Listen To The New George Michael – Tony Bennett Duet

On the day when George Michael fell asleep at the wheel of his Range Rover, he had been recording a song with Tony Bennet, called How Do You Keep The Music Playing. The track is for Bennett’s shortly-to-be-released duets album – Duets: An American Classic.

Please have a listen, and share your opinions in the comments section. My opinion? I think it’s poor – one of the worst tracks George Michael has ever recorded (yes, even worse than Like A Baby from the Make It Big album). Actually, all the tracks on this duets album are weak. I’m amazed they’re releasing it, to be honest. It’s a shame – I really wanted to like this album.

Having said that – I do realise that this is just my opinion.  I find it hard to believe anyone will buy this album; but then I thought the same thing about Rod Stewart’s  Great American Songbook albums – and those have been a simply amazing commerical success (well over ten million copies sold).

23 thoughts on “Listen To The New George Michael – Tony Bennett Duet

  1. I don’t believe this. I actually like GM’s vocals on this one, although I don’t think he and Tony Bennet’s voices complement each other very well. why does everyone hate this song?

  2. GM’s vocals are ok on it, but it’s a crap song in my opinion. Try listening to the Stevie duet as well Yogchick, ruined a wonderful song.🙂

  3. I have to agree with u Remark, i think its poor,i also fell asleep listening to it…no need to use Nytol from now on…i’ll just put this s**t on my CD player and i’ll be in the land of nod in no time.

    I have to dissagree with you on the Like a Baby track,thats one of the best tracks on Make it big and deffinatly his best vocal on that album…well in my opinion anyway!!

  4. Re: Like A Baby

    The interesting thing about that track is that it seems to have been George’s “coming out” song. I agree with you that the vocal is great, lots of things about the song are good.

    However, the lyrics “loving you was as good as gold” and “left me crying like a baby” are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo fucking bad, it ruins the song for me. George might as well have written, “And now you’ve gone away, and I filled my nappy.” Ugggghhhhhhhhh…

  5. Yes mate,some of the lyrics were a tad dodgy when you put it that way lol,but he was in his early phase of song writing.Then again,fast forward 20 years “and a football that glowed in the dark”…thats a bit suspect to,in my opinion. I’m sure he could have come up with a better line there as….even though i love that track.

  6. That’s not fair, Remarkable. Like A Baby is a deep song. Yes, George was not a fully mature songwriter at the time, so? Not all songs need to “imply things” in excessively complicated way.
    I like that song *because* of its disarming simplicity, that’s its beauty and charm.

  7. Don’t like it either, but mostly because I don’t like the song very much. Didn’t like it when it was sung by Tony Bennet alone either.
    Like a Baby is by far my most favorite “early period” George song. Dodgy lyrics or not, I’ve always liked it.

  8. Excuse me everyone for my suck English but I’ve been said it before so it’s the last time, can you hear me Billy?
    If you guys don’t like this song you maybe don’t like this kind of tipical american Frank Sinatra-style stuff at all. It gives me xmas feeling so I looove this duet and the other T.B. songs too. I think it’s not boring at all!
    I agree with Robski, Like a Baby is one of the best from Make It Big and should’ve gotten far more attention. Hope this last sentence was correct in English, god🙂

  9. My message 2 u remarkable is this. U NEED 2 GET OUT MORE. I think it is a brilliant duet. George’s voice fits in well with this sort of music. It might not happen but I would like 2 c George record the entire American songbook like Rod Stewart has done.

  10. I listened the the TB album in it entirety once, but here’s my thinking: TB’s voice, at age 80, is clearly not what it used to be. GOd love him for still trying. I think that George, in particular, was very observant of paying tribute to a once great voice, did not try to overshadow it (even though he clearly could, if he wanted to, and I like the fact that he recognized this). In fact, I think most of the singers were paying tribute to TB just to be there. THe duet with George was I thought one of the better ones, because George’s voice is there to pin the song down. If you view it as a tribute, rather than the way you might view George’s own new song, it’s easier to take . . . WIth that said, I had planned to buy the CD, but now I probably won’t even download the song, if it’s even available that way. It doesn’t compare in any way to “Blame it on the Sun.”

  11. @ Matthew May

    If George records albums like American Songbook, as Rod Stewart has, we’ll know he’s given up. Why? Because George has said publically that doing something like that was only for people that are washed up – sorry, I don’t remember the exact quote; but it was something like, “I don’t want to end up like Rod Stewart.” And, he was talking about the American Songbook stuff, not the serving of Dairylea Cheese Triangles at dinner parties…

    Also, contrary to what you say, I am really not convinced that this style – Easy Listening/Lounge-Room Jazz-Lite music (or whatever Tony Bennett’s musical style is called) – works for George at all. I’d rather hear George make a hip-hop album with Kanye West than make an Easy Listening album… and I’m not that keen to hear him record with Kanye West (even though I know George loves him).

    Anyway, I’m glad you like the Tony Bennett duet Matthew – I hope you go out and buy the album to support it.

  12. Well, the vocals on this are more better than some songs from SFTLC, where George seems he only whispering on that songs, not singing with the whole heart and from his big throat. I don’t know why, but in the past, i’ve put the explanations about the fall of his voice on the Anselmo’s death. With Older George was begining to whispering on his songs like in Jesus to a child, fastlove, spinning….and almost the whole album. Because i was careful to his past and saw the best vocals on LWP and Somebody to love tribute, times when he has never had to deal with a loss like Anselmo’s.

    But strange, my theory was denied by the astonishing 1st December – Concert of Hope, when George was about several month by the death of his friend and he had, i guess, the best vocals of his career, like he had on LWP and Somebody to love….

    Then, I was so delighted when i saw and listening to the unplugged with his powerful voice back. But the disappointment was also back, when i was listening to SFTLC, with his whispering voice and the ‘small throat’ again ( except Brother can you….., Secret love and Where or When )

    That’s why, i guess, we all like his live performances because George NEVER used in a live show a whispering voice and a ‘small throat’ even in the songs that he used to play that way on the original version of the albums. ( look to Pavarotti, or Equality Rocks with a very strong voice on Brother can u spare or I remember you, compared with the awful album versions )

    On Patience seems his powerful voice was back (especially on Amazing, My mother had…, Freeek, or somehow John and Elvis…). Also on recently Easier affair…..

    So, the bis disappointment was back in with Blame it on the sun, when he was whispering again, like on SFTLC. What a lack of real involving in a song. U can bet he didn’t even met Ray Charles, they could record the track separately, by listening to the lack of a little collaboration of their voices.

    What i’m trying to say is that the duet with T. Bennett has his strong voice again, specially because is about a stuff like SFTLC, and from that point is also far better than Blame it on the sun.

  13. Yogchick, I recommend that you just download Stevie’s version of “Blame It on the Sun”. Much nicer.

  14. @ An: you might be spot on. It is a tribute album to TB, not a new George song. Looking at it that way, I hear what you’re saying. It’s very well possible George was holding back so not to overshadow the person who is meant to be the center of the album, Tony Bennet.

    I’ve always loved and still love SFTLC.🙂

  15. No offense, but I think that’s goes under the category of “making excuses” and I’d like to see you point out ONE time George allowed something he didn’t 100% approve of to get out to the public. He even told his fans during Wham! to not get a single cause it was rubbish. So, name another time where he compromised himself with anyone.

    He made a joke about “An Easier Affair” not exactly being ‘geriatric old rubbish’. At least he was right there. In this case, however, I’m not so sure. It confuses me, cause I really *am* into this kinda music – and still I can’t stomach this. None of the songs on this album, in fact. It’s not just George not mixing well with Tony – and I don’t hear anyone else compromising, nor would I say George does. He just has his phrasing wrong for this type of song, which is why it disagrees with me.

  16. @matthew

    he was probably planning it after he realised he had no new material and no one would write for him,so the cover route was the only way to go for him,either that or turn up on the odd Pop Idol and be a “mentor” like so may other washed up artists that seek the lime light still often do!!

  17. Like a baby was a fine song, lovely melody – always wished it had been re recorded.

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