14. Thanks, I ‘ll reply to you later.

    The funny thing about this is on last night, I decided I didn’t wish to be here anymore. It wasn’t the first time but I was quite determined. And then tonight I read this entry by Remarkable…it was like my thoughts created on some level a reason for me to stay away.

    With regards to help, it’s all relative. In many ways, I ‘m saner than most & ahead of my time…but then I also agree with you, I need some kinda something…I ‘m not the only one.

  15. By the way, I ‘m not on medication and for what it’s worth, I think people resort to it too easily. If the problem is one of feelings, I think it’s best to go thru them with talk therapy or other means. Otherwise the suppressed/repressed feelings will come up again…either in this life or the next…

  16. @Evelyn

    Thanks for your comment. I take your point, and you’re right. However, a big part of this blog is the comments section, which is down to the “George Michael” community. I’d really like the comments section to be a genuine reflection of the diversity of the community.

    That means, I want anyone to feel able to post comments here if they want; and it’s obviously fine if they don’t want to post.


    Thanks so much for giving your points of view on this topic – it’s much appreciated.

    ** What Will Happen Next **

    Perhaps not surprisingly, it’s clear that not everyone here is going to agree with each other, or get on with each other!

    From the next post onwards, the moderation policy is going to change a little bit. How? Well, the guiding principle for the moderation is that everyone is welcome here (whether they post comments, or just read them). That means, if I see people trying to drive others away by deliberately trying to make them feel uncomfortable, I may moderate (delete) particular comments. It also means that, if the comments on a post start to get wildly off-topic in a way that I think isn’t interesting to people (nothing wrong with conversations going off in interesting directions), I may delete some comments to try to keep things back on track. Such moderation will be a last resort – as I said before, in general, I’m not a fan of deleting people’s comments.

    Thanks again to everyone for giving their points of view.

  17. Leave all the comments until it gets really bad.. once you start to moderate.. it’s all downhill from there on…

  18. Just to be clear – everyone will be able to post comments immediately. There won’t be any “moderation by default”. And, as you say Nav, I won’t be deleting anything unless it’s really bad.

  19. Miss Freeek said: “Nothing personal against these psychotic creatures, if anything, pity, but the result of their comments is that they continually pollute every discussion with their insane “contributions”.”

    You’re right, there appear to be quite a few people who seem to totally have lost their marbles. But I often wonder how many there really are and if there really isn’t just one person constantly talking to his/her crazy self.

    @ Remarkable: this is your place and you get to set the rules. I guess having the nutters pollute your blog is part of the price you pay for your success in the last few months.

  20. Remarkable says: “That means, if I see people trying to drive others away by deliberately trying to make them feel uncomfortable”.

    Oh, Eva is just trying again…did you notice?

    But you also kinda tried to do that when you posted that entry. Now I have to ask you…what do you really think of my posts? Do they strike you as those of a mentally ill person? And if yes, why, try to substantiate.

    And please define your terms….sanity…insanity… Do you really think it’s insane of me to address George on your blog? Cause…I think you do it sometimes too. Infact, you go further, you even address Kenny! lol The reason I ‘m asking is I don’t care about what the rest think. But it is your blog and if you ‘d rather I didn’t talk to George or go off-topic or whatever, I would like to know. It goes without saying I would oblige.

    Okay, now, listen, I do accept I have polarised the atmosphere once again. I also do not like it myself when I feel the need to talk to George on here. But provided it is allowed, I ‘d rather do that than have some other sort of extreme behaviour…I don’t do drugs, I don’t drink(nor drink & drive), I don’t have a sex addiction. Sometimes I may eat a couple of bars of chocolate or too much ice cream when I feel very depressed(and I wish I didn’t) but other than that…just this attachment to George. And a general hypersensitivity….

    Sometimes I don’t deal with it the right way. But it does get kinda raw and intense and…

    So, anyway, I just wanna say this to George, hoping he will see it at some point:

    Okay, I don’t know how to love you the way you need to be loved…But I ‘m trying…sometimes I think I ‘m making progress but then you do something that affects me deeply and I ‘m back to square one.

    This song…An Easier Affair…I don’t get it…why sing it, George? Cause when you sing, you put out a certain energy…is that the vibe you wish to transmit? Do you still feel the way you did when you wrote it? Do you still feel like dancing with the freaks? And do you want your fans to cheer you when you do?

    And that other song, My Mother Had A Brother…why sing this live George…is this because again, you feel the way you did when you wrote it or…do you feel it heals people’s hearts? People who ‘ve had similar experiences with you perhaps? I don’t know…personally I don’t see it…To me, it sort of tries to justify a deeply seated depression…and that line about making so much love…was it really love or just sex?

    Com’ on, George, please, I don’t want to fight…You may not like people analysing you, esp me, you may wish I was just there for you…but I was silent for so many years…that didn’t achieve much either…

  21. Pepi, I don’t know if you have mental health problems or not. But, whether you do or you don’t, you’re welcome here. As is everyone. Among the general population, there is a lot of stigma associated with issues of mental health. However, I don’t want people to feel stigmatised here. And of course, it’s hard to define terms: mental illness isn’t black or white. There are many shades of grey. Some forms need to be treated by medication, some do not. Some forms trouble people for at most a few days a year; some forms 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    I wasn’t meaning to single anyone out. Neither was I intending to drive anyone away. I must apologise if I gave that impression. I was, in fact, seeking an open debate, where everyone could get their issues on the table.

  22. @George(cont’ed from above)

    I don’t like patronizing you. But then you do that to people around you all the time, don’t you? How many people do you have in your life that call a spade a spade? And how often do you listen to them?

    I don’t know how edgy you are now that you ‘re touring but I think I ‘m picking up a lot of nerves…Is this how it’s gonna be for the next couple of months?

    By the way, are you gonna be singing that song, This Is Not Real Love when the tour hits the UK? Cause, I was thinking of a little twist you could add…You know where you say, ”think of all the promises I made to you” etc? Well, you could get Mutya to give you a slap there…the sort of slap that you would remember for the next 100 lifetimes…I could probably do it better than her but then Mutya sings better than me…No offence to the “close friend” it was inspired by but if he treated that woman like that, and if he is in the habit of making promises he doesn’t keep, surely a slap is in order. He needs to wake up.

  23. “Do you really think it’s insane of me to address George on your blog? Cause…I think you do it sometimes too. Infact, you go further, you even address Kenny! lol”

    The difference there is that Remarkable does it for a laugh and I’m not sure you do.

  24. @Remarkable



    I think it’s uneccessary for you and me to talk about this here. We know each other better than that.

  25. If you are strong enough to hold things without moderation, that’s good in the way that what we all expect is that people see themselves or find due contrast enough by not being afraid to express themselves… and be able to just take responsability on themselves, so that they just and simply don’t go on repeating their mistakes, for the fear to look ahead in a simple and honest way.. (it is maybe this incredible fear to be the simple things… that has to end up in the worst way… maybe or to have to protect oneself (which I understand…) So without having to use any severe measure that we all know that they don’t work and cause bigger trouble…

    It could be neccesary though to send people a notice explaining them why they are getting that warning because sometimes I don’t know whether they don’t know it or they keep finding all sort of excuses to remain over common sense rules… then they will just feel less guilty in the future… I understand the need of self justification… I think we all understand that and when someone is or has been sick there is nothing but that truth to feel sorry about. But there is no need to over do it then! If it’s healt it’s just healt no bitterness… if it’s not, the only thing that it takes is being healt by doing well, with a healthy attitude everything gets well on its place having to do nothing special than taking this conviction really and commit positively to it and responsability and good humbleness which is very different than self shame! I want the first one not the second one! I know what is like…. I know what is having a million justifications on your back head… but then is why one has to learn it, which is great🙂 ufff😉

  26. A final note to you Remarkable: Even tho you told me everyone here is welcome etc, I will not be staying. I ‘m glad I said all the stuff I said in the last couple of months. So thank you for giving me the opportunity to do so.

    But of course, I do not share a certain mentality that exists amongst many here. And even tho it has always been important for me to express myself to George, I will not allow myself to be the recipient of abusive comments either.

    Now, George, I don’t know what will happen from now on… but you are right, it deff doesn’t glisten and shine the way it used to. And the clock has been ticking for so long…… and all those simple things that won’t come again…The worst part? It’s not sexy anymore.

    We should have met offline a long time ago.

  27. As for George’s promises . . he promised never to tour again, and look how that turned out for us all!

  28. @ ann
    George is touring again because he is happy now. Something in his life is going good. I am happy for him. I think he just needed someone that supported him & wanted him to make music…which is what he did not have enough of before. 🙂

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