New George & Mutya Duet – “This Is Not Real Love” To Radio Today

The much-anticipated new duet between George Michael and Mutya Buena – This Is Not Real Love – goes to radio today. The song, written by George Michael, will be on George’s forthcoming Greatest Hits album.

I hate what I’ve become
But I’m still gonna leave you
And I don’t think you should stay for the night

This is not real love

It’s a great track – both George and Mutya are on fine form and sound fantastic. The song has the feel of an old-style R&B classic.

Now, before you head on over to Knobby’s Blog, to see the full lyrics – ask yourself this question… Who is this song about: David and Victoria Beckham; or George Michael and Kenny Goss?

24 thoughts on “New George & Mutya Duet – “This Is Not Real Love” To Radio Today

  1. Either one are in trouble if it’s about any of’em. That’s all I’ll say. But these words make you wonder:

    “Look at us dancing baby
    Let’s dance and show them all
    (Dance and show them all)
    How close we are
    The lies have worked so far
    So we go on deceiving”

  2. As it’s a duet with Mutya, I don’t think it’s about either of those.😉
    Looking at the time phrame, didn’t he write this song before he wrote An Easier Affair? That one dates from March.

  3. I just doubt he’d write a very personal song and then have someone else sing the words. Wouldn’t it be too personal for him? Would he ask someone else to sing Amazing for him? Or My Mother had a Brother? Just a thought.

  4. That’s true… I was actually kidding about the song being about George and Kenny. But, it really does scream “David & Victoria” to me…

  5. Well you two look so relieved now……. Yeah , why George should sing such a song and being also truly about his life……? So we’d just keep our feelings safety…., oohhh !

    But why George cannot be also in a very good hypocritical acting with his Mutya…. ? he had shown us something like this several times before ! Just to put this time his ( could be ) genuine words and thoughts in Mutya’s mouth. Why he cannot act simply like that? Just because it would shock our own beliefs?

    George had shown in the past in his interviews looking in his past that he only “thought” he was right, only “thought” it was a good step to do something………, he only “thought” he was in love etc………

    I’m not asume anything, but he just involuntary “proved” some lability in his emotional past feelings….

    We all know now that “he has no memory of truth”……… , why he cannot suggest a bit of truth in someone else’s mouth , being little hypocritical, but this time with much truth…..

    Hope do not upset anyone

  6. Inside information: George wrote this beautiful song 2 summers ago, he had finished a solo demo at Airstudios, by end of July 2004. The only person outside the studio who heard it at that point was his close friend Chris Anson Hope who was spending the summer with George. With Kenny’s approval, who as we know was in REHAB in the US at the time. Chris lives part time in LA and London.

    Its not actually about Georges personal life, for a change. It is in fact about a close friend, who was going through an extremely painful break up during 2004. Its was kept on the back burner, until George found what he considered to be the perfect female vocal, who could convey the heart felt emotion he wanted to produce…what a beautiful job well done George & Mutya

  7. I think this song is really good and ut should not matter who the song is about? People place to mmuch emphasis on the underlining instaed of the context! I could care less who George is talking about. I his singing ability and the way he writes songs….great writer. I am not gay, but I think his songs are universal when it comes to healing the heart. Thank you George Michael!

  8. I agree with you timmdogg. And I am glad about you and that there is one more person who can appreciate George’s new materials which are really universal when it comes to healing the heart. There are too many others who seems too easy to criticise them without really knowing the hard process of making songs in general.

    Louise, thank you for the info it was new for me. How do you know the circumstance of it??

  9. Again and again He does it.
    Fantastic – and he Made it big as a Finaal, with faith, we could listen without prejodice, while getting old, ladies and gentlemen … I just can say WOW


  10. can’t stop listhening to it…big george michael fan…worked for his dad a few years ago.

    dance and show them all…just beautiful.

    sorry for my spelling mistakes

  11. WHAT? Did you say you worked for Mr Jack in his restaurant, seany? When was it? I was there in 2 years ago, meeting Mr Jack Panos, he was awesome to me!

  12. Julie says:“Melissa” ain’t such a great alias either.”

    Are we talking aesthetics or cryptography here? Cause I can assure you, “Melissa” is a highly sophisticated superencrypted code.

  13. “Louise” says:”Its not actually about Georges personal life, for a change. It is in fact about a close friend, who was going through an extremely painful break up during 2004.”

    And so now, the world knows quite a bit about the “close friend”…and everybody can speculate who it could be…

    Excellent George! I ‘m sure your “close friend” will be eternally grateful.

  14. It’s actually funny that Chris is mentioned in the way he is…it’s almost like he’s implicated…but then maybe not…

  15. Nevermind who the song was written for, but all I can say is that all of George’s song definitely have a healing power to them! Gay or straight, I think we can all relate to a song such as this one…a time when we have all had our heart broken!😦

    Well done my George…life-long fan and can’t wait to see you live at Earl’s Court on Nov 29th, 2006! I’ll be flying in from Vancouver, be in 2nd row and will be fulfilling my life long dream! (K)

  16. Melissa said:@ George

    “Louise” has got to be your worst alias to date.

    Denise: LOL…enough said

  17. To tell you the true…

    “This is not real love” was written only about George and his own problems…

    …and this is not the only song about woman, too many of them,I mean songs;)), don’t you see?

    It has nothing to do with David and Victoria (luckily);))…and it is not about Kenny Goss…

  18. Yes, we can see…… It’s only George who can’t see that we can see and thinks he can fool people ad infinitum….

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