George First Approached Mutya When Still In Nappies…

That’s Mutya still in nappies, not George :-)  OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration, but it seems that George first asked Mutya to duet with him three years ago.  A little piece in today’s Mirror tells the story…

If she hadn’t gone solo she would never have recorded a duet, This Is Not Real Love, with George Michael.

“Working with George Michael was the best thing that’s happened since going solo,” says Mutya, whose debut album is out next year.

“He approached me three years ago but I was with the band then. I was star-struck after collaborating with him but he was so lovely. He invited me to his house party but I couldn’t go because my dog went missing that day.”

So, there you have it.

21 thoughts on “George First Approached Mutya When Still In Nappies…

  1. ThanX a lot ! You’re remarkable. Ups , what a simply and stupid true…

    But what about Sade who was supposed, in that time three years ago, also to duet with George ???

    I cannot imagine that she could refuse him, only with some objetive reasons, like than one above……

  2. And also……. it’s true about another track called “Understand” ? It is duet with someone else, or going solo ?

  3. I think George said that Sade was too nervous to do a duet, and that she didn’t really “do duets” anyway. Or something like that, can’t remember the details.

    Understand is not a duet – just George.

  4. “He invited me to his house party but I couldn’t go because my dog went missing that day.””……….


  5. I like the two voices, they work well together. I like the song, it comes accross very sweet. I just want to be able to listen to the single more often,Magic plays it .

  6. [Who cares when George contacted Mutya]


    The clock was always ticking and your humor
    Yes, I know your humor’s always on the run…

    This is not real fun(anymore)
    It don’t glisten and shine the way it used to…

    And those jokes your ‘re hiding
    I simply cannot sleep without them

    P.S: You promised me…

  7. LOL! Melissa!

    I must apologise. In a little over a week, we won’t be able to move for “exciting” George stories… so just a little more Patience is required.

    Thank you for waiting.

  8. Remarkable says: “just a little more Patience”

    Oh, but my browser has nowhere to go
    Nothing to view

    Let’s tease *now* and show them all
    (show them all)

  9. Ann says: “Too Funny”

    Oh yeah, everybody wants a laugh like that, everybody wants a laugh like that…

    Ann says: “and how careless of you…”

    OMG, do you think there are better blogs out there???

    What can I say…to the heart and mind, ignorance is kind…

  10. Hmm, the song isn’t that inspired……. i don’t know….. maybe it’s because it was super endowed with much expectations , and now when everyone has heard it , the result is bit disappointed…

    I mean , lets get serious, the song has no, you know – “CATCH you” ! ……. i don’t really remember from when George had a song like that, with a “Catch”…….. the whole last album was written, as he said, with the priority of the lyrics and the ideas in disadvantage of real good music !…… you know, with that catch that he used to……. wake me up…., never gonna dance again…., faith-a faith-a faith-Yeah ! I will be your father figure……. , i don’t wanna hold you, touch yoooouuuu, fell that you are mine……., why can’t you do it ! ( yeah, why can’t you do it George ? with a bit “CATCH”, like in old times – do you love the monkyes “joints” ? or do you love us ?), freeedooomm,…… when your heart is in someone else’s hands…….., so every day I see you in some other face……

    And i guess the last one “Catch” in his music life was the the wonderful: kindness in your eyes………. WHAT A TIMES ! , what an inspirational times !

    They are gone ! I don’t want to ……. i’m so scared, but i have no choose…… i sadly have to admit, that our man has no inspiration in that “Catch” of his entire music now.

    BUT i guess, the REALLY BEST thing he can do now is doing real covers ! in his self creation-inspiration those years, we cannot expect to real surprising stuff, especially those days of music industry…….

    So, we all see and know George for years in re-covering at its best sound – songs (of others) from the past, wich had that inspiratrion that i talked about…… AND IS THE BEST THING THAT HE CAN DO THESE DAYS.

    I mean, look at this beautiful Edith and the Kingpin……. this is quite brilliant, really genuine pathos…….astonishing vocals….. this is the man ! this was his time-music !

    And being little malicious…….. if you draw a line and make the difference between those inspirational times and so wasted inspiration nowdays, it always and always leads you to a certain place….. i mean, some certain letters……….. k e n n y

  11. Thank you Miss Freek, but I don’t have any internet at home in London.I use internet during my breaks at works, I cannot download anything of course.

  12. Empty charms, I’m actually going to agree with you, although I’d probably use the word ‘hook’ intead of ‘catch’. I think the song is OK, but not great. And I’d also rather hear him sing a good cover like “For the Love of You”, than an uninspired original like “An Easier Affair”.

  13. Yeah…his covers are often more erotic than his own songs…that’s only because he’s holding back his real self…Eroticism needs surrendering…

    George, please write something about a rose on black velvet… that turns into an orchid when touched…

  14. I just cannot sleep without you….what time is it? Oh…thank God it is the weekend…No problems. 😉

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