Do Sugababes Fans Like George Michael?

News of the radio play of This Is Not Real Love, the new single from George Michael and Mutya Buena (ex-Sugababe) has now reached the Sugababes fan community; and they’ve been supplied with a copy of the track. So, the questions are: what does the Sugababes fan community think of Mutya’s new record; and what do they think of George?

Well, you can see for yourself just what they think on the Official Sugababes Forum. They seem like a nice crowd over there, and mostly seem to like the track. Perhaps not unsurprisingly, not all of them are fans of George😉 Who knows, maybe this might win some of them over…

2 thoughts on “Do Sugababes Fans Like George Michael?

  1. They’re probably not fans of George because he’s old enough to be their dad! Whatever! We’ll see if their idols are still around in 5 years time, let alone 25 years!

  2. Well, never hurts to try to get the young ones. Just like Britney & Madonna with ‘In the zone’…but I think it might help Britney more than Madonna….LOL



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