George Triumphs In Barcelona!

Singer George Michael kicked off his 25 Live tour last night in Barcelona. By all accounts, the show was a great success. Expect a full report later on Knobby’s Blog.  Knobby’s report is available now.

104 thoughts on “George Triumphs In Barcelona!

  1. Very nice to you Remarkable and Knobby ….. and fery nice with so beautiful “Waiting” – but so fit now , with this comeback tour…..

    Thanks a lot again. Hope George will recover with some faith in his soul & also recover with some…….. “memory of truth”….. . God bless him !

  2. Okay here are some facts Mr Michaels is singing over a backing track..not 100%live.
    The too funky glitch proved this.

    And no one has mention the band?

  3. Remarkable — regarding the last comment by BMK; how does this work now in the music industry? Is George singing over some sort of backing track? And do all artists do so live? I’d like to understand the technology.

    The bottom line is: George was singing, since Knobby has told us that he clearly forgot the lyrics at point!

  4. Exactly Ann. GEORGE was singing, George was performing, George was there for his fans after 18 years and THAT IS THE MAIN THING! Anyway in this business who really cares if someone like GM (or Madonna, or Michael Jackson etc) is singing over a backing track??? As he said once he’s NOT Bruce Springsteen and he’s NOT a rock star, HE IS A POPSTAR WHO’s SINGING TALENT UNDENIEBLE. I don’t really care if Madonna is mimicking (but she’s NOT) until she
    gave me a show like hers. But George? I don’t really care if he does nothing, just being there on stage flesh and bones…

  5. naaa if i am paying £100, i expect better.He did not do it on the cover to cover tour or unplugged.The question is why now?Georges sound was always pure.I could not give a shit if he shakes ass.If i want a stage show where someone mimes i will watch Britney.

  6. Hey Billy, have you watched the show last night? Or is it another sick fantasy of yours?🙂
    You better go and see Britney cause you’ll have never get a second chance to see a hot girl, like her!!! You can wank off at home instead, like the other coward ones, who can critise her but they go crazy about her, and fantasies about her… And back to George. HE NEVER
    mimes and you know what? Don’t you ever give a shit if he doesn’t play totally live, because HE SIGNS HIS LEAD ABSOLUTELY LIVE and the others doesn’t really matter, don’t you think so? Otherwise your opinion is just your opinion, and means nothing, really. But if you want to be seem more dominated you’ve got to be more realistic and prepared and credible.

  7. By the way it is exciting to have this conversation with you. I love your brave attitude on a forum like this.

  8. why the jumping to the conclusion by some that George wasn’t singing live? Because of the glitch with Too Funky? Who says that wasn’t a glitch with the computer screen and the videos playing behind him? According to many people who were actually there and heard it first hand, George was indeed singing totally live.

  9. RIA..
    I don’t know what makes you so dumb, but it really works….the thing is i would have liked to insult you, but the sad truth is that you wouldn’t understand me.

    BUT you did make me laugh…..Now get back to your village…its missing its idiot.

  10. @ Ann

    “Is George singing over some sort of backing track?”

    Yes, he is. The truth is, it’s not easy to recreate some of the sounds on the records with live musicians. For example, some of the electronic bass notes that George uses simply cannot be played on any musical instrument: not a bass guitar; not a keyboard. And that’s just one example. There are lots of sounds on George’s records that were created on a computer. So, what they’ve done is use a backing track to “fill out” the sound. It’s a perfectly valid artistic choice.

    Of course, the other way to go would be have 100% live arrangements. I suspect, though, that George hasn’t had the time to do new arrangements for so many of the songs in his back catalogue; which is why, on the whole, he’s gone for arrangements that are similar to those on the records (or to previous live arrangements). And for that, you need a backing track.

    Bottom line: there is a live band on this tour, there are live backing singers, and George sings live too. It will be interesting to see how the set develops as the tour progresses.

  11. So there we have it fans….Mr Michael took the easy option and is singing over a backing track.
    Mr lazy, oh and i dont wash with this “oh you can create that sound live”..i saw david bowie, he had a light show..and all of his songs were sung 100%live and all sounded exactly the same.
    Mr lazy could of sang songs which didnt have complex arrangements, he has plenty to choose from.
    Excuses ..excuses..the fact is..Mr Michaels has very little confidence in himself anymore.

  12. The funny thing is Billy… almost everyone in the audience seemed to be blown away by the show. And even the ladies and gentlemen of the press, on the whole, enjoyed it.

    I don’t think George is taking the “easy option” here. A lot of time, effort and money has been put into this show.

    I hope you enjoy it when you go to see it.

  13. ‘i saw david bowie, he had a light show..and all of his songs were sung 100%live and all sounded exactly the same’, says Billy Big Knob Gay Gordon.

    So you’re saying any electronic music during David Bowie’s show was played live. I find this hard to believe… surely it is pre programmed and someone presses a button as necessary, ie ‘a backing track’?

    Do you think Madonna’s musicians played the Gimme Gimme Gimme sample live during her shows? And no doubt U2 and Coldplay (as mentioned by yourself on Planet George) use some sort of backing track overlayed with live instruments?

  14. Get your facts right, before you come one here talking crap.
    David Bowie, U2 or coldplay do not lypsinc(these artists and many more are totally against it), Madonna does.There is huge diff btwn having some small backing track running to provide some “fillings”….than having the whole show pre recorded..vocals and all.(George Michael).
    “Alternatively, there are many acts who are not considered lip synchers and have never mimed songs, unless appearing on a show where only lip synching is featured. These acts who shun lip synching include Whitney Houston, Bruce Springsteen, Billy Joel, Bon Jovi, Avril Lavigne, Jessica Simpson, Alanis Morisette, Alicia Keys, and Coldplay to name just a few. They also garner more respect in the music industry as well.”

  15. Billy – what makes you say the whole show was pre-recorded, vocals and all? That’s just not true. George is singing live on this tour. That band is playing live on this tour.

  16. And anyway you miss my point….Madonna has always done it and i could not give a rats ass about her.Now on the other hand George Michael has never done it..why now?

  17. Rem…trust me….99% of the show is pre-recorded..everyone is just blasting on top….lets call it a “safety net”.

  18. Has anyone claimed George is lipsyncing?

    I can’t understand why you’re bothered that George (in your opinion) is now lipsyncing because from all your negative comments you’re not exactly a fan.

  19. Billy, are you working on the production of the show? I only assume that you are as how else would you know 99% of the show is pre-recorded.

  20. Sorry Billy – you’re mistaken. George was not lip synching. There were any number mistakes in George’s singing that prove he was singing live. And, in those parts where George got the lyrics wrong, or even went into entirely the wrong part of the song, there was no backing track with the correct lyrics playing to be heard.

  21. @Limpdick

    Seriously, he had about 30 plus (minor and some major) mistakes with lyrics, forgetting parts, doing them again etc. Pre-recorded with mistakes? Sounds like something George would do, doesn’t it? Were you there? Unless you were, I suggest you shut it.

  22. Terri…..30!…there were more than that..I suggest a reccount.Anyway get ya head out of Kevin Spaceys ass..what is it with you and Gay guys?

  23. @George

    Three weeks ago, I received an email from the fanclub. I was not a member at the time.* I received it thru my primary email. It was about the 25LIVE packages. It said “you are receiving this email because you ‘ve previously signed up for the GM newsletter”…or something along those lines. To be very honest with you, George, I don’t remember ever doing that using that particular email…but maybe I did for a very brief period of time in 2003…Even if I did, I must have unsubscribed soon aferwards. And so I should not have received any email three weeks ago…if you get my drift.

    So, anyway, it was that time of the month when I got the email *rolling her eyes*…I just thought, what the heck, I ‘ll buy a couple of tickets. But I had to register first to get that code for members etc. I didn’t like that either but I did it.

    Yes, I have since regretted it. I keep reading the terms and I just don’t get it. Why “no refunds or exchanges”? So, I ‘m not allowed to change my mind about coming to that concert? But…do you consider that fair? If you can change your mind about 1001 things, so can I. The fact that I ‘m bound by stupid and more importantly unfair terms & conditions just goes to show…doesn’t it?… Anyway, even tho I do want my money back, I won’t be selling those tickets. I may give them away, throw them away but I ‘m not really into selling…I considered it but realized it’s not exactly my style.

    So, in case I didn’t make it plain, there are two points I wanted to raise here:

    1. Please make sure I do not receive any more such emails given I am not currently on any mail lists. Tell the people who send out those emails or whatever you need to do, but please make sure. Emails from your fanclub are not welcome in my inbox anymore.

    2.I just think it’s an unfair way of conducting business…to tell people there are no exchanges or refunds. Yes, I know everybody does it etc but that doesn’t make it any fairer. Besides…if what you reap is what you sow, somebody will do it one day to you, George…and you know you won’t like it then.

    Thank you for understanding


    *a friend of mine was so if I wanted to read something, I could use his account. Lovely guy he is.

  24. P.S: And something else…when I registered, I had to provide a lot of personal details. I didn’t like that either. If you want to have so much info on strangers(isn’t that what we are..?), you must be willing to provide it too to them.

  25. P.P.S: And one more thing, why does it say the ticket is non- transferable? Surely I can give them to friends!?

  26. Pepi,

    Refunds aren’t issued for concert tickets unless the event gets cancelled. And if you really want to get off the mailing list, I doubt this particular forum is the right place to address that issue.

  27. Julie, you are partly right…in saying that it’s not the right place…but if there’s a subtext to my previous three posts it’s this: I ‘m very pissed off tonight. I should have boarded a flight to London two hours ago…I missed it. I have to be in London at 10:00am on Wednesday morning. I just cannot afford not to be there. The only other available flight between now & Wed morning is an early morning one tomorrow. I booked a ticket on that one but given I ‘m still very upset, I don’t think I ‘ll be catching it either.

    And what does that have to do with this blog or George for that matter? It does in many ways…

    He should never have released that song, An Easier Affair…But he did…and that “cute” video too…Well, it seems that he has not regretted doing so(despite the lovely chart positions he got which surely should have gotten the message across *rolling her eyes*)…since he’s included it in his setlist…It’s also gonna be on that Greatest Hits album….Doesn’t he realize it’s wrong to use one’s creativity that way?

  28. And then…I just think he keeps playing games…on so many levels…He doesn’t like it when others do it tho.

    I don’t know if you believe in karma…I do. I just think it’s dumb to play games with people who are so close to you karmically…it’s like playing games with yourself…

  29. Terri, don’t give me “I know I ‘m going to regret asking this”. You use your cynicism on others, not me.

    Amazone, could you please rephrase? I ‘m not sure I understand you.

    Julie, oh yeah…that’s why he ends up crying so often…

  30. The current webmaster may not have met him, but his father kinda runs the show so at least he ain’t gonna get fired in a hurry.

  31. @Billy

    I ‘m sure they haven’t. That’s why George should be aware of um, their faux-pas and train them accordingly. Ex-members who are no longer on any mailing lists should not be contacted just like that.

  32. “Knobby Says:

    The current webmaster may not have met him, but his father kinda runs the show so at least he ain’t gonna get fired in a hurry.”

    I would comment on this……but i wont.

  33. @Julie

    You are a level-headed person, I like that. You should ‘ve been George’s therapist. Maybe mine as well.

  34. @Everyone!!!!

    Thanks for the support….great to see all the positive comments!


    I’ll be home Wednesday morning. Maybe see you then….if you do make it onto that plane! Do come to the show though…. Dave will be disappointed if you don’t.


    They rumbled you!!

  35. Pepi- You’re right about me. I should be your therapist. In fact, maybe we should do a group therapy session with George.

  36. @Remarkable — thanks for the information on the backing track from you (back about 50 posts ago) and from those who attended the concert. I had a feeling the answer would lie in the electronic sounds, and your additional reason that George probably didn’t have time to redo things makes sense and doesn’t bother me at all.

    It seems that the set list will evolve over the next few weeks and finally settle in to something that makes sense for George and his audience until it changes again for the holidays and the events in London, after the release of the new songs, the CD’s, and the potential for Mutya (and others — Andrew, McCartney) to join him on occasion. I’d love to see Mary J Blige and “As” or Stevie and “Livin’ for the City”.

    By the way, this thread seems to have taken a strange twist and is freefalling. . .

  37. @Julie

    I ‘m game, just tell me where and when.* As for George joining in, an old quote springs to mind…something about “the absence of alternatives clears the mind marvellously”.

    * don’t worry about covering long distances, that’s what private jets are for. I ‘m sure George will oblige.

  38. @90% of the people on this thread…..are you all mental?…i guess if the goverment hadn’t closed down so many mental hospitals you wouldn’t be able to get your hands(shackled) near a PC!!!

  39. @JULIE scroll through these posts and if you don’t agree with me,you soooo neeed to be sectioned!!! Thie thread was about GM’s gig….and look whats happened to it!!

  40. A little trivia from the US. Just saw a clip of “George’s comeback” near the start of news stories on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD with very positive coverage. Right after that a clip of Paul McCartney about his classical music debut in London, then something about Donny Osmond (lol), then something about Tony Bennett. But here’s the important thing — the clips about TOny Bennett (the album is being released in a day or two I think) showed Sting, Elton, McCartney, Streisand, Tim McGraw, Dixie Chicks in the recording studio with TB AND said a DVD of clips from the various recordings would be on sale at TARGET soon. I was not aware of a DVD — while I’m not impressed with the CD music, I might like to have a DVD of the recordings — don’t know for sure if George is on it.

  41. Bless anyone who bothered to read through this thread let alone participate in it.

    Seems a certain someone clearly has sour grapes growing mightly quickly out of his ass!

  42. “Oops, one l for marvelously.”

    I just checked again…apparently, both are correct…I was deff American last time round.

    Remarkable, here’s a couple of ideas for future contests:

    1. IQ test for all GM fans frequenting your blog(which some people will insist on calling forum. Well done Remarkable!)

    2.Contest for all GM impersonators. I ‘m particularly interested in GKP’s results. Supposedly he should win…well, I ‘m not so sure anymore.

  43. @Pepi

    You don’t really want there to be an IQ Test here. Do you? I would think that would preclude you from ever being able to participate again.

  44. @Evelyn

    You just proved my point- there should deff be an IQ test. And they should most deff include you. lol

  45. Pepi Hon..

    I would love to take it and blow you out of the water! But in all reality, your level of intellect wouldn’t be a challenge for many.

    Enough said.

  46. @Evelyn

    Your tragedy is you can’t even recognize my level of intellect.

    It’s because of fans like you that George can get away with so many things.

    I ‘m actually surprised you even bother to address me. Don’t be alarmed if I don’t from now on.

  47. Good morning, Amazone.

    I just missed my second flight.

    I won’t be forgetting this anytime soon, George…

  48. I ‘m watching mine. I ‘m 50 kgs, I wanna go down to 48. But I went to the doctor the other day for a pain in my back and he said I should start exercising because my muscles need to be developped to support better my back. I ‘m not overly excited about the prospect of going to the gym again but what can you do…

    I’m listening to “50 Ways To Leave Your Lover”😉

  49. I ‘d like to record that song with female vocals & slight lyrical changes. How perfect would that be…

  50. @Pepi..

    The only thing that I would ever find alarming about your behavior is if at some point you actually stopped making grandeous overgeneralizations based on little to no fact.

    Point made.

  51. George says: “Do come to the show”

    Well, lemme see…could we turn this thing around……

    Tell you what, if you disowned An Easier Affair and Freeek, if you did not include them in your Greatest Hits album, if you personally invited me, if you send David to pick me up and if you went down on your knees and begged to be forgiven for all the acrimony you caused me over the years, then I guess I could begin to consider a reconciliation.

    There would be further negotiations for all other matters, naturally.

  52. You’re not having much luck here, Pepi, because it appears both An Easier Affair AND Freeek are on the new CD’s!

  53. Smooches, I think it’s *possible* he will bring the tour to Australia next year. However, I think it will depend on how George copes with the European Tour. Right now, George is flying home pretty much every night after the shows, so I’m not sure how enthusiastic he would be about going to Australia and East Asia.

  54. Thank you remarkable! Here’s to hoping! And for those of you who have already seen him, I dislike you extremely!!

  55. Remarkable, how on earth do you know all this? you wouldn’t happen to know what it means to be ‘dancing on the D train?’

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