Many Happy Returns To Kenny!

Tomorrow (Sunday), it’s the birthday of Kenny Goss, long-term partner of singer, George Michael.  I hope everyone will join with me in wishing Kenny a fabulous birthday.

7 thoughts on “Many Happy Returns To Kenny!

  1. Wishing you the happiest bday to to most envied man in our own GM world!!! Have all kinds of freak fun dear American Angel!!! It is YOUR day and tonight the music may seem to LOOUD!! I hope one day we can meet and could give you a BBIG HHUG! We can thank you a lot, I guess, pls keep love George, stand for him, and I wish you a “MRS” for your birthday, darling!😉 CHEEERS!

  2. Er…I really don’t think Kenny’s going to read your birthday wishes. Happy Birthday, John Ritter!!! *Maybe he’s reading this from heaven…you never know.*

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