George Shocks Fans With Wonderful Impression

In a shock move that has left his fans stunned, singer George Michael has announced that he is to start doing impressions of other singers. “I’m really good at mimicking people,” said George. “I can pull all sorts of different faces. My favourite is my Steve Wonder impression.”

George has released an official photograph of himself “doing Stevie Wonder”…

The picture will form one of a series of twelve impressions of different celebrities, which will be collected together in a 2007 Calendar. The final twelve haven’t yet been chosen.

“I really want George to do Dale Winton,” said Kenny Goss, the former Wham! frontman’s long-term girlfriend. “We met him at Little Britain star, David Walliams’s house warming party.”

“Errrrr… do you want to rephrase that, Kenny my sweet?” added George.

Remarkable’s Buzzin’ Blog caught up with George as the star and his wife were leaving the Walliams bash. We asked George to show us some more impressions. He was happy to oblige, showing us his “Dale Winton”.

“Look, no hands!” said George. “It’s still a work in progress, but you get the idea.”

Dale could hardly contain his excitement, when he saw the impression (see photo below).

“I’m very flattered at George’s interest in me.” said Dale. “In fact, I base my entire life around mimicking George – I do look and dress like him, don’t I? Tell me I do. Anyway, it’s great he is returning the compliment.”

9 thoughts on “George Shocks Fans With Wonderful Impression

  1. I knew I ‘d seen those shades before…lol

    P.S: I thought I was gonna be in a bad mood over this for some time but your latest entry has changed this already. Did I mention I ‘m gonna thank you one day?

  2. Maybe it’s not Stevie Wonder at all. Maybe he’s paying tribute to the late, great Ray Charles…

  3. Well, It seems that this “mimicking” has given ideas to other “so called celebreties”😉
    Jenny Frost, Atomic Kitten has named her puppy: George Michael, according to a newspaper/tabloid.
    Danish tabloid : Atomic Kitten singer Jenny Frost with dashhound George Michael!
    Wonder if she’s so desperate to get attention, she has to tell people, that she’s sleeping with George Michael;-)

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