George Michael South Bank Show

Co-inciding with the 25 Live tour and new Greatest Hits album, George Michael will be the subject for one of the new season of ITV’s South Bank Show, which is one of the UK’s most popular arts programmes.  The South Bank Show cameras have been following George as he prepares for his tour, so we will be treated to plenty of behind the scenes footage.

People may remember that George has previously been the subject of the South Bank Show documentary, when the programme featured the singer around the launch of his album Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1.

15 thoughts on “George Michael South Bank Show

  1. OHHHH… this sounds awesome. I gather it doesn’t air in the states, but perhaps someone will be kind enough to upload the program someplace for the rest of us to see.

    When is it meant to air?

  2. OOHHHHH I’ve never seen that show.
    Is it possible to watch it somewhere, like MySpace?
    ( The ” Listen without Predudice ” South Bank Show )

  3. hmm . . . I actually thought this was one of your interesting concoctions to fill the time as we await the start of the tour until someone actually posted the link! Of course, in the US, we won’t see this until it is posted to “youtube” or some such place. Maybe George will be able to include it on the DVD. It sounds fascinating! Thanks!

  4. Hi Remarkable, thank you for letting us know, I will make sure to check the tv guide. It should be brilliant.

  5. From the BBC site…”George Michael will be followed as he prepares for his world tour” WORLD tour? When did it become a world tour? Or have I missed a huge announcement?

  6. The United States no longer has the same reputation it once had and is therefore not considered part of the “world”! Still, there’s the Far East . . .

  7. Woohoo!!! I cant wait for this to be aired!!!!
    Almost as excited about watching this as I am for the 25 live gig Im going to in December!!!
    COME ON GEORGE!!!!!!
    a little insite as to what the gig is going to be like is great, although I know as does everyone else it’s going to be awsome!
    One last thing…..
    Hope the BBC are going to release the dvd of the show like they did with the video of the one way bak in 1990 (yes i do still have my copy):0)

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