This Is Not Real Love – Release Put Back. Possible Reasons…

The release of the new George Michael single (featuring Mutya) – This Is Not Real Love – has been put back by almost a month. The new release date is either November 6 or November 13 (which, incidently, is the likely release date of the album). On the surface, this looks like a really strange decision. Could there be some sensible reasons behind the move, or is it just the record company being clueless? Read on to find out…

Possibly the most dramatic consequence of this change in release date, is that the new date doesn’t appear to leave any time for George to release his new Christmas song – which he thinks is “good” – as a single. A (remote) possibility is that, Sony are going to release This Is Not Real Love as a surprise “double A-side”, with This Is Not Real Love being played on the radio until December, and then “flipping it” to play the Christmas song after that. That could give George pretty much continual radio airplay between now and Christmas.

George’s tour will be in full swing during December, so the media is bound to be full of “George stories” then. I really thought both Sony and George would have wanted to release the Christmas song as a “present” to the fans. We can but hope , then, that the above is in Sony’s plans.

Also, at first glance, it seems likely that the new release date may hurt the chart performance of the new single. Why? Because, unless there is an interesting new track or two on the single, George’s fans won’t be buying the single with at most a week to go before the album is out.

What might qualify as “interesting”? Well, the new release date would allow a live performance from the tour to be included on the single. And, perhaps, a “live” video to be recorded from the tour, if Mutya joins George on stage.

So, to sum up. The release may have been put back to:

  • Allow a “live” video for the single to be recorded, making the most of the £15M stage design.
  • Enable a live track from the tour to be included as a “B-side” on CD 1; and enable the new Christmas song to be included to make a “double A-side” for CD 2. The two single formats being released to maximse the chances of the song going to Number One!

Of course… it goes without saying that the real reasons for delay may be – none of the above! And, whatever the reasons, it has to be said that this is bad planning. Why? Because it means the record went to radio too early. I can tell you from the search engine hits on this blog that, right now, public interest in This Is Not Real Love is massive – much, much bigger than for An Easier Affair. Whether this public interest will be sustained until mid-November is an open question.

20 thoughts on “This Is Not Real Love – Release Put Back. Possible Reasons…

  1. Wellcome back to music industry George!

    I cannot remember since when you took such a strange step; i guess in the Faith era it was. But that was then, with all the context so fit for your future career those days, but now the world music industry is very strange and weird, the caculation in the house does not fit in the public square anymore, because you quite know “the pop music is dead, basically”… LOL! Although such calculations shows a fear and a lack of trust in the work…..

    Well, i guess the ‘devil’ is in disguise in there….. in the world of music industry nowdays.

    Come on George, wake up! You really know that bullshit right there…….. so put a real music with a genuine “hook” in the sound ( you have never did it since Jesus to a child, really…….. oh sorry, Amazing is a very close one to that “hook” that you used to since Wham days, and with Amazing you’ve almost did it )

    Let’s not deliberate so much in that perverse industry of music today, cos it may never work as we expect……..

    BUT , with the ‘hook’ that u know u can do with a little bit inspiration, u can really show them all….. and smash their faces.

    … and the ‘angel’ inside, tells you to give up….. to that bullshit industry i mean.

  2. “This Is Not Real Love – Release Put Back. Possible Reasons…”

    The sudden realisation dawns, that the song has no wider commercial viability (i.e no credible chart position) other than to hardcore fans, so it is decided that the special Christmas single release is better served, given that hardcore fans will be attending concerts and buying merchandise there…making them less likely to buy the single? Anyway, at this stage of George’s career, album sales are the key…surely?

    The day when the only people potentially buying your singles are hardcore fans, is the day to slowly accept retirement gracefully, just like the Robster…

    Given my cynicism, its probably for a good reason. One can only hope so. Can’t help thinking though, that Christmas singles have the seasonal ring of a certain Mr Richard…oh dear!🙂

  3. Not true, I’m afraid. You’re confusing your own feelings with the feelings of the general public.

    During the last week, there has been significantly increasing interest in “This Is Not Real Love” from the general public. How do I know this? Well, I can tell from the access logs in this blog, which track searches people make on popular search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Compared to the public interest in An Easier Affair, I can tell you that the public interest in This Is Not Real Love is *much* bigger…

    And the main interest is actually in George, rather than Mutya. By far the post popular searches are: “george michael this is not real love”; and “this is not real love george michael”; followed by just “this is not real love”.

  4. George Michael singles in the UK are about as popular as bacon sarnies at a bar mitzvah.
    This song we soon be forgotten.

  5. …and you are as popular so far at this site as that bacon sarnies at your bar mitzvah.
    This song I DO NEVER forget for example. And I dont FUCKINg care if you or anybody will.

  6. Sweet Little Microscopic Billy – you do make us laugh!

    Let me try and satisfy your curiosity. RIA’s first language might not be English – however, what he/she states, seems pretty clear (and he/she is not constantly trying to annoy/offend other posters or the OP).

    But I do apreciate your frustration, Billy. I mean, RIA hasn’t come up with anything even remotely close to the Superior English that you use.

    Here are a few enlightening quotes from you, InvisibleKnob:

    – Would of been forgotten if not for Muttley.
    George Michael cannot sell singles anymore.He needs to help.

    – I can bet you this…if Muttley had of released a single same time as George ..she would of went to Number 1 not him.Fact.

    – Sugarbabes have instant number 1`s in UK..there one of the most…

  7. Miss fat..I see you’ve set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public.
    Stop stalking me.
    You are becoming an embarrassment.

    I will say what i like to whom i like.I am sure RIA can reply for themself.Now go back to Planet George and post your dross there.

  8. Awwwwww poor little IsnignificantBilly. Is that the best drivel you can come up with? Surely not… *still giggling*

  9. Overadulation invites contempt, methinks. And hypersensitivity and inability to accept contrasting views invites only more of the likes of Billy Massive Knob. It’s not like this is GMF where GM and anything he does is the Holy Grail. Lighten up people!

  10. I’m not even sure that the Christmas single will ever get released??? I know GM said he’s recorded one and thinks its “quite good”..but we all know GM has recorded some great tracks that have never seen the light of day….i have a feeeling if it does get released it won’t be this year anyway.

    Reasons for the delay?…maybe its the fact a video hasn’t been shot yet,a so called “source” close to Mutya said there hasn’t been talk of a video yet…and GM is touring i guess they will have to fit a filming date in between gigs…hence the delay…hey who knows the real reason,judging by the way Patience and the singles were handled another f**k up isn’t surprising really! it?

  11. @Robski

    “but we all know GM has recorded some great tracks that have never seen the light of day”

    And yet he let the Tony Bennett duet see the light of day and leaves his good stuff placed firmly in a drawer somewhere. Great.

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