Set Changes For The Madrid Show

George’s second show on the 25 Live tour is happening tonight in Madrid. There are bound to be some refinements to the show. Here’s the set list from the first Barcelona gig:

1) Waiting
2) Flawless
3) Fastlove
4) Father Figure
5) Star People
6) The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
7) Praying For Time
8 ) Too Funky
9) You Have Been Loved
10) Everything She Wants
11) My Mother Had A Brother
12) Shoot The Dog
13) Faith
14) Spinning The Wheel
15) Jesus To A Child
16) An Easier Affair
17) A Different Corner
18 ) Amazing
19) Too Funky (again)
20) I’m Your Man
21) You Have Been Loved
22) Careless Whisper
23) Freedom 90

How might this change for tonight’s show? Well, the major criticism of the first show, especially from those in the audience that aren’t hard-core George Michael fans, was that it felt like there were too many ballads in the first half. So, expect the order of songs to be changed slightly (perhaps with The First Time Ever, and Praying For Time not being played one after the other); or even one of the ballads left out, and replaced with an up-tempo number like The Edge Of Heaven being added in.

What changes, if any, would you like to see?

31 thoughts on “Set Changes For The Madrid Show

  1. He may choose to replace the second “Too Funky” with – say – “Understand” or “The Edge of Heaven” or “One More Try”. One… was the song I missed the most, I gotta say.

  2. I was pleased to read that he sang My mother had a brother, it’s icredibly beautiful. I am not so keen on Everything She Wants. I would include Precious Box, it is amazing. He could also includes If you were my woman, I jus love he way he sings it.

  3. An Easier Affair & Shoot The Dog should be axed. The former for obvious reasons…the latter cause…well,firstly political satire needs good timing. He got that when he released it(almost). But to go back to it now seems unwise. If he was looking for some controversy which would hopefully earn him more media attention, there must have been better ways to do it(tho I strongly disagree with that whole publicity seeking mentality).

    And if he is SO concerned about politics and the relationship between America & Britain, he might as well go study politics and then run for PM(which party you may ask…his own of course!).

    Does he really want to heal the situation?……Better address the culture that allows for people like George W Bush to be in power. Whatever happened to Precious Box?

  4. I have to agree with Pepi, I hope that he drops Shoot The Dog (well atleast the Bush thing) and definitely adds in Precious Box, although this seems unlikely as it hasn’t been mentioned as being rehearsed or in the programme. It’s a shame to leave this out as it was one of the better songs on Patience and it would add to the number of upbeat songs.

  5. He’s never going to axe Shoot the Dog, at least not in any of the European shows – imo.
    I think the shows will be a bit shorter from now on, possibly about 2 hours (exclusive the break). Precious Box could be one of a couple of songs that he’ll rotate in every city, as to keep an element of surprise in. Meaning there could be about 14/15 songs he’ll do every show and a couple more that will be a surprise.

  6. Seriously doubt he will axe Shoot the Dog; he loves the controversy, he’s got the visual, etc. Could delete a ballad but whatever he deletes, someone will be unhappy. I would love to see a Stevie Wonder song, considering Stevie’s influence on George, preferably Livin’ for the City.

  7. With regards to My Mother Had A Brother…I don’t think I ‘ve listened to that song more than three or maybe four times in my entire life. But I know I wouldn’t want to go to a show where George sang it. Same goes for most songs on the Patience album with the exception of Round Here and Patience itself.

    Even Older(the album)…that I connect more with…it makes me so depressed…I don’t like listening to songs that were written when George was already a heavy marijuana user…

    I like nostalgic songs tho…that’s why I like LWP…and Kissing A Fool…and so many of his covers…But this is not Cover To Cover, I understand he can’t indulge in too many of them. Too bad for me…

  8. by far, although Andrew will not be there, the best thing to make and fill in the playlist is by far a Club Tropicana long version mix with much more ladies and gentlemen in backing vocals and a lot of classic trumpets filled in with jazzy piano arrangements, until the winter will get settle among us….

  9. … i mean he is in a latino space and ambience…, if now is not the moment, then when will be …???

  10. so, remarkable how big was the crowd ??? and where were they gathered ??? In an auxiliary stadium of Camp Nou complex? …and the crowd was no more or less than 18 000 people as the gossips vehicled…..?

    …..anyway , everyone post for the Club Tropicana filled in …

    … that will be a truly complete show for a “full-career” tour as it wanted to looks like…… and with that classical tune the whole party will sound as a pure pop music…. like he did so bloody well in the past.

  11. I think it’s interesting that George has said that he thinks that many of the Wham! songs wouldn’t work with him singing them now. For example, he said that, in his opinion, Wake Me Up wouldn’t work.
    I think that’s a shame. It would have been good to see George perform more Wham! songs, and at least one song from the Fantastic album. And I think that song *should* be Club Tropicana. That sounds better today that it did when it was originally released; and I’m sure he could bring it up to date.

  12. I’m not sure how I would feel about George doing “Young Guns” now, or “Bad Boys”.😉 Especially not if that would mean he would have to skip a more recent song.
    I’m kind of glad he does so many songs from his later period. The songs from Patience especially, as we haven’t heard him do those live before.

  13. … well, a totally agree with George on Wake me up….. i know very well what he thinks and feels, although the song is a very classical pop one, but it simply couldn’t work nowdays, you know…. will be totally pathetical one with “… Left me sleepin’ in my bed I was dreaming, but I should have been with you instead…..’Cause I’m not plannin’ on going solo….or, “It’s cold out there, but it’s warm in bed, we’ll stay home instead….”

    I just can’t imagine him doing this today cos it will be extremely hilarious (despite the very huge ‘hook’ of the song), and we all quite know George with a very sensitive and sharp sense of ridiculousness…

    So, it will be only with Andrew on scene to escape from the ridiculous way of playing that song….. and to prepare only for a tongue-in-cheek version of singing some Wake me up samples…..

    BUT all this won’t be happen on Club Tropicana , cos this did not have such a pathetical juvenile couple story….

    … and, as i remember, George has mentioned a duet with Andrew on Club Tropicana towards the end of the tour, probably in UK along with a new official single version release of that song…

  14. and, of course, Knobby thany u,…. i knew Remarkable doesn’t know cause Remarkable wasn’t there, but i supposed he had talked 2 u…. Thank u again for posting here…..

  15. I think George will sing more Wham! songs with Andrew in UK(especially in Wembley).I want to say something about the stage show of Shoot The Dog.I read some news about the tour could be in US next year.I know that lots of US fan want to see George there.But I think GM does not want that.He keeps his political position and he showed that by unzipping US President’s trousers!GM is still #1 in pop music!Ofcourse he can have a political position.But he should not need a political show as a pop superstar.I think everyone should talk about the huge stage and his perfect perfomance.but I was really sorry when I saw some press reviews about the Shoot the Dog dicussion..sorry for my bad english:(

  16. Are most people on this blog under medication? I know I am and I think I’m relatively sane compared to most on here!

  17. I was looking at the setlist again…here’s what I think:

    1)Use to love that song, I could connect to it on a deep level. Not anymore. When something is broken, it’s broken, no hope of making it brand new again.

    2)Nobody’s flawless therefore not convincing. Also, the whole thing of going to the city and becoming a star, well, there’s more to life than “stardom”, you know.

    3)Good beat but soulless lyrics/video(I ‘d say one of his worst videos). Forget-me-nots is the only truly interesting element of that song but don’t worry, I ‘m not gonna be asking any uncomfortable questions here.

    4)Beautiful ballad. It was always a bit over the top, to be honest, but if you ‘re romantic you kinda overlook that. But right now, it doesn’t sound covincing for yet another reason: If anything, George is the one who needs a father figure presto. I thought that therapist of his had assumed that role but then if that were truly the case, George would be a different man today.

    5)Never liked that song. Kinda pretentious if you ask me.

    6) I like this one. Good choice.

    7)See above

    8)I love Too Funky. Always have, always will.

    9)It’s a great song. Not sure I would want to hear it live though.

    10)Oh please

    11)I have commented on this one in the past, I ‘m glad he stopped singing it. I hope he won’t bring it back. But even if he does, I won’t be losing any sleep over it.

    12)The point he’s trying to make is still valid. I just wish he had written another song to demonstrate it.

    13)Oh, yeah…We all need to have faith I suppose.

    14)I like the babyloves and that’s it.

    15)It’s a beautiful track but it was never my favorite, I don’t particularly connect with it.

    16)I have said all there was to say about this one. Also, see 11) above.

    17)You don’t want me to tell you what I really think of this one. You really don’t.

    18)I don’t particularly like it. But then it ain’t that bad either. But shouldn’t he dedicate this one to Kenny, didn’t he write it for him? I read somewhere when he introduces Jesus To A Child he says this is for Anselmo( I think he does it also with You Have Been Loved, not sure). Well, I think the least he can do for his current partner is dedicate a song to him during this tour.

    19)I wouldn’t mind listening to Too Funky twice in a show.

    20)Sexy song but I disagree with certain lyrics(as usual). Like if I were going out with someone and he told me ”your friends don’t need to know”, I would tell him to take a hike. I have very few trusted friends. If I couldn’t tell them, then I see no point in the friendship.

    Also, that line, “I ‘ll make you rich, I ‘ll make you poor” Umm, is someone trying to reveal his dark side here?? Well, thanks, good to know!

    21) So that was a typo. Yes, Outside is cool.

    22)Isn’t that the most “tired” song in the whole Universe or what. Also, where he sings “who’s gonna dance with me now”-bleh. I mean he makes it sound as if the only reason the man wants the girl to stay is his fear of being lonely. How pathetic is that.

    23)I prefer Liberty but Freedom is okay too. Esp the lines about “belonging” (or not as the case may be).

  18. “Good beat but soulless lyrics/video(I ‘d say one of his worst videos). Forget-me-nots is the only truly interesting element of that song”

    I ‘m just trying to remember to what extent he’s sampled the original musically but I cannot bring to mind the P. Rushen track just now…does anyone know?

    “I mean he makes it sound as if the only reason the man wants the girl to stay is his fear of being lonely.”

    It’s actually a pattern with George…there are many songs of his that deal with “safety” as opposed to true romance.

    To me, being in love, truly, madly, deeply is a dynamic thing. Safety and risk, protection and danger should coexist…I expect the other person to inspire both in me at different times. I want us to go on an adventure together.

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