George’s Album Delayed Because Of Robbie?

The release of George Michael’s new Greatest Hits double album, 25, has been put back, possibly to maximise the chances of it going in at Number 1 in the album charts.  Previously slated for released at the end of October, it will now be released on November 13.   The competition Sony BMG is likely trying to avoid is with Robbie Williams’s new album, Rudebox 74, which will be out on October 23.

Actually, I’m pretty sure that George’s album will outsell Robbie’s – so I’m not sure why they would be scared.  It looks to me like Robbie’s star is fading pretty rapidly at the moment.   How the mighty have fallen, eh? A few years ago, when George was recording his album Patience at Air Studios in Hamptead, he left his plush studio to pop upstairs to Robbie’s (actually Stephen Duffy’s) little attic studio in the same building.  As George left the room, he gave Robbie some advice, “You’re in your ‘Rock Phase’ are you? You should try listening to Joy Division’s album – the second half is really beautiful.”   Robbie wasn’t impressed – so just after George shut the door, Robbie said, “Yeah. And you’re in your ‘Not Selling Any Records Phase’ are you?  You should try writing a hit.”

Famous last words…

Actually, the competition with Robbie isn’t the only possible reason that the album could be delayed.  It may also be because George didn’t get the masters to Sony BMG until later than planned, possibly because of a fifth new track – a new Christmas song.  Anyway, whatever the cause, the new album won’t be out until mid-November.

15 thoughts on “George’s Album Delayed Because Of Robbie?

  1. Mid November would also make it coincide with the start of the UK leg of the tour. Very clever promotion wise. As for Robbie…he’s not a threat if the sales of his current single are anything to go by.

  2. Robbie had success at the beginning of his career, now I don’t like his new songs any more, it is as if the spell has gone, he had something before he could put in his melody, not more, he cannot impress me any more, George ‘s new LP will be a smashing success.Georgecannot be compared to Robbie, George is pure CLASS.

  3. Did George and Robbie really have that bitch fight in the studio?! How do you know exactly what they said to each other?!

  4. Hello you all George fans out there! Hi Remarkable!
    First congrats to your blog, fantastic job. I always read it with great excitment and I can’t thank enogh for the Internet because of your blog. Its really wicked, methinks.
    The new song.. Unfortunately here in Eastern Europe we could not be able to get a chance to hear it so it makes me MAD to read all of your comments without actually getting involved because of the circumstances!😦 Pls help us who lives around here and do something about it!!!
    Ps. excuse me if my English is a little bit sucks…

  5. BTW I totally agree with Pippi saying George cannot compared with such as Robbie though the guy is also preety cool but I am wondering his latest video seems to remind me lot of elements of FastLove..So until George is the one who can be copied by some other artist I think theres no worry at all!!🙂

  6. To yopa: thanks for help you are so sweet. Though I just got a short “page not found” (hate it), but its allright because I found it on iTUNES a few secs ago!!!
    After the first the second and the several listening I do think that song is bloody great! THE MAN is bloody great from head to toe and that’s all I can say about him, right now.

    ..”the clock is always ticking..”and there are just few more weeks UNTIL I’M GONNA HEAR THIS LIIIVE!!!YES!!!

  7. I read this book with great amusement. The George quotes in particular were highly amusing. I transcribed most of’em, the actual quote Remarkable has done – free from memory – is:

    “George Michael calls from downstairs and asks if Rob can come down to see him. He plays Rob one of his new songs, “Through”, his retirement statement, and asks whether Rob would interview him on TV when his album comes out. Rob agreed to consider it, and likes the song, though he is a bit narked at George Michael saying to him, “You’re going through your rock phase, are you? Well, you should go and check our Joy Division’s “Closer”, an album – the second half’s really beautiful.” It seems more than a little condescending. (“Are you going through your ‘not selling any albums’ phase?” mutters Rob afterwards. “What you should do is ‘write a hit’.”)”

  8. Well i held Robbie in high regard but after hearing what he said, i’m not so sure that i like him anymore. George is a God in comparison to Robbie Williams, totally different styles, Robbie has appeal as an entertainer, George is a performer. George has class and lots of it.

    Are there plans for a new CD, i know the Greatest hits is due but i mean after that, surely he still has albums to do that are in his contract?

    Enlighten me please🙂

  9. George has no contractual obligations after the Greatest Hits album. What George does next will very much depend on how much he enjoys his European Tour which starts tomorrow, and the forthcoming US shows in 2007.

  10. You sound very confident about those US tours, Remarkable — I hope you are right. By the way, Tony Bennett is singing with Billy Joel this am on the Today show here in the US.

  11. im a huge george micheal fan from ireland & i cant wait to see him in the point,
    as for robbie i was at his concert in ireland last year & it was rubbish.


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