The Reviews Are In – They’re Lovin’ George!

The first show on George Michael’s European Tour, 25 Live, happened late on Saturday – too late for the reporters at the gig to meet deadlines for most of the Sunday papers. So, the reports have had to wait until today. The verdict from the UK press? On the whole, they loved the show.

The Sun says – George proved he is simply one of the best vocalists this country has ever produced, with a stunning performance of hits from his giant back catalogue. See the full article.

The Mirror says – (He) showed talent and versatility the likes of Robbie Williams would kill for. See the full article.

The press reviews haven’t been universally positive. David Sinclair of The Times didn’t seem to enjoy the show at all, giving it a rating of 2/5, saying – (it was a) a show noticeably lacking the wow factor. In particular, he thought that – the besetting problem, particularly during the first half of the show, was an excess of slow, maudlin ballads... the pop landscape has changed in his absence, and at times he looked a bit creaky. See the full article.

But you pays your money and takes your choice here as to presence or lack of “wow factor”, because The Independent says – When the black curtain drops to reveal the singer emerging from a gigantic cascading video screen, which reaches all the way from the rafters down to the front row, the audience gasps in wonder... and describes the staging as generally “breathtaking”. See the full article.

18 thoughts on “The Reviews Are In – They’re Lovin’ George!

  1. Picture above was on The Sun website but has since been removed… Strange.

    Also strange is how The Times says ‘When Robbie Williams or Madonna mounts a show of these proportions, it is a fast-moving theatrical song-and-dance feast’. They must have seen different shows by Robbie and Madonna to the ones I did. Robbie’s was attrocious with him just going through the motions and Madonna’s was boring with a capital B. Two gay chaps in front of me even left less than half the way through, that’s how bad it was!!

    And don’t even mention both of their vocal performances.

  2. Both of the broadsheets gave good balanced reviews, with constructive criticism I think. George’s main selling point has always been his voice, and none of these reviews had one bad word to say about that. The other point that both of the broadsheets made is that they felt there were too many ballads in the first half. That’s something George and his musical director can work on, they just change the order around a little bit.
    All in all, I think George will be thrilled with these reviews.🙂

  3. All reviews, also in the broadsheets, have raved about George’s vocal performance, which I think is still the most important point for a concert, lol. One said the show is too long, well, we’ve been waiting for 18 freeeking years, how could it possibly be too long? And to compare his with Madonna or Robbie’s show, which is more about show than it is about music…that’s exactly what George didn’t set out to do, lol. All in all, I think for a first show these reviews are pretty good. Like I said, it’s all about the vocal performance – nobody has had ONE bad word to say about that.

  4. Typical! I ask someone out to get a couple of tabloids and a broadsheet. Sun and Mirror – check. Daily Telegraph – no review. Haven’t the heart to tell them. LOL.

  5. I can’t remember, Guardian has ever written anything positive about George, but they jut have!!!!!!!!

    “Although the trademark stubble is now greying, the 43-year-old still has one of the finest voices in British pop, singing for more than two hours without a single faltering note. It was a welcome reminder of quite how a shy Greek Cypriot schoolboy from East Finchley in north London managed to become one of the biggest stars in the world.”

    Read the rest here:,,1880103,00.html

  6. as a thought….

    …it’s pretty sad that even in this new show George seems he doesn’t care to put a brilliant tune like “Cowboys and Angels” in a live version performance. Cos it was a wonderful surprise with “Waiting” ( so suitable in a new other way with this comeback show ) in the begining of the gig, but soooo sadly he won’t be doing such a masterpiece like Cowboys and Angels….

    I guess it the most queer and unfair ratio “value/playing as well” of a song of him in his entire career….. Hope though we will see until the the end of the tour, but – i don’t know why – i rather doubt….

    P.S. : Could it be that hard for his band to perform a jazzy live performing atmosphere that such a song could bring ? It’s that hard for the crew into this jazzy challenge, or for George’s mood to performing it live ?

  7. @empty charm

    George has stated before that Cowboys and Angels was the hardest song he’s ever recorded(sourced from the LWP vol 1 interview CD)…so i guess the thoughts of a live performance look bleak….shame its one of my faves tunes

  8. …it’s one of OUR favourites tunes…. . So, we all very well know it’s “the hardest song to play”, but…. once it is your own song, and not anybody else’s, and recorded well in the studio, and once you had MONTHS & MONTHS to rehearsal a show, you could prepare enough to play it well…… . Come on, i mean George & the whole ‘band’ couldn’t get any challenge ???

  9. I tell u something. The people 4 the Times and the Telegraph need 2 get out more. They don’t even know what they r talking about. Brilliant concert, brilliant vocals. That’s all I can say

  10. I think the best part was “the audience, mostly in their 30’s and 40’s….”, like there’s something wrong with that? What does she think, George is going to have an arena full of people who weren’t even born when he first became famous. Silly cow!! LOL! Go back to reviewing Robbie and Justin, and stop going to concerts where people actually know how to SING, rather than just shake their arses!!

  11. I think the best part in The Telegraph was “the audience, mostly in their 30’s and 40’s….”, like there’s something wrong with that? What does she think, George is going to have an arena full of people who weren’t even born when he first became famous. Silly cow!! LOL! Go back to reviewing Robbie and Justin, and stop going to concerts where people actually know how to SING, rather than just shake their arses!!

  12. On the one hand, I love the fact he didn’t use any dancers & their regular dance routines. Very brave of him too.

    But then, there’s another concept of dance out there…the more abstract, contemporary dance stuff…It would have been great if he could have somehow incorporated elements of that in the show…not too much…just some imaginative, highly evocative choreography that would blend in with some of the ballads…some live and some video…

  13. But going to a pop concert has never been my thing. Been to very few in my life. I don’t like the atmosphere of screaming crowds. I guess other people do. It must give them a sense of connecting & belonging to something greater than themselves. I get that from nature or classical music or an inspired dance performance…

    Speaking of dance, that’s the only sort of performance that I would ever consider watching more than once. I love dissecting technique. People who go to more than one George show(during the same tour) must love dissecting notes or something…

    By the way, George, do you actually need an adoring, often bitchy fanbase to feel good? And would you agree that to each his own audience?

    Also, If you went on a stage and noone came…except for the engineers maybe…would you still sing for them?

  14. And you know, that message on the tour programme……Okay, I was expecting something different. Like I didn’t get the “fool” part…Why would a person be a fool if they thought they would never sing their songs in front of a great audience again? You were trying to say something there about yourself but then you didn’t.

    And the other part…”my apologies for being such a tease”…So…you are saying you were teasing people during that press conference in Berlin? No, I don’t believe you were…so why say it…

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